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Episode 11: Cheryl Lindberg Shares Her Entrepreneurial Journey And The Importance Of Influencer Relations In The Beauty Industry

AFB 11 | Influencer Relations


Cheryl Lindberg has built a successful career by establishing meaningful relationships with brand owners and influencers. After graduating from Orange Coast College with her associate’s degree in Fashion Design, Cheryl worked for the acclaimed Paul Frank Industries, Harveys and Hurley, creating on-trend designs. When influencer marketing became pivotal to a beauty brand’s success, Cheryl switched gears and entered the beauty industry, working for Too Faced as their Director of Social Media Influencer Relations.

Today, Cheryl is the Head of Consumer Engagement at REN Clean Skincare. In this episode, she talks with Breanna and Karen about the importance of influencer marketing, consumer skincare trends and where she predicts the industry is going in the future. There’s so much to learn from this industry vet! It’s a must-listen for anyone in the beauty industry, whether you work for or own a brand yourself or are an influencer that wants to collaborate with brands.

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Cheryl Lindberg Shares Her Entrepreneurial Journey And The Importance Of Influencer Relations In The Beauty Industry

Cheryl Lindberg, Head Of Consumer Engagement At REN Clean Skincare, Uses Her Knowledge Of Driving Awareness And Conversion To Help Global Brands Grow

In this episode, we have the amazing Cheryl Lindberg. She is the Head of Consumer Engagement at REN Clean Skincare. She also has extensive experience working with influencers as the former Director of Social Media Influencer Relations at Too Faced.

She’s a longtime friend of our brand. She’s been there since day one. We’re excited for you guys to meet her and learn about her amazing and inspiring story. She’s been great to our team for many years. We’re thrilled to have her a part of Ambition for Breakfast.

We talk about the future where she sees the beauty industry going, her tips, tricks, and recommendations for what skincare we should be using. She is such an expert and knowledgeable, we talk about anti-aging products and what it means to age gracefully. We love having her every minute of it.

Make sure you guys follow her, @CherylLindberg, on Instagram and follow along with her amazing story.

On our super special episode, we have Cheryl Lindberg with us. We’re excited for you to be here. She is the Head of Consumer Engagement at REN Clean Skincare. We’re going to talk about all things influencers, skincare, the market in general, and your career journey. Thank you so much for being with us.

Thank you so much, ladies. This is such a treat. I’ve been listening since the beginning. It’s amazing to be on. Thank you for having me.

I know that you got your start in Fashion Design at Orange Coast College. I want to learn more about where you thought your career was going to go and how you ended up in the beauty industry.

It was a wild ride now that I have been having some time to think back to it. When I was younger, all I wanted to be was in the fashion world. When I graduated high school and went into college, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I felt always a little bit nervous sharing that with others because saying you want to be a designer is a little unconventional. My family was pretty traditional. My dad always wanted me to be a dentist, he probably said it 1 million times when I was growing up. Having to admit that I am not a fan of the dentist at all. I think it’s torture. I didn’t go on that path. I decided to go to community college, test it out, and see if this was for me.

When I was in that program at Orange Coast, there is a class called Careers in Fashion, and you get to go around to Orange County and LA and see all these different types of businesses and how it works because you didn’t get an inside look into these companies. I knew exactly what I wanted to do. We went to this company called Harveys. After we left the business, I got back on the bus and I told my professor, “I’m going to work there one day.” It is such a cool place. They make handbags here in the US. I was drawn to that small business made in the USA type of environment.

I got a job working in their retail store that was opening up. I worked there in the store selling handbags. I then worked in their office doing customer service. I worked in operations. When I graduated from school, I was like, “I’m going to give myself one more year at Harveys. If I can’t make it to the design team, I’ll find something else.” At month nine, the designer left and I got to interview for a designer position and I ended up getting the role. I was 21 and I was like, “I’ve made it. This is it. I’m here.”

Are you big on manifesting too? I feel like you put it out there into the universe and then you were able to achieve those things that you had dreamed of.

