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Ambition for Breakfast

By creators for creators, Ambition for Breakfast is the perfect start to any day. As we like to say, it is “food for thought and inspiration for your soul.” For a well-balanced morning, eat breakfast to fuel your body and listen to this podcast to fuel your brain. Join the conversation and be a #breadwinner, all-around boss, and your most authentic self. Hosted by Editour Media’s founder Breanna Armstrong and director of marketing Karen Wilhelmsen, these episodes will provide you with the knowledge to help you in your everyday life in countless ways, including the inspiration to get up and make your dream job a reality, business tips, advice from social media influencers, CEOs, boss babes doing the most and guests from all walks of life. This is not your average “business-building” podcast. “The main takeaway I would love to provide to our Ambition for Breakfast breadwinners is empowerment and inspiration that they can do anything they set their minds to,” Breanna says. As a millennial creative in the digital age, it is easy to get burnt out or stuck in a job that you do not feel fulfilled in. Breanna and Karen have been there—which is why they ditched their 90-minute commutes and started Editour Media in March 2019, combining their writing expertise, eye for design, and connections from the publishing world.

New episodes air every Friday. Visit to find new episodes. To learn more, follow us at @editourmedia and @ambition4breakfast on Instagram. Happy listening!


AFB 17 | StinaFace

Episode 17: Unleashing Your Beauty From Within With StinaFace CEO Stina Krasch

  Christina Krasch, better known as Stina, makes doing it all and handling grace under pressure look so easy! To those who know her beauty brand StinaFace, Stina is all…

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AFB 16 | Viral On Social Media

Episode 16: Learn How Social Media And Being Viral Can Help Bring Awareness To Your Brand With Leila Shams

  Where have you been if you’ve never seen one of Leila Shams’s viral sculpting swimwear on TikTok? A plethora of celebrities and influencers have posted about their body transformations…

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AFB 15 | Managing A Business

Episode 15: How To Manage A Business With Confidence With Conor Riley

    Luxie Beauty is a luxury cosmetics company specializing in high-end, vegan, cruelty-free brushes. Breanna and Karen’s guest today is Conor Riley, the CEO of Luxie Beauty. Conor took…

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AFB 14 | Legal Mistakes

Episode 14: Common Legal Mistakes Brands Make With Melody Bockelman And Raven Willis, Esq.

  When a start-up or indie beauty brand makes legal mistakes, they may get into trouble that’s pretty hard to recover. Luckily, we have two experts and friends here to…

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AFB 12 | Social Media Beauty

Episode 12: The Future Of The Beauty Industry In The World Of Social Media With Anya Kay And Nicolina Borelli

  The beauty industry has changed a lot these past years. With the rise of social media, the introduction of influencers, and the recent pandemic, digital marketing has never been…

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AFB 11 | Influencer Relations

Episode 11: Cheryl Lindberg Shares Her Entrepreneurial Journey And The Importance Of Influencer Relations In The Beauty Industry

  Cheryl Lindberg has built a successful career by establishing meaningful relationships with brand owners and influencers. After graduating from Orange Coast College with her associate’s degree in Fashion Design,…

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AFB 10 Daniela Ciocan | Beauty Boss

Episode 10: Reinvention: Industry Chameleon Shares Her Success Secrets With Beauty Boss Daniela Ciocan

  If you’ve been to a beauty industry trade show, the Beauty Boss Daniela Ciocan was most likely behind what made that show so magical. The founder and CEO of Access…

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AFB 9 | Sutra Beauty

Episode 9: The Drive To Succeed: Sutra Beauty Founder Liam Ben-David Gets Real

  Getting into the beauty industry was the result of being in the right place at the right time for Liam Ben-David; but building a multi-million dollar parent company with…

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AFB 8 | Positivity

Episode 8: Positivity Despite Hardships: How Master Colorist And MUA Alexandrea Villareal Continues To Look On The Bright Side

    Alexandrea Villareal lives her life in bold, beautiful color! She specializes in making her clients’ gorgeous manes stand out in a crowd. After quickly gaining recognition on Instagram…

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