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10 Trends for Fall You Don’t Want to Miss!

Editour’s trend-setting influencers are giving us some serious inspiration for our fall beauty routines. Here are 10 trends we know will be huge this season. Trust us, you don’t want to sleep on them!


Blingy Barrettes

The ’90s are back, and they aren’t going anywhere! Barrettes are trending once again, and are bigger and better than ever. Pearls, rhinestones, glitter and marble barrettes are among the hottest versions right now. However, one barrette just won’t do. As we can see from master upstylist Antonio Estrada’s look (on the right) and SadiaSlayy’s gorgeous ‘do (on the left), the more barrettes the better. This look is so popular because of how easy it is to achieve. All you need are 2 or more fun barrettes to push your hair back on one side. Another way to rock this trend is by adding shiny and colorful barrettes to a braid.


Splitting Up

Can’t decide on a color? How about both? Alexandrea Villareal is taking the multi-color hair trend to the next level. To get the split hair look, simply divide and conquer. Choose two colors you want to rock (we recommend using Punky Colour’s vivid hues). Then separate your hair in half and dye it! We recommend trying bold contrasting colors like purple and pink or red and black. Just keep in mind that your haircare routine may get messier. Depending on the colors you choose, you may need to separate your hair while shampooing so the colors don’t bleed together. Also, you might need to update your hair routine to keep your hair color as vibrant as the first day you dyed it. You may want to switch to a sulfate-free color-depositing shampoo that’s made for color-treated hair or get a shampoo that maintains your color-treated hair.


Big, Bold Braids

In our opinion, braids are always in style. That’s why we are so excited for the Boho-inspired braids for fall. Lalasupdo’s has been creating chic looks using thicker braid styles and we are in love! Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean the heat is gone. Keep your hair out and away from your face with an elegant braid. You may think this look is only for thick hair, but that’s not true! Fine and thin hair can still be styled as a large braid, even if you don’t wear extensions. Instead of tightening your braids as tight as you can, pull on the sides and loops of the braid for an effortless effect. This will make the sides appear bigger and denser, giving you that sought-after Boho vibe. This style is perfect for all occasions (including but not limited to formal occasions, casual days and workdays). For more inspiration and tutorials, visit @lalasupdos on Instagram!


A Clear Winner

We’ve seen clear and see-through purses, shoes and shirts make waves in recent fashion history. Now we are seeing it on nails. The Cotton Candy Queen, Emily Susanah, is bringing this trend by storm to the beauty world. We are obsessed with her “clear nails” nail art. This nail art is all over Instagram and it’s not hard to see why—literally! Clear nail art is very versatile yet allows for plenty of creativity and expression. On top of the clear nails you can paint on flowers (like Emily did), sparkles, add shimmer, flakes, stickers and more! This look is best done with acrylic nails. You can do this either at home or request it at the nail salon. Feel free to have clear nails on every nail or just one or two. If you are only going to do one or two nails, we recommend making a statement with the ring finger’s nail and your index finger’s nail.


Velvet Elvis Scrunchies

OK, Elvis has nothing to do with scrunchies. But he had amazing hair and later famous velvet pictures of himself, so is it really that far off? Anyways, hair scrunchies are having a big moment right now and we are so for it! Colorful and velvet textured scrunchies will continue to be on-trend into this fall. Antonio Estrada posted several practical styles using scrunchies in everyday life that you can recreate. Almost any look that requires a hair tie can be swapped for a scrunchie instead. They pair well with braids, half-up half-down, high ponytails, messy buns and more. Scrunchies are a relatively inexpensive way to add a little color and youthfulness to your life. Unlike your average regular hair ties, certain scrunchies won’t leave a bump in your hair after you take it out. Finally, they’re a practical and stylish way to keep your hair out of your face without putting a dent in things (if you catch my drift).



Multicolored, Textured Rainbow Hair

Bright multicolored rainbow hair dye is taking the beauty world on by storm—and this isn’t just a summer trend. Try this look for yourself (no matter what hair texture you have) and choose from all the colors of the rainbow! There are so many unique and fun ways to style and fashion rainbow hair. Our favorite versions of this trend consists of using five colors like Chita Beseau’s look (on the right). To make the colors flow together, she used the ombre technique to layer on each color. Next, Leysa Carrillo’s take (photo on the left) is stunning! We love how the colors are expertly placed together. It was genius to put the rainbow colors at the top of the head to create more depth. Also, we like how the color scheme changes as you go down from the top of the head. Instead of rainbow colors throughout, blues, purples and violets are paired together for a more cohesive look.


Jewel Tone Eyes

Next up, we have colorful yet bold eye looks. Striking and elaborate eyes are really hot this fall! @Makeupbyalinna shows off her amazing talents with glamorous takes on this trend. Like the photos seen here, you can create this look by blending vibrant

eyeshadow shades onto your lids. Another option is to use alternative eyeliner and/or mascara colors. For instance, you can use blue eyeliner and blue mascara like Alina did (on the right). However, we recommend using it sparingly. Don’t use colorful eyeliner and/or mascara on the top and bottom. Instead, choose one or the other for a more natural look. Then depending on which one you choose, do the remaining part of the eye with more natural colors to balance it out. That goes for the rest of the face, too. We suggest taking it easy on the lips and your face if you are going bold on the eyes. Choose one focal point and give that area all the attention!


Glitter Galore

Glitter always gets everywhere, and we are not complaining. Lately on the beauty scene, we have seen glitter everywhere! Our sparkly eyeshadows (of course) and variations of body shimmer are all the rage right now. So now hair enthusiasts are jumping on board! Our own Antonio has been playing with glitter in his client’s hair and the result is gorgeous! Instead of just tossing glitter on the entire head like it’s pixie dust, strategically place the glitter on the head for more of a statement. Pro tip from Antonio, “When creating the glitter keep it thick. More glitter less gel.” These looks are perfect for special occasions like date nights and fun nights out. You can buy your glitter at any craft store like Michael’s or at any place that sells craft glitter. Get as many different colors and sizes of glitter as you want and go have fun with it!


Brown, Taupe Lips

Remember when we said earlier that the ’90s are back and aren’t going anywhere? We weren’t kidding! Brown  lips are making a huge comeback this fall. If there’s anyone who is paying attention to lip trends, it’s @MissJazminad. Jazmina is a queen at lip art and lip looks. Recent posts from her have featured brown, neutral and taupe lips. This look can easily be achieved with lipsticks, lip glosses, lip stains and liners. The key to this style is to find the right shade for you. For a bolder look, make sure the brown has contrast with your skin tone. On the other hand, for a more natural look, you should only go one or two shades darker than your skin tone. This is a throwback we can definitely get on board with. So, we say embrace the ’90s nostalgia and try out this trendy look!



Chain, Chain, Chain

Our final trend is inspired from two of our favorite hair pros, Antonio (photo on the left) and Chita (photo on the right)! This isn’t the first time chains have been styled into hair for fashion. This style was common in roaring 1920s when ladies put jewelry and chains in their hair. Additionally, there are paintings of women wearing types of hair chains during the Renaissance. However, chains are now taking an edgier more modern look. Instead of draping chains around the head, we are seeing chains wrapped around individual sections of hair. This look can be achieved by twirling or braiding hair into sections then wrapping the chain around the section of hair in a crisscross motion. The crisscross motion will keep the chain in place. Have long hair and extra chains to use? Continue the process down your hair and wrap it like a hair tie (see photo on the right).


Would you try any of these trends or have you done some of these already? Tell us in the comments! #imaneditour




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