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Hot Summer Beauty Trends to Try Immediately!


Summer’s just around the corner, which means the weather is getting warmer, we don’t want to spend as much time on our makeup just to have it melt off and yet we’re finally ready to start resurfacing out in public again to show off our vaccinated selves and get out of our pandemic ruts. We haven’t had the opportunity to get all dressed up a while, and we’re ready to start wearing makeup again and get back out there. These three beauty hacks are must-trys this summer to bring bold, vibrant color into your life and to try something fresh, fun and new. But don’t listen to us; take notes from our expert influencers:


10-Second Eye Lift has all the tips and tricks on how to look snatched this summer! In an Instagram post she lets us in on a little eye-lift secret. This 10-second eyelash hack will make your eyes look bigger and more awake! After putting on some falsies, apply lash glue right above the lash line on the outer corner. Once you let that semi-dry, lift and press the falsies against the glue and voila! Your eyes are snatched and lifted.

This hack is extremely beneficial to those who have droopy or hooded eyelids. Sometimes when we wear dramatic lashes, our eyes become hidden behind them. They make us appear sleepy instead of dreamy.

This hack can also emphasize certain makeup looks such as winged eyeliner and smokey eyes. By having your falsies follow the lift that your makeup is creating, it’s going to help create a sultry look.


3-D Poly Gel Nail Art

Need some nail inspo? Emily Susanah, the candy queen herself, is always posting what’s popular in the nail community. You might know her from her nail tutorials using poly gel and her hair colorful hair videos. She recently posted a nail selfie showing off her new claws that were looks designed by her followers that she recreated.

These bad boys are colorful, bright and unique! 3-D designs used to be popular i

n the early 2000s, and they have made a comeback in 2021! Back in the day, the only 3-D designs available were flowers made up of acrylic powder.

Other designs that are also considered three dimensional are gems, chains and nail piercings. However, these options have stayed popular for the past decade.

Fast-forward to today, extravagant 3-D designs such as bears, clouds, butterflies and stars are all the buzz right now. They fulfill both your Sanrio & Lisa Frank needs. The design is so kawaii and I’m here for it!


Graphic Liner

Graphic eyeliner is in, and we expect the trend to grow during the summer. We are talking bright and bold graphic liner! The Hallo-Queen herself has recently posted some looks that scream hot-girl summer. LuveKat used a baby blue liquid liner to cut her crease and I’m obsessed.

What’s great about this trend is that it is easy to achieve and it’s customizable! You want to start off with a smokey brown shadow to shape/cut your eye lids. After the shadow, you would cut your crease with your favorite concealer. Once you achieved your desired shape, add some definition with a darker eyeshadow to emphasize your crease! Add a bright eyeliner right under your cut-crease and you got it!

The nude x bright liner combo took over TikTok as well. Thousands of people were trying to recreate Doja Cat’s hot-pink eyeliner and brown eyeshadow combo. This trend isn’t going anywhere; this makeup look is going to take over hot-girl summer. Stock up on your colorful eyeliner now, you will need it! (We are going to shamelessly plug in Kat’s x The Makeup Institute of LA cake liner collab, which you can purchase here.)


What makeup products or trends are you dying to try? Let us know in the comments below! #imaneditour




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