This was in 2009. No one talked about manifesting but I did and I said, “I’m going to work there.” I did it. I eat a lot of ambition for breakfast. I was always driven by my goals. I put myself out there to keep growing and keep moving forward. As much as being uncomfortable in situations, it isn’t always the first option. I always put myself in scenarios to learn more, grow more, and take on more responsibility. Karen, you said this too in the first episode about being young and having so much responsibility and you were like, “How did they let me do this at such a young age?” I felt the same way. I’m like, “I am 21 years old. I don’t know what I’m doing.”

It’s such a small business, it was myself and the founder as the design team. Of course, that meant that I did most of the work but it was awesome. I feel like working at a small family-owned business, you learn so much more than you could anywhere else. I got to try everything. I designed. I worked with raw materials. I sourced vendors. I helped with sales. I went to trade shows. I did it all. They had a big business with Disney so I was at a seat at the table pitching design ideas. It was incredible. You can’t put a value on that. Maybe I didn’t finish school in the traditional sense but I feel like I got my Master’s degree in Business Development when I was working there.

Sometimes the best learning experience is being thrown into the deep end and having to figure things out for yourself. I know Breanna and I have both been in that position. That’s an invaluable learning experience because you learn how to do things on your own terms and make them work.

I worked there for seven years. I did everything. I’m grateful for the opportunities. To be honest with you, when I decided to leave, I was a little too confident thinking that it would be easy to find a job. Here’s the thing, it wasn’t. My resume was stacked. I was doing everything and no one was taking me seriously. I had to make this big decision where I would take a big step down. I was at a manager level when I left the business. I went to a coordinator role and I would say that’s not for everyone because even the people that were hiring me were like, “You’re overqualified.” I’m like, “Please hire me. I need to get the experience. I need to move on. I need to expand into something else.” It was different.

I went from doing all these things to focusing on product development. That was where I was leading. In the design team at Harveys, I loved the product development side. I thought it was a little bit more stable of a career choice. At 26, I was like, “This is a stable career choice.” What was I thinking? I went into the product development side and I went to Hurley. It’s a surfwear company. I assumed, “I’m going to go in and I’m going to do what I always have. I’m going to take on more. I’m going to learn more. They’re going to love me and let me do all the things I can.” That was not the case. It’s a bigger company. It went from 150 to 200 people. You’re in different buildings for what your department is. I didn’t even see anyone on the marketing team.

It was a big adjustment. I met such great people but I was bored. It wasn’t the right fit. I felt lucky when I logged into LinkedIn and saw a message from Too Faced. I was so down that I was like, “I’m going to try this.” I’m not into cosmetics as a person prior. I did not know how to fill in my eyebrows or use bronzer. I didn’t even know what a highlighter was. I was a different person. I went in on my interview and I was like, “I’m not sure what to wear. I’m not sure how to do my face.” It was all the things. I fell in love there. I was transformed into this world of glitter, glam, and girl power. The business was probably 100 people at the time. I felt like I was in my first sorority. You’re thrown into this different world and I was thankful for the opportunity to step into a new business. I ended up on the social team. It’s such a coveted role to be on social media at a brand that is one of the leaders on social and I fell into it. It was wild.

AFB 11 | Influencer Relations

Influencer Relations: Put yourself in uncomfortable situations because they lead to so much opportunity.


They were in your messages on LinkedIn. They approached you.

They originally wanted me to product develop giftable items, makeup bags, pens and smaller items. That’s why they were attracted to my product development background. I’m used to showing a portfolio, design ideas, and they’re also hiring at that same time on the social team for our mailer boxes. That was someone dedicated to product designing, product developing these beautiful influencer gifting. That was at the height of PR boxes. That’s when they were over the top. I was designing such cool things, roller skates, and all the things.

Once I ended up on this social team, it’s where the position fell. I fell in love with influencers. I fell in love with this world that I wasn’t aware of before. Even in my handbag career, we would gift bloggers. It’s very much like more traditional blogging. At that time, of course, we’re on social media. In the early days, we were more on Facebook than Instagram, all the things. It was an interesting time but I wanted to learn more and do more. I watched so much YouTube. I took home so many Too Faced products to learn myself. It was wonderful.

