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CBD in the Beauty Space

Cannabidiol (CBD) is everywhere and anywhere these days! It’s been trending in the health and wellness scene for some time now, and it is continuing to spread fast elsewhere. Here, we break down what you need to know about this miracle ingredient and how to incorporate it into your beauty routine!


Quick Facts

Even though CBD comes from the marijuana and/or hemp plant, it does not contain THC, the psychoactive component that gets you high. It’s relaxing, soothing and anti-inflammatory effects keep people coming back for more of this emerald elixir. It can be known to help with stress, anxiety, seizures, chronic pain and more. CBD is not just for people, even pets have found relief from the use of CBD as well. In fact, the entire month of October has been dedicated as National Pet CBD Month! Anyways, CBD comes in its standard forms of oils, rubs and scrumptious edibles. Much to our delight, CBD is making its way into the beauty world!


Beauty & Makeup

Many beauty and makeup brands are releasing new product lines with CBD in them! On the makeup front we’ve seen CBD oil infused with mascaras, lip balms, lip glosses and more. Although, the beauty front is where it’s hitting the hardest.

CBD cleansers, soaps, serums, eye creams, facial oils and lotions are overtaking the skincare scene. With the use of these products to calm down redness and hydrate the skin, it’s no wonder the CBD products are flying off the shelves.




Beauty Treatments

Let’s face it, waxing isn’t the most fun experience for some people. But, it’s definitely worth baring it through the momentary pain in order to rock those beautifully shaped brows or silky smooth legs. However, your skin can get all red, itchy and irritated right after your waxing session and that’s never fun. That’s why we are most excited about CBD entering the waxing world. GiGi Spa has recently released a new All-Purpose CBD Wax in order to increase comfort during a wax. Also, it’s amazing because it works for removing all body hair on all skin types!



As if that wasn’t already enough, GiGi Spa released the Multi-Complex Premium Hemp Oil to use as a post treatment following your wax. Similar to the CBD wax, it helps calm and soothe the skin for less irritation and redness. Unlike the wax, you can use this oil in more ways than one. First off, you can apply the oil directly onto the skin to give it plenty of hydration. Also, you can feel free to mix GiGi Spa’s Hemp Oil with another lotion, gel or oil of your choice to help with redness or inflammation!


Do you think the CBD trend is here to stay? Have you tried any beauty CBD products yet that you think we should try? And, which items are you dying to try next? Tell us in the comments! #imaneditour




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