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The Beauty Entrepreneur Summit features Editour Media Founder Breanna Armstrong!


Get empowered, get motivated and make your dreams of starting a business a reality! Just because this year has thrown a lot of surprises our way doesn’t mean it’s time to give up. In fact, social media engagement and viewership are stronger than ever as people are spending more time at home and more hours online. Now could the perfect time to kickstart your business and grow its social media pages to build brand awareness.


This week, the Beauty Entrepreneur Summit kicked off with a strong start! This three-day, jam-packed virtual summit hosted by Private Label Insiders founder and owner Melody Bockelman features over a dozen leading beauty brand experts who opened up about their journeys to help you avoid the same pitfalls they encountered along the way. For over 15 years, Bockelman has been helping brand owners launch their product lines–from skin and hair care products to cosmetics and beauty accessories. Her clients have been featured on QVC & HSN, and their products are in large retail stores and grocery stores across the country. She works with clients at every stage of their business, from planning and strategizing, to finding manufacturers, designing labels, launching, marketing, and more. She created this virtual summit as a way to help you launch your own business and take it to market successfully.



A slew of industry experts spanning many areas of expertise (like coaches and business owners who have found success in the beauty brand industry) share their stories and tips for success, discussing their unique journeys from start-up to expert.


Editour Media’s own founder, Breanna Armstrong, joined for Day 2, in a segment called Influencer Strategy: Tips for Engaging and Working with Influencers. There she discusses the rise of TikTok, best strategies for working with influencers and why indie brands are making a big dent of the current state of the industry. Based on a decade of experience, Armstrong has learned how to sustain lasting relationships with industry professionals and has built a business purely based on word-of-mouth recommendations. You don’t want to miss this informative and fun segment!


Take a look at the summit’s schedule below (there’s still time to join):

Day 1

  • How Beauty Brands are adapting to the new reality of social distancing and stay-at-home orders
  • Finding and working with suppliers
  • Building a wholesale business
  • ​Branding – How the right branding can make a big impact
  • ​Protecting your brand: Trademark & Copyright Laws
  • ​Starting a brand outside of the USA


Day 2

  • 100x Your Business with Facebook Ads
  • Email Marketing from growth and engagement
  • Why your content isn’t converting (and how to fix it)
  • ​All about social media marketing
  • ​Telling your brand story with the press
  • ​Retail in the new post-Covid economy
  • ​Influencer Strategy: Tips for engaging and working with influencers


Day 3

  • Hear from successful brand owners about their personal journeys, learn from their mistakes, and discover best practices for success
  • ​Learn from Million Dollar Brand owners
  • How they built it!
  • ​Hard won lessons they have learned and more!


There’s still time to save your seat and gain access to all these amazing tips! Head to  to learn more! #imaneditour




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