They appreciated me. I was always raising my hand there and being like, “I want to do more. How can I get more involved?” At one point, six months into working at Too Faced, a lot of the influencer relations team left at a certain time. I rose my hand and I was like, “I’d love to help.” I thought I would help out when they’re hiring more people and that ended up being six months. That turned into four years. I ended up being the Director of Influencer Relations at Too Faced.

Do you feel that’s the key to success, always raising your hand and being like, “How can I help? How can I do more?”

It’s always going above and beyond. It’s volunteering. It’s helping people. The team was in a bad position. There wasn’t anyone helping or doing this role and someone had to do it. It’s like, “Why not me? Why don’t I try this?” It goes back to putting yourself into those uncomfortable situations because it leads to so much opportunity and that’s what happened at Too Faced. It was at chance.

You were there too when they were acquired by Estée Lauder.

They were acquired right before I started. They were probably two months acquired when I started. I knew nothing different. Too Faced operates individually. They do all their own thing. They run their own show. They’re best in class.

You called the company culture a sorority. I want to hear more about that, what it was like working in that office because it seems like such a unique brand.

It’s interesting because even in the handbag space, I worked with a lot of men. My boss was the founder and the owner. He was a man. People on my team were men. I went to Hurley, a surf company. There were a lot of men as well. Going to Too Faced, I’m like, “How nice, these are all women. Everyone’s so beautiful.” It was different. At first, I was intimidated because I felt like I didn’t have any makeup skills to understand how to apply my foundation well or anything like that. At first, I was quiet. I am not a quiet person. I’m probably one of the loudest people you know. I slowly started to feel so much more comfortable because everyone there was wonderful. I was able to lead my show and do the best I can. I worked directly with the founder. It brought me so much more confidence. It was wonderful. I have made best friends there. It was a hard decision to finally leave.

The many times that I went to visit you, I remember you always had your makeup done amazingly. Everybody had their makeup done. Can you touch on that? Was that a requirement or was that something that came with the social media team, working with the influencers and your group?

Yeah. I am the type of person that’s like, “I’m in it.” My wardrobe became pink. I have more sequins than I know what to do with. It was not a requirement. It’s who I am as a person. I am fully enveloped in what this brand ethos is. I want to be a symbol here and do all the things. Especially if I’m taking someone around the office, I always want to look my best. Every day was so fun. Playing with so much makeup and getting to try all the new stuff was awesome and I loved it. I learned so much about makeup. I fell in love with makeup. Now I’m a Sephora VIP member but before, I never was. Being in makeup made me spend more money on my beauty routine than ever before. Before, I was shopping at Target, Covergirl and Maybelline. I was always intimidated by Sephora. I didn’t know about all the different brands and products. It’s overwhelming. Once you understand it, it’s fun.

Karen and I still nerd out over different launches and makeup. I’ll have people who are not in the industry, maybe my family or friends, be like, “Why are you buying more makeup? I’m going to kill you for doing that. You get so much PR.” I’m like, “You don’t understand. I need this.” It turned me into a total monster.

I want to try everything. I want to see what everyone’s talking about. That ends up to be a lot of products. My family and friends love it because they come over and shop all the time.

Thanks to influencers, too. A lot of influencers put us on certain products and brands. We trust their recommendations, 100%. I also want to know too with your extensive experience with working with influencers. This is something we also talked about with Maram too. What do you look for? What is that special secret ingredient that an influencer has that signals to you that they’re different and they’re separating themselves among the pack since it is such a saturated space now?

Also, I was going to add, I am in influencer relations and I have been for years but I am constantly being influenced. I know it’s happening. I know that someone’s selling me this product and I am all about it to try it. I agree with you, 100%. As far as what I look for, it’s someone who loves what they’re doing. You can tell that through the screen. You can tell someone’s passion and drive wanting to grow themselves. It doesn’t matter the follower count. I’m not a stickler on you have to have X amount of followers. I love connecting with people and seeing who genuinely loves the brands that I’m working for.

