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Optimizing Social Media Algorithms in 2021


Not all algorithms are created equal! And because each social media platform has its own algorithm, each platform should be treated as a unique opportunity to gain new followers, grow brand awareness amongst a different crowd of people and to examine what makes each platform’s audience unique so you can capitalize on it. Content creation, posting and promotions are prioritized differently in each platform. Here are some tips and tricks on how to improve your engagement on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok in 2021 to make the most of your content creation efforts and posts!



The model that their algorithm is based on prioritizes “meaningful social interactions.” The goal with your Facebook posts should always be to demonstrate to your audience how your content matters.

Facebook interprets your type of content and its purpose; they determine whether the content is meaningful and relevant. To drive your content into having those meaningful interactions, pay close attention as to how your content may act and serve as a conversation starter. How will you prompt people to stop scrolling and interact in the form of pokes, likes, comments and (most importantly) shares.

Building a community around your brand is crucial on your path to Facebook success. To do this, you need to know your audience! Take a look at your Insights to assess what countries and states they’re located in, when they’re most active, your target demographic and to see what’s been working best. You cannot build a community for an audience you know nothing about. If you have a brand, start a private or invite-only Facebook group to share secrets and tidbits about new product releases before they’re out. Your followers will love this exclusivity and it will build a community around those who love and use your products.

TIP: Stay away from clickbait and telling your consumers on how to interact with your content! Do not use the terms “please comment, like, share, etc.” as Facebook penalizes brands who do so.



Consistency is key on this platform. The more you post, the higher the chances that your audience will interact with the content. The higher the interaction rate, the higher the chance that your content will be prioritized in the algorithm. Engagements are defined as saves, shares, comments, likes and views for videos (in this order of priority).

To know when it is the best time to post on your Instagram, you need to aim at a time when your audience is the most active on the app. This will kickstart your post with an appropriate amount of likes and comments, and will classify your post as important.

Take advantage of Instagram stories, generally the more consistently you post on stories the more views you will gain. Instagram stories also classify the timeliness of your account, so the more relevant your account is, the more you will be boosted on the algorithm! Adding hashtags on your Instagram Stories will boost your content as well, don’t forget to include them.

Improve your chances on you ranking in the Instagram algorithm by embracing Instagram’s latest features like Reels and Guides, driving engagement with Instagram Story stickers, including engaging captions that start conversations, hashtag decks on the first comment of your posts, promoting your own content (Instagram is largely now pay to play), driving your audience to your DMs for any questions they need answers to and building a community for your brand!  Focus on building relationships with your audience. That includes reacting and answering to as many DMs as possible (all is ideal), responding to every comments if possible and engaging with posts like yours.

TIP: Get rid of your ghost and inactive followers because they might be hurting your chances of getting boosted by the algorithm.



TikTok is the simplest out of the three platforms, and this is the reason as to why so many brands and content creators are flocking to the app.

The formula to help gain traction on the app is by focusing on a hook on the first few seconds of the video, eye-catching video titles, the use of trendy hashtags and by recreating popular challenges. You should also use the trending sounds and music in your videos to gain more views. Shares and your videos getting “favorited” are crucial to a post’s success; encourage your inner circle to share posts and add them to their favorites to give your posts an organic boost!

Mixing up popular hashtags with unpopular ones may feature your content on the For You page. Test out different combinations of hashtags and see which ones are relevant to your account!

TIP: Once you post, immediately close the app to trigger an influx of notifications that will help it gain more views.


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