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Quarantine Craft: DIY Macrame Hanging Planter


Stay home in style by adding some DIY touches to your decor! For this simple project, you just need a handful of items that you probably already have lying around the house! You don’t even need to buy cloth for this project; it just requires an old T-shirt. To bring some joy to these dark times, filling your spaces with hanging plants will not only brighten your mood but add a vibrant touch of color to your world (something we can all use some more of). Let’s get started!



What you’ll need:

  • Scissors
  • Old T-shirt
  • Planter
  • Hook to hang your planter, at the end



1. Start by cutting off the sleeves of the shirt. Cut along the seams on one side and at the shoulders, so that you can open up the shirt and lay it down as one large piece of cloth.



2. Trim off the bottom of the shirt if it’s hemmed, like this one shown.



3. Cut 8 (1 1/2″ wide) strips along the bottom of the shirt, along the longest part.



4. Tie a double knot at the end of your group of strips. This will be the base that holds the weight of your planter. Break your 8 strips up into 4 pairs.



5. Tie 4 knots 1 1/2″ away from the base knot.



6. Continue tying a series of knots 1 1/2″ apart, alternating to form a diamond pattern. Tie the knots by continuous making new pairs, using one strip of the cloth with one to the right of it.



7. If you lose track of where to tie your next knots, it helps you visualize how to form the diamond pattern if you insert your planter inside!



8. Repeat this series of knots for 3-4 rows depending on the size of your planter.



9. Take your planter out and tie one more set of knots 4 inches away from ends (which will be the top of the macrame planter). Make one final double knot and it’s ready to add your planter back inside and hang!



Please share pictures of your decor if you do this project at home! Let us know what projects and recipes you want to see more of in our weekly takeovers and, most importantly, stay creative! Being cooped up inside can give anyone cabin fever, but if you move your body and keep stimulating your mind, it’ll be easier to get through these next however-many-weeks we have left at home. Thanks for watching! #imaneditour





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