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3 New, Must-Try Products for Fall

It’s finally fall! Time to break out the new boots, new sweaters and, of course, new beauty products! We are really excited for the new additions just released by some our favorite brands: Sutra Beauty, Punky and Gigi Spa. Let’s get started!


Curly Hair, Don’t Care

This month, Sutra Beauty was featured in BoxyLuxe! For those of you who don’t know, BoxyLuxe is the premium edition of Boxycharm available every three months and is a subscription box for beauty, skincare and lifestyle products. At a shocking $21 a month, you get 5 full-sized items and free shipping! That’s why we couldn’t be happier to have Sutra Beauty be part of September’s box. Sutra Beauty’s product that subscribers received was the 32mm Clipless Curling Iron.

This curling iron is sleek, powerful and practical. It’s infused with a titanium polished barrel that creates an even heat distribution and heats up in less than 30 seconds. This newer model of the 32mm Clipless Curling Iron comes with a cool tip, which keeps you from burning yourself. Always a plus, am I right? Looks that can be achieved with this curling iron include beachy waves, spiral curls, loose waves and more! If you didn’t get this curling iron in your BoxyLuxe box, you can still buy it from Sutra Beauty directly! Just shop online on their website at!


Your Hairs’ New BFF

Next up, we are currently obsessed with the new Intrabond haircare line from Punky Colour. This hair-repairing complex line includes a Daily Shampoo, Leave-In Conditioner and Hair Mask. Everything Intrabond is color-safe and vegan, making these new products new essentials for revitalizing dry, dull and unruly hair—especially for those of us who love our vivid hair dyes. The daily shampoo aims to strengthen, add body and increase shine. This shampoo retails for about $19.99. After shampooing, you may need a deep treatment once or twice a week. The Intrabond Hair Mask is perfect for this! It adds more strength and support to your internal hair structure, and it retails for $29.99. Finally, the leave-in conditioner is best used daily along with the shampoo. It prevents any bold and beautiful hair color from fading as quickly. This high-quality leave-in treatment costs $19.99. Interesting yet? Check out more details about the entire line on our website


Crazy for CBD

CBD is everywhere lately! It’s in our water, our lotion, our mascaras and even lip glosses. Just when you can’t think of anything else you could use CBD for, you find some other practical use for it! GiGi Spa recently released two new products derived from hemp oil: the All-Purpose CBD Wax and a Multi-Complex Premium Hemp Oil. GiGi’s CBD Wax is a soft wax that helps to calm, soothe and hydrate the skin. The potent plant actives are added to help reduce irritation and increase comfort while getting waxed. This wax is perfect for full body waxes!

GiGi’s new Hemp Oil is the ultimate post-hair removal treatment. Like the CBD Wax, it reduces irritation and moisturizes skin. The main ingredients in this oil include aloe, arnica and, of course, CBD. These ingredients not only help to keep your skin soft and smooth; they also help calm skin inflammation after a waxing session. This oil can be applied directly to skin or you can mix the oil with lotion, gel or another oil. The CBD craze is going strong and we really couldn’t be happier about it!

Have you discovered any new products that should be on our radar? Sound off in the comments below! #imaneditour




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