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Social Media Updates that Should Be On Your Radar!



You may be an Insta baddie that’s trying to organically grow engagement, or a brand that could use some more love on social. Regardless, being up-to-date with the latest and newest updates on social media apps will give you the edge. Here are some recent updates you should be taking advantage of.



If you have a registered business account, you’ve probably already noticed some updates on your Instagram page. The professional dashboard is now your official analytic hub. Instagram also gives you some tips and tricks as to how to grow your audience and engagement. If you have not updated the app just yet, I highly recommend doing it each time new updates are added!

Along with the newest physical update of the platform, there is also an update on the algorithm. The algorithm is based on comments and the amount engagements you have on your page. This also includes how many times you’re getting shared as well as your Story replies. Focus on being more engaging overall, even when it comes to your DMs!

Plug In, Close Out: Here’s a hack you can start doing after posting a photo or video on Instagram: Stay on the app for one hour and then immediately close the app. Instagram is going to want to reel you back in once the algorithm sees that it previously caught your attention, so they might just push your content solely for that purpose alone. They know that they can reel you back in by sending you notifications about the content you just posted.

Don’t Hit Edit: Do not edit your caption within the first hour of posting; instead try focusing on replying to the comments of your content and start a conversation there. A reply with just an emoji is not going to cut it though. You want Instagram to believe that your content is important! Keep that conversation going, which is the key for your posts to succeeding engagement-wise.

They have not made this update yet, but rumor is that Instagram might be releasing a vertical Instagram story feed soon. Instead of watching the next story by clicking right or swiping left, you would swipe down.




TikTok just came out with the Creator Portal, a resource center for newbies and those who are confused as to how to get started. You can access the creator portal online or in your settings on the app! Since TikTok is trying to promote their resources, they are featuring users who are listening to their tips and tricks as well as including the hashtag #CreatorPortal on their profile. This is a huge opportunity for anyone who is looking for more exposure to a larger audience! The hashtag is also one of the trending and most-used hashtags on the platform as we speak.

Add Music Directly Through the App: Content creators beware, TikTok’s copywrite rules are getting strict. They are now taking down, or muting, any videos that are using audio that has not been uploaded by the artist directly. If you are planning on playing music in the background of your video, make sure you are adding the music on the app itself. Double check to ensure that the music is connected/uploaded by the artist it is from. These rules applies to music, video clips from popular tv shows and movie clips.

Sound Off: However, using trending sounds and music might boost your content, it’s better to keep your content original. Original visuals and sounds are still being prioritized by app. If you can avoid using music, I highly recommend doing so.

The Longer, the Better: The algorithm appears to be prioritizing longer content right now. YouTuber Joseph Todd did some digging about this rumor and found that the most popular video’s with millions of views are longer, the shortest one he found was 32 seconds long. By adapting a story-telling technique and ensuring your audience that their time will be well spent on your content, you will see more success! The first 3-5 seconds of your video is the most crucial, it is the average time a TikTok user spends on deciding whether they will stay and watch.

We hope you found these tips and tricks to me helpful ways to increase your engagement! Stay tuned as we’ll be covering more algorithm updates and strategies to stay ahead of the game. #imaneditour




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