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Archive for March 2020

8 Tips to Save Money in the Midst of Covid-19

Coronavirus is not only having a detrimental impact on the public health of our communities, but the global economy as well. Another recession is certainly upon us, as Forbes reported that unemployment claims rose by 3 million this week alone (from 3.5% of the population to 5.3%). This means that for small businesses, it’s more…

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DIY Beauty: Dip Nail Remover

  Hi beauties! Just because we’re stuck at home, that doesn’t mean your beauty regimen needs to completely fall apart! Though we’re all unable to visit our stylist and head to the nail salon, we’ve got a quick solution for removing your dip powder nails at home! Don’t let your regrowth become painful; we’ve got…

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Tips for Working at Home

    A lot of people dream of working from home, and although these are not ideal conditions to have to be forced into doing so, it’s a good opportunity for many to rethink how you work best and to set your own hours! To help you make the most of this situation, we’ve gathered…

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Quarantine Craft: DIY Dip Dye

  2020, why you gotta be so rude?! Months ago, back in simpler times, if you told me I’d be spending all my time at home for weeks it would have sounded like my dream vacation. Fast forward to today, and after one week of this self-quarantine I still can’t find a roll of toilet…

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How Much of a Pisces Are You? Quiz ft. Karen and Alessandra

Here at Editour Media, we love birthdays! And because it’s the first week of March, we’re celebrating two birthdays for two of our very special Editours: Karen Wilhelmsen (March 2), director of marketing, and Alessandra Broome (March 6), our Jr. Social Media and Influencer Relations Coordinator.   These bday gals took a quiz to determine…

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