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Archive for June 2020

Rainbow Looks You Need to Try for Pride Month! 🏳️‍🌈

  You probably came to this post to read a lighthearted, fun article about rainbow looks. And while it is just that (not to disappoint you), it’s impossible not to address current events and how they tie into Pride month. Today is Juneteenth, an important holiday celebrating the liberation of slaves in the United States,…

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Masters of Balayage Launches The MOB Scholarship Fund

  Founder and CEO of Masters of Balayage, Ryan Weeden, advocates for change by founding The MOB Foundation and it’s first program: The MOB Scholarship Fund to support POC.   The tragic recent events have inspired many around the world to become outspoken leaders for change in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, and…

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25 Amazing Black-Owned Beauty Brands to Support

  Our hearts are heavy this week following the devastating news of the death of George Floyd. But rather than sitting back and waiting on the world to change, this is the time to make lasting changes in your own life. Let’s not cancel 2020 and write it off as a horrible year that needs…

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