I love gifting people and hearing their responses because it’s always different. It depends on your skin type or what makeup you enjoy. Do you love eyeshadow versus lipstick? Whatever it might be. There’s something for everyone. The best part about beauty is that every brand has something for everyone. I love seeing the creativity on social media and how they’re using it because I also get the best tips and tricks from people. I love the authenticity and creativity I’m seeing on social.

For PR gifting too, is it a ‘less is more’ approach now? You were talking about the roller skates. In 2019, at the height of PR, the packages are getting more ridiculous, video screens, and one brand trying to top the next. What do you feel is the space right now?

Less is more. It was a moment in time where it was roller skates and over-the-top gifting and quickly pared that down because the response was, “Whoa.” As an influencer, you’re receiving so much and it was becoming too wasteful. Smaller is better. Let the product speak for itself. Tailor it down. Not every single person needs 35 shades of foundation. Let’s find their grouping. Light-medium or whatever it might be, send them a few options. If it doesn’t work for them, have them tell us what they want.

You’re like the queen of intimate experiences. The first time that I’ve had the opportunity to have a one on one where we do the HQ tour, you set up a beautiful tea party at the office and you order in their favorite lunch. It was special. I had never experienced someone taking so much time. Time is valuable. It outweighs the products, the gimmicks, and all the fancy events. I feel like you’ve spearheaded that.

That was the first time that I had ever experienced that in any industry and I was like, “This is special. What can we do to help Cheryl? What can we do to help her brand?” It ties the influencer to you. When I’m talking to my influencers, I’m saying, “REN Clean Skincare, they have this event. Also our girl, Cheryl, she’s at Ren now.” Everyone wants to do things because of you and that relationship that you’ve created. What gave you these ideas? What are some ideas that you’re doing now with the pandemic?

Thank you so much. That’s the goal. For me, as a person, I want to have personable relationships with people. I think of everyone as my friend. Hopefully, you guys think of me as your friend because you guys are mine. I want to have a good time with people. It was super fun to make it more personalized. Those small touches go a long way. I love event planning. I did a lot of the events at Too Faced and brand trips and things like that. I always like the little details because they go the furthest and have personalized touches. Even in my friend group, I’m always the one planning the bridal showers, baby showers, and all those things. I love those details. I love the time to connect because that’s what this industry is about. It’s about connecting and being a part of something together. That’s my favorite part.

During this virtual time, at first, it was alarming. Yes, I did a lot of events, a lot of things in person, I would travel a lot. Being at home, I was like, “I don’t know what to do here.” Quickly, you pivot and you learn. You get on Zoom. You learn those. Always try to keep it new and fresh. Being at Ren and having these conversations to introduce myself and the brand to people has been wonderful and doing intimate events still in this virtual space. That’s where we are right now. Hopefully, we’ll be out of it soon. While we’re all still at home, keep it in the virtual space.

I love that because you did the mocktail PR mailer. You sent it out and then everybody jumped on the Zoom event and they were able to make a little mocktail and then enjoy the event, which was special and unique.

Make it fun too. We had a DJ. We have someone giving product education. We have a chef telling us how to make this organic cucumber mocktail. Having these different moments is great too. I don’t want people to be bored. It’s hard keeping anyone’s attention, even my own. How can we do something different and try to make it fun? We’re all still at home so what can we do to have fun in your day?

How have consumers shifted gears? With the pandemic hitting, people weren’t wearing makeup as much and they looked to skincare and particularly clean skincare and that’s the focus for a lot of people now who are still working from home.

I had people on my team leave. I saw a lot of movement in the marketing space. I saw a huge demand in the marketing space. I don’t know about you guys but I think 2020 was crazy. I made a list to myself and I’m like, “In my next move, I want it to be in skincare. I want it to be a brand that stands for something important. I want something bigger than maybe influencer relations. I want to be able to do more.” That’s when Ren came into my LinkedIn inbox and it was everything I wanted. I didn’t think I could have this role as head of consumer engagement. I wasn’t sure what my next step was going to be and I wasn’t looking for it until it came in LinkedIn. I highly recommend everyone getting their LinkedIn up to date and checking their messages.

