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Hot Takes ft. Editour Media and Special Guest @Varijstylez 🔥


When the fabulous Tavaris Jefferson paid the Editour Media team a visit recently, we just had to put him in the hot seat! Who couldn’t take the heat and who didn’t flinch? You’ll just have to watch and see. In this fun video challenge, Tavaris, Breanna, Karen, Megan and Connie tried out some of the spiciest hot sauces we could find, while answering super steamy questions. Watch until the end for a special lighting round, where we all eat Korean spicy noodles and quickly give our answers to rapid-fire questions!




We had such a blast filming this video. Thanks for watching! Please like and subscribe to our channel on YouTube so you don’t miss any of our content. Tell us what you want to see more of and which Editour influencer would you like us to film with next! #imaneditour




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