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Meet Editour’s New Influencers!

With summer coming to a close, we’re ready for all that fall has to offer—be it pumpkin spice lattes and comfy sweaters to jewel tones and our favorite: Halloween. The Editour Media team is already starting the season off strong, and we’re beyond thrilled to announce that we have added four new influencers to our team this month! From the self-proclaimed “Ryan Seacrest of the Beauty Industry” to the Cotton Candy Queen and the world’s reigning lip artist, the team continues to grow stronger and more diverse by the day. Let’s meet our newest members!



Jazmina Daniel (aka @MissJazminad)

First off, we are excited to start collaborating with Jazmina Daniel—aka MissJazminad! Jazmina is a professional makeup artist originally from Sydney, Australia, who now lives in Los Angeles, California, with her wife. She is known for her impeccable, insanely intricate lip art. Some of her most popular lip creations include portraits of Ariel from “The Little Mermaid,” “Edward Scissorhands,” Eleven from “Stranger Things” and so much more! Her talent for lip art has garnered a lot of international acclaim from well-known press outlets. Notable brands like Disney, MAC, Ponds and Make Up For Ever have worked with Jazmina on various high-end beauty campaigns.


Although Jazmina has amazing skills and so many achievements under her belt at such as a young age, she has definitely had her fair share of struggles and has had to deal with serious medical issues since she was in high school. In fact, she had to drop out of school because of a brain tumor. Despite this, she forged ahead and focused on her one true passion: makeup artistry. Back in 2008, she took her first makeup course and has been working with makeup ever since. Then about three years later in 2011, Jazmina started sharing her talent online and started posting videos and photos on social media. As of today, she has over 1.2 million followers in Instagram and over 60k on YouTube. We’re also so happy to report that she is happy, healthy and hasn’t had any brain tumors in 11 years!


Along with her stunning lip art creations, Jazmina also posts on-fleek fashion looks showing off her amazing weight loss, creative nail art and other fun makeup and nail art looks. Jazmina says, “I love that [makeup] can be expressive, and I think it’s amazing how transforming makeup can be to my own confidence and others.” See her work for yourself on her Instagram page by following @missjazminad. Keep the posts coming Jazmina, we can’t wait to see what you’ll do next! Your talent and knack for detail are out of this world, and we’re beyond blessed to have you on our team.






Emily Susanah (aka Cotton Candy Queen)

Next, we have beauty guru Emily Susanah, who calls herself the Cotton Candy Queen—and if you follow her, you know why! Based in Nashville, Tennessee, this Southern belle is known for her creative use of color interspersed throughout her hair, nails and makeup . Her Instagram profile is filled with fun, inspirational pictures and videos that we can’t live without. But, IGTV is where she thrives. Emily often gets over 1 million views on her videos and because of her unique style and down-to-earth personality, she has over 368k followers on Instagram and over 214k subscribers on YouTube.

The combination of Emily’s bold use of color and great personality earn her a tight-knit community of followers. Emily’s truthful and honest testimonials testing various new products make her followers and fans feel like they can trust her. For example, she has left reviews about Punky Colour’s color-changing hair dye, a rainbow polygel nail kit and even tried out the Candy Coat Build a Nail Kit. She will also post humorous videos on occasion, such as “My Boyfriend Rates my DollsKill Outfits” and “All About My Ears” (trust us, they are worth watching!). If you glance at her Instagram feed, the array of colors, practical tutorials and useful product reviews just get more and more strikingly colorful!

It’s both mesmerizing and stunning to watch Emily in her element working her magic on her hair, nails or with makeup. You’ll come to her page for her tutorials, reviews and inspiration, but you’ll stay because of her sparkling personality!


This Cotton Candy Queen has worked on campaigns with several brands, including TheTatBrow and most recently she has become a FabFitFun partner! We are so proud of all the fantastic work Emily is doing and we are so happy to start working with her! Follow her at @emilysusanah on Instagram and hit that subscribe button to follow her channel “Emily Susanah” on YouTube.






Christopher Galaviz (@misterwontons)

We are so excited to announce we will be working with Misterwontons, or as we know him, Chris Galaviz! Chris is a 20-year-old based in Oahu, Hawaii, who frequently travels to the Bay Area in California. Chris and his long-time girlfriend, Princess Mae, recently announced they are expecting a baby together! We couldn’t be happier for them! Chris is often featured on Princess Mae’s social media and has gained a large following himself from people who love seeing this dynamic duo together.


Princess Mae and Chris create really entertaining videos like “Who Knows Me Better? Challenge: Boyfriend vs. Brother” and “My Boyfriend Rates My Prettylittlething Outfits.” They also host Q&As and vlog together when traveling the world. Their YouTube account is relatively new, but we can’t wait for them to create more content! Until then, we have their Instagram accounts to follow, and we can clearly see this couple is #relationshipgoals.


Most recently, Chris and Princess enjoyed a romantic picnic on the beach just as the sun was setting. As if that wasn’t sweet enough, he wrote, “Each day we grow as a family … never in a million years did I think I’d be blessed with someone as remarkable as you.” So adorable!


Chris’s main social platforms are Instagram, SnapChat and, most recently, Twitter. On his personal IG account, he has over 259K followers. He specializes in posts about fitness, his personal life with Princess in Hawaii, traveling and fashion! We especially love his content when he posts photos and videos of himself doing face masks! Skincare is the best self-care, am I right? We cannot wait to see what the future holds for Chris and we know that the sky is the limit for this talented entrepreneur! Follow him at @misterwontons.







Adamme Artistry (@adammeartistry)

Last, but certainly not least, we have Adamme, the self-proclaimed “Ryan Seacrest of the Beauty Industry.” Adamme has made appearances at IBS Las Vegas, BeautyconLA and even hosted the pink carpet at the inaugural American Influencer Awards. At events, he often has meet and greets to chat and take pictures with his passionate fan base. Occasionally, Adamme will host beauty tutorials at events. At those events he may occasionally break out into song, this is one reason why we love him so much!


In past campaigns, Adamme has worked with companies like Sutra Beauty and LA Girl Cosmetics. On Instagram alone, he has over 13.9k followers. His loyal base of followers look to him for his stunning makeup transformations and exclusive peeks into beauty events and parties. One of our favorite looks that he created was when he painted a butterfly on half of his face last October. Yes, Adamme Artistry knows how to work a makeup brush, but his true calling is hosting. In one of his Instagram posts, he said he was “blessed to have the chance and ability to host, lead and create incredible excitement and memorable FUN—everyone has their ‘thing’ and entertaining and hosting feels amazing.”


In addition, his followers feel so connected to him because of his down-to-earth personality and contagious spirit. Adamme doesn’t just share the glamorous side of his life as a beauty host. He shares about his everyday life, the ups and downs. His followers love him for his positive attitude and devotion to his faith, family and friends. Furthermore, Adamme’s support of diversity, inclusivity and body positivity are what make him a truly unique, inspirational influencer. He says, “I love celebrating diversity in beauty.” We are so excited to start our journey working with Adamme Artistry! Follow the BeautyWarrior himself on Instagram at @adammeartistry.


We can’t wait to see what the future holds for all these truly gifted beauty influencers! Do you know of any beauty or lifestyle influencers that could benefit from working with us, or that we should be following? Get in touch with us and let us know! #imaneditour




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