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How Much of a Pisces Are You? Quiz ft. Karen and Alessandra

Here at Editour Media, we love birthdays! And because it’s the first week of March, we’re celebrating two birthdays for two of our very special Editours: Karen Wilhelmsen (March 2), director of marketing, and Alessandra Broome (March 6), our Jr. Social Media and Influencer Relations Coordinator.


These bday gals took a quiz to determine who is the most characteristically Pisces! Pisces (February 19 to March 20) is a water sign, and the last sign of the zodiac, marked by their tendency to be empathetic, creative, artistic, selfless, compassionate, faithful and wise. Known as the most tolerant and deepest of the zodiac signs, Pisces tend to be very spiritual and focused on their inner journey for purpose. Watch as we figure out who is the truest Pisces of them all!



Are you a Pisces too? Take the quiz here and let us know your results:


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