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Masters of Balayage Launches The MOB Scholarship Fund


Founder and CEO of Masters of Balayage, Ryan Weeden, advocates for change by founding The MOB Foundation and it’s first program: The MOB Scholarship Fund to support POC.


The tragic recent events have inspired many around the world to become outspoken leaders for change in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, and Ryan Weeden is no exception. While MOB stands for Masters of Balayage, “internally we identify this acronym as Making Ourselves Better,” Weeden says. Bettering oneself can come in many forms—from honing in your skills to master your craft to changing your perspective and becoming more educated in all walks of life.


“With continued focus on bettering ourselves, we are constantly looking for ways to add positive impact to the world and those we touch in it,” Weeden says. “Words are just words unless those words are followed by action. Although we have openly voiced our support recently for the BLM movement, we know it is not enough. We want to do more.”


In solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement for inclusion and equality for all, MOB is launching The MOB Scholarship Fund through the soon-to-be nonprofit organization The MOB Foundation. For its first year in existence, this scholarship fund will only be available to people of color. The fund will offer 100 recipients the following:


  • 1-year of MOB premier online education, including the game-changing “MOB-certified Balayage Masters Course” (launching July 1)
  • Mannequins, tools, products, etc. for students’ at-home technical practice
  • Monthly Coaching + Mentorship (with Ryan Weeden and MOB Leadership Team) for the 1-year duration


“The MOB Scholarship Fund is allocating an educational package valued at roughly $40,000 toward advanced training for POC that want to learn balayage, branding, business and social media strategies, to enrich their lives through education,” Weeden says.


But to fully bring this vision to life, we need your help. By partnering up with brands and educators who would similarly like to help by showing their support, this nonprofit organization can touch the lives of even more students and help future recipients pursue their dreams. Please get in touch if you are a brand that would like to donate lightener, developer (both clay and powder) or an assortment of Color Touch (and developer) for toning for the 100 scholarship recipients. In exchange, Masters of Balayage will proudly list you as a contributor to the MOB Scholarship Fund for all to see.


If you’re able to supply the requested products above or if you prefer to make a financial donation (100% will go toward the Scholarship Fund) to aid in the education of the 100 selected students, please get in touch! We are so proud of Ryan’s contributions to the hair community and this scholarship fund will ensure more representation for POC in the future—so more black voices can be heard and so that a marginalized, under-served community can start getting the recognition it deserves.


For more information on Masters of Balayage, visit or follow Ryan on social media at @mastersofbalayage, @ryan.weeden and @salonspruce.




Email: [email protected]

Phone: 714-931-8698