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It Starts from Within: Holistic Beauty

We talk a lot about beauty, makeup and how to enhance your natural features. Getting creative with makeup and expressing yourself is really fun and always a blast! However, we need to remember that beauty starts from within! This means taking care of yourself—mind, body and spirit!


Get Inspired

The first thing you can do to better yourself is to get inspiration and motivation! Influencers are especially great at encouraging their followers to get up and move around. We feel especially motivated by Natalie Eva Marie (@natalieevamarie)! She posts about her progress during whatever workout challenge she’s currently up to at the moment. All the while, she always looks fabulous in her super chic exercise wear. Once you’ve got inspiration coming at you every day on your feed, you will be more inclined to want to take better care of yourself.






Be Consistent

Speaking of influencers, Ms. Jackie Fitness (@msjackiefitness) is not only a source of inspiration, but she also gives out amazing tips about staying in shape and getting motivated to get moving. Jackie’s fitness motivation techniques consist of encouraging quotes that make you want to try harder and stay consistent with working out. She acknowledges that transformations do not happen overnight. That’s why her moto is, “Trust the process.” You can dive into a 30-day challenge with her to kickstart your New Year’s resolution early or start working out with a personal like Jackie in your area. Just get out there and start moving! Whether you like the traditional gym setting or prefer going on a jog or playing a round of tennis, your mental health will strengthen as your physical health does.


Start Cooking

Another way you can step up your holistic beauty routine is by cooking and eating healthier foods! For glowing skin, avoid overly processed foods and anything with too much dairy and sugar. These types of foods can  lead to breakouts and mid-day crashing because they don’t provide the nutrition you need. A fun way to approach how to eat better is by meal prepping! Ms. Jackie Fitness impresses us again with her delicious food tips for meal prepping, packing quick snacks on the go and how to get in a hearty, nutritious breakfast. If you have trouble meal-prepping yourself, look to a great meal-prep service in your area, like Luscious Jimmy’s Catering in Orange County, Calif., which caters to a wide variety of diets and lifestyles. You can also start small: buy a rotisserie chicken, shred it up and sprinkle it on everything from your salads for lunch or in tacos for dinner. If you’re preparing your own food rather than eating out, it makes all the difference!


Get Eating

Speaking of delicious food, there are specific foods you can eat that are great for your general health and your beauty routine! For hair growth, try berries, fish and avocado. These foods have loads of antioxidants which is known to help strengthen and thicken hair! Other foods you can eat are sweet peppers and spinach. They contain vitamin C, which is great for hair growth AND it works wonders for your skin! Keep in mind, these tips shouldn’t be considered medical advice. We just wanted to provide you with general ideas on how to help get you looking and feeling your best inside and out!


Drink Up!

Finally (and you’ve heard this time and time again), drink plenty of water! Drinking 8-10 cups of water a day is crucial for getting radiant skin and improving your overall health. Not only will drinking enough water help with your skin and physical health, it will also help your hair health! Drinking water is known to help strengthen hair and speed up the hair growth process. It’s all connected people! Beauty on the outside starts on the inside! #imaneditour




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