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5 DIY Treatments to Try at Home

There’s nothing like going to a salon or a spa. You get to relax and practice some much deserved self-care. Unfortunately, weekly trips to the salon or spa can get expensive and take up a lot of your time. So, why not do some of your routine beauty treatments from home? It’s cost effective, saves time and it’s so fun! Here are 5 beauty treatments you can easily do in the comfort of your own home.


1) Wax On, Wax Off

“Breathe into your nose and out your mouth. Wax on and wax off.” Great advice from Mr. Miyagi from the classic 1980s movie “The Karate Kid.” He was talking about waxing a car, but this wise advice can also apply to waxing your body hair. It’s no secret waxing can be painful, but with patience and a few deep breaths, we believe you can do it yourself at home. If you are new to waxing, we suggest trying on an area that isn’t as sensitive such as your legs or arms. To learn how to wax yourself, there are plenty of video tutorials online. Gigi Spa and Satin Smooth even have their own tab on their websites to teach you what to do and tell what products are essential. The videos are very helpful and easy to follow along. Now, remember: don’t forget to breathe, you got this!



2) At-Home Facials

One of the best DIY beauty treatments you can do that is both relaxing and good for your skin is to give yourself a facial. Take some time for yourself, light candles and/or put on an essential oil diffuser, and then chill for a little while. There are several steps involved to give yourself the ultimate at-home facial.

  1. The first step is to clean your face with a great cleanser. For a really deep cleaning, use a sonic cleansing tool. Our favorite is the Hydrasonic Professional Dermal Cleansing Technology Kit from Satin Smooth.
  2. Next, scrub the dead skin cells off our face with a gentle exfoliator.
  3. Then put hot water into a bowl and steam your face for open up your pores.
  4. After this, use a face mask to treat your individual skin needs. Satin smooth has face masks with serums infused for whatever your skin needs. Some of our favorites are the charcoal serum, brightening serum and the moisturizing serum sheet masks.
  5. Finally, the last step is to moisturize. Lock in all your hard work and nourish your freshly cleansed and treated skin with your favorite moisturizer.



3) You Like My Hair? Gee Thanks, Just Dyed It. 

From her crimson hair to her signature high ponytail, Ariana Grande and other celebrities are known to challenge current trends and change up their hair colors and hairstyles often. So why can’t you? Coloring your hair yourself is an inexpensive way to express yourself. Yes, you can cover up grey hair in-between appointments or dye your hair a natural color, but why not get a little crazy? Make a statement with a bold, bright color like purple, blue, green, pink or choose multicolor! Punky Colour has a great selection of vibrant semi-permanent and temporary hair dyes. Since it only lasts until you wash your hair and/or after a couple of washes, you don’t have to commit to a color for too long. Therefore, you are free to get creative with it! For hair color inspiration and how-to’s we recommend checking out @AlexandreaVillareal and @EmilySusanah on Instagram; they are really talented and skilled at picking the right hair color combos to try!



4) Your Best Blowout

Following along with the theme of hair, after you have colored your hair, you have to style it! Certain hairdos and blowouts can last for a couple of days, but you just need to make sure you have the correct technique down and have the right tools and supplies to make it last. Sutra Beauty can help with both of those issues. On their website, Sutra Beauty has several videos about how to style your hair with their own products. This way you can know what products and tools you need to create your desired look. The most useful tools we suggest for styling are a round brush (for blowouts), a curling iron, a hair straightener and a blow dryer. Then after practicing with these tools and get the basics down, we challenge you to try something more exciting. Use glitter, barrettes, butterfly clips or try different braid styles. Just have fun with it! Look at @lalasupdos, @chitabeaseau and @antestradahair on Instagram for some much needed hair inspiration.


5) DIY Manicures and Pedicures

Don’t you just love the feeling of walking out of a nail salon with a freshly painted set of nails? Us too! Fortunately for all of us, shiny, sparkly and colorful manicures and pedicures can easily be achieved at home. You can choose how luxurious and extra you want your manicure and pedicure experience to be or you can go simple with minimal steps. The most basic supplies you need are a nail file, nail polish, base and topcoat and nail clippers. If you have more time to spend, we suggest soaking your feet and hands first then following up with lotion and cuticle oil to keep your hands soft and nourished. After this, go ahead and buff, clip and file your nails. Once the base of the nail is all shaped up, you are free to start painting! For nail art inspiration, we recommend following @EmilySusanah and @missjazminad. Jazmina is particularly skilled at pairing her lip art with her nails. Also, Emily is fantastic with showing the world exactly how she achieves a certain nail look.


Can you think of any more DIY Beauty treatments we should have included? Let us know in the comments!




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