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6 Apps You Need to Download Now!

There’s an app for that! It seems like no matter what you’re trying to accomplish with your social media content, there’s a helpful app that makes it attainable. Gone are the days when you have to be proficient in Photoshop or be a master at Final Cut Pro to create compelling content. So much of what we create is on our phones.


Throughout the past several years in the industry, our team has picked up some favorite apps along the way. Here are six easy-to-use, supremely helpful apps that you can download now for little to no money, that will make a world of a difference to amp up your social game, create visually pleasing content and preview your photos and videos prior to posting. You can thank us later!




Canva is an amazing design app that allows users to create custom social media posts, web banners, presentations, logos, reports, invitations, newsletters and more. It has 700+ fonts, and the design possibilities are endless, making this app a one-stop shop for all things design.

Price: Free or $12.99 per month for Canva Pro

Download it here 




Gone are the days when you need to be proficient in Photoshop to be a great photo editor. Snapseed features 29 easy-to-use editing tools and filters to fine-tune your photos with precision—either in JPG or RAW file formats. You can even post them to your social platforms directly when exporting.

Price: Free

Download it here 




Videoshop is a great app for video editing and specifically for editing IGTVs and IG Stories. Users may add text and royalty free music, which is provided in its sound library.

Price: Free for basic editing or $3.99 a month to unlock the pro features

Download it here 




UnUm is an app that allows social media managers to layout their content for a cohesive design on grid-based platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and even Facebook. This app also comes with 200+ presets and has the ability to schedule out posts, as well. It’s an excellent alternative to an online software.

Price: Free (for 18 grids) or $6.99 per month for unlimited

Download it here




Unfold is a great app for vertical content creation. It includes beautiful templates that can feature both images and videos. Video is everything right now and we love Unfold for IG and FB Stories and even TikTok. The app is very easy to use, and users have access to include text and stickers with customizable backgrounds.

Price: Free or $2.99 for Unfold+

Download it here 




This app is ideal for gorgeous before and transformations! This app creates the famous 2-image blur that professional influencers incorporate into their weekly posting. PRO TIP: When taking a before and after transformation image for SplitPic, step back to leave more negative space around the subject. This will give you a more dramatic blur effect.

Price: Free or $1.99 for a pro subscription

Download it here 



Is there a favorite app of yours that we missed? Did you find this blog post helpful? We want to hear from you! Let us know in the comments below what you want to see more of. #imaneditour




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