That’s such a great tip because so many people don’t utilize LinkedIn enough. That’s where we find all of our employees whenever we’re looking. The fact that you were ready for these opportunities and you had so much experience under your belt, companies were able to see that and they reached out to you. That’s amazing.

I came thinking, “I came from Too Faced. I know everything about influencers.” In skincare, it is a completely different game, especially with Ren and their sustainable focus. They are a clean skincare brand and they will be a zero-waste brand at the end of 2021. At the end of 2021, they will be one of the first prestige skincare brands to be zero-waste. That means everything is made from recycled materials or fully recyclable. It was all the things I wanted. It had strong values. it was in skincare. That’s what we’re all loving. This is where we’re at, the future and clean and all the things in one.

With the pandemic, everyone reevaluated their careers and what they want to do. Now more than ever, people want to work for companies with a strong mission statement who aren’t another beauty brand in this space but that care and are working towards making the world a better place.

That was on my list. I didn’t think I could find all those things that I wrote down in one. That was the amazing thing about Ren. I had heard of the brand. I hadn’t tried their products. As soon as I had my first phone call, I went straight to Sephora and bought all the things so I can try them because I can’t work somewhere if I don’t love the products. They have such amazing products that work well so I was hooked. Now, I’m in this. At first, I wasn’t sure. I was like, “I don’t know. I have such an amazing job.” I was full steam ahead.

Let’s talk about this too. Give us your recommendations. What do we need in our skincare routine?

You are glowing.

AFB 11 | Influencer Relations

Influencer Relations: The best part about beauty is that every brand has something for everyone.


Thank you so much. When I was doing skincare, there was always steps I would skip because I was lazy. I truly believe in a double cleanse. I feel like you have to use the oil first and then a cleanser to wash your face every single day, especially with how much makeup we’re using. Also, good makeup. It’s supposed to last. You can’t wash it away in one wash. My Holy Grail tip is to double cleanse. The step I would skip is the toner, the tonic. I would go straight from cleansing to moisturizing. I wouldn’t do the middle part because I was like, “It’s fine, my skin’s clean.” I truly think that has completely cleared up my skin. It’s the only thing that I’ve completely added that I wasn’t doing previously. This is the REN one, the Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA tonic. It’s completely changed my skin. They do not pay me to say this. It’s wonderful. Have you tried it?

John and I both have been trying the same routine. We’re using the Jelly Oil Cleanser. We’re using the brightening eye cream and then I do the moisturizer. I did the orange balm. I didn’t even want to wash my face. I put my makeup right on.

The Overnight Glow Cream. It’s hydrating.

It’s amazing. I left it on and I was like, “I’m going to put my makeup on over it.” I feel like it’s something that smoothed out my acne scars for some reason. They’re less pronounced.

It targets the dark spots on your face. You’re supposed to see results in seven days. If you saw it right away, that’s even better.

I’ve only been using it for a few days too.

That’s why I was like, “These products are good. They stand for something so meaningful. Yes, I will work for you.” We’re at this point where we’re getting older. I can be more selective and I want to be more selective because I don’t have to take the step down to move forward in my career like I had to in my twenties. I’m now in a space where I know so much more and I have many great connections now as well. It’s a pretty cool time.

When should we start our anti-aging skincare regimens too?

As we all see and follow these young people on Instagram on social media, they start early. I wish I started when I was eighteen. It’s preventative. I believe in pro-aging, not anti-aging. You want to age gracefully. I’m happy with the lines that I have to show that I am mature and getting a little bit older, but if we can lessen them, that’s great. All about the preventative, it’s whenever you feel comfortable starting. I don’t think you need it before you turn twenty years old. To each their own. Whatever you feel comfortable with and whatever your skin concerns are because I know some people show fine lines earlier than others. I’m all about wrinkle products.

I wish I had started earlier but it’s starting to go down to my neck. I’m trying to prevent any wrinkles.

