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Masters of Balayage’s MOB Scholarship Fund Gives Back in Support Diversity and Inclusion


Founder and CEO of Masters of Balayage, Ryan Weeden, advocates for change by founding The MOB Foundation and its first program: The MOB Scholarship Fund to support diversity and inclusion.


Masters of Balayage is taking a proactive stance to support this year’s National Inclusion Week 2020 (September 28 through October 4). While MOB stands for Masters of Balayage, “internally we identify this acronym as Making Ourselves Better,” Weeden says. Bettering oneself can come in many forms—from honing in your skills to master your craft to changing your perspective and becoming more educated in all walks of life.


“With continued focus on bettering ourselves, we are constantly looking for ways to add positive impact to the world and those we touch in it,” Weeden says. “Words are just words unless those words are followed by action. That is why we started The MOB Scholarship Fund, to help inspire change through advanced education.”


The MOB Scholarship Fund is allocating an educational package valued at over $40,000 toward advanced training and tools for cosmetology students and licensed hairstylists adversely affected by a lack of diversity and inclusion in the industry. This year, we’re proud to announce that MOB and its partners (Wella, Brazilian Bond Builder, Framar, HairArt and Editour Media) are offering 100 need-based grants to industry students and licensed hairstylists.


These grants will offer one full year of MOB’s online training library—including its new game-changing, 90-day Balayage Masters “Certification” Program. Each recipient will also receive ALL the tools needed for at home practice, including a high-quality mannequin. “I’m also going to coach you personally for one year, to help you grow and reach your next level of greatness!” Weeden says.


But to fully bring this vision to life, we need your help spreading the word. By partnering up with brands and educators who would similarly like to help by showing their support, this nonprofit organization can touch the lives of even more students and help future recipients pursue their dreams. If this opportunity is a good fit for you, or you have an industry friend that needs a helping hand, feel free to get in touch. It is time for all of us to take positive actions towards change.


Thank you for your support. The Editour and MOB teams appreciate your support! #imaneditour #mastersofbalayage





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