I’m putting my moisturizer and all these serums all the way down. I try to make sure to put some moisturizer on my hands because I feel like that’s an age tell.

I’ve lost weight.

You look amazing.

Thank you. I’ve seen my hands transformed. I’m like, “I’m going to have old lady hands?” They were puffy. Even my skin has transformed. My eyes are getting hooded and I’m seeing things on my face that I’m not used to. Whenever I have any extra anything, it can even be eye cream, I’m putting it on the back of my hands. I’m like, “Let’s do it.” Have you ever read Longevity by Cameron Diaz?

I have not.

Have you heard of it?


It’s her book. Karen has already heard this whole spiel. It breaks down the art of pro-aging and embracing it. She goes through all the different stages of her life and her mom’s life where they did different beauty routines. She talks about how we’re living longer lives than we did back in the ‘20s, ‘50s. She breaks it down and breaks down the science to it. It’s insightful. That’s such a healthy way of thinking. Let’s embrace this and not shame different things because of wrinkles, aging, or anything like that and nurturing our body with good skincare with the things that we eat because this is our body that we’re in on this Earth.

I need to read that book. That sounds amazing. She looks amazing. I’ll do whatever she says.

Not with fillers and plastic surgery. These young girls nowadays are looking up to Kylie Jenner as the It Girl who started it all with lip fillers and looking a lot older than her age. I feel for these younger girls who feel that much more pressure with social media about how they should look and these unnatural beauty expectations.

I felt the pressure too to do all the things. I was like, “I need that Gucci belt. Everyone has a Gucci belt. I need that too.” I feel like I fell victim for a while to that. It’s important to remember who you are and what you want. You don’t need those things. I have gotten the lip filler and it was painful and I never did it again. I was like, “I need this,” and then I did not need that.

I’m all for doing what you want to do. If that’s going to make you happy, go for it. A lot of the girls feel pressured into it and they feel like, “Everyone else is doing this so then I have to do this too to fit in.” That’s not the right mindset.

I use things like that too as a treat. Sometimes I make these internal goals for myself. If I get here with work, I’m going to go and treat myself to some lips or something. I’ve been saying for months that I want to get some Botox because I’ve lost so much weight that I’m getting wrinkles up here. I have these different goals that I want to do. I’m like, “I’m going to go to Hawaii first. Afterward, I might get some Botox.” I make weird things like that. It used to be more like a purse or something. I have been gifted nice things and that’s what got me into even liking nice things like a nice purse. When the pandemic hit, none of that matters.

It was wild. It had me reevaluate a lot of things. It’s not that I didn’t like the effects of the lip filler, it was more so the pain that I put myself through that I’m like, “Why did I do that?” You have to reevaluate and be like, “These material things, I’d rather put it towards a home I’m buying now than try to buy all these designer items.” This is more important.

Where do you also forecast the market going into the future? I’m sure you’re tapped into trends. I would love to know your forecast.

It’s going to continue into skincare. That’s where the trend has been. There are so many eyes on that category right now. More things are leaning into being eco-friendly because people being at home have been so in tune with what they’re putting in their body and on their skin. As a consumer, you’re understanding ingredients so much more than you ever have. People are looking at that now. This clean green movement that Ren has been championing for twenty-plus years now is where you need to be in the space.

If you’re going to start a brand or do something, that’s such a heavy focus on sustainability and clean. It’s not a trend, I would say. It’s the way things need to be because we only have one planet and we should all be taking care of it as best we can. I’m excited to see what other brands do. Ren launched a collective with a total of five competitors stating that in this fight to protect our planet, we are not competitors. We are allies. We’re working with our top competitors to help save the Earth, which is cool.

What about events? Are they going to be happening in the future?

I know we all live in California so the numbers are going down for COVID, which is great. I cannot wait to hug people and see you guys in person. I don’t have any forecast on when we’ll be eventing. Once everyone’s more comfortable, that might not be until the end of 2021. Hopefully there’s something, but there are not any plans for it because we can’t. It doesn’t feel like the right time yet. I know that people are starting to do more and more, which is exciting.

We talked so much about careers. I want to know is there anyone who is a strong mentor to you as you were starting? Who was a pivotal part in helping you succeed and grow?

Taking it back to my Orange Coast College days, there was the department head there. Her name is Christina Amaral. She was and still is a mentor of mine. She helped me so much to navigate this space that was confusing at times. She was always there encouraging me. She’s truly such an incredible person. I hope everyone has someone like Chris Amaral in their life. She was inspiring and always pushing me to do more, try more, even if I felt a little bit uncomfortable or out of my element doing so. She has been a guide for me through all my career paths. She’s always the top of mind for me.

For your team, are you able to be that point of contact too that people can look up to and pick your brain? I know this can be a competitive space and we do talk about this a lot. I feel like the beauty industry is special and that a lot of it is female dominant. You have these brands that aren’t the norm. Speaking from our work and what Editour Media has stood for is it’s all about collaboration and no ego.

Especially when I was in school or when I started my career, social media wasn’t a thing. It wasn’t important in any way. Now, this is a career path. Colleges are now offering courses in social media. Does someone have an influencer course yet? I’m sure some school offers it. It’s such a wild world. I love when people ask questions. Even someone on my team who is at a coordinator level, teaching them the ropes, it’s still new.

There’s so much about this world that we’re all working in that’s still new. It changes daily. Is it TikTok? Are we on Clubhouse now? What’s next? I’m sure there’s something already else out there that I should know about. The best part about this position is it’s constantly evolving and we’re all learning so much along with it and letting social media take us on our path. I love working with people and training them and teaching them alongside me. I can’t tell them everything because it’s changing so quickly. Anytime anyone would love to chat, you’re more than welcome to send me a DM, send me an email and I would love to connect.

AFB 11 | Influencer Relations

Influencer Relations: The industry is leaning into being eco-friendly because people are being mindful of what they’re putting on their skin.


How has the transition to working from home also been for you? You’re all about cultivating these amazing relationships with influencers and your team. I’m sure it hit certain people particularly hard, people like you who love doing events. You love seeing everyone in person. It’s such a strong component of what you do and your passion.

It was a transition. At first, I didn’t know what to do with myself. Being in this apartment and being at home, I wasn’t quite sure what was happening. It was overwhelming for everyone. Figuring it out. There was no other option than to get a desk in this spare bedroom that I’m in now. Get a desk and get this set up put together. I remember being on a waitlist for office chairs because everyone was buying office chairs and I couldn’t get one. It was a transition.

I enjoyed slowing down. It had been such a busy four years prior. I was on a plane at least once every other month. In 2018 or 2019, I was on a plane every single month going somewhere and traveling for work. It’s an exhausting lifestyle when you stop. It’s always nice to connect with your home again, connect with the people that are around you again. It was nice to slow down. I can’t imagine going back out there but I know I’ll be excited when we do.

It’s been such a crazy year for us and also a lot busier in a lot of respects because social media never sleeps. When a lot of people were slowing down, we were having to ramp up.

Pivoting is the word for 2020, especially in social media and marketing, “What do we need to be talking about? What’s everyone doing? What needs to be important to everyone?” It was constant. It’s exciting to see what happens once the world starts reopening.

What advice would you also give to anyone who wants to enter the beauty industry and, hopefully, one day work in social media influencer relations?

Buckle up, it’s going to be a wild ride. That’s true. Having your ear to the ground and understanding what’s happening in this space is crucial. I’m interviewing for a position on my team and I enjoy hearing from candidates about what’s important to them. What are they doing on social? Who are they following? What trends are they seeing? Everyone has such a different perspective. It’s valuable to bring someone with a completely different view of mind onto my team and can bring another set of values. Someone was talking about Twitch, a streaming gaming service. I have no idea what it is. I’ve heard of it, of course. I’m not a gamer. I’m not in that space. If someone can come on and teach me something, that’s incredible.

That’s what we say too. We want to see people’s creativity. We always say, “You are your only creative cap at our company. We want to see and hear from you. We want to be collaborative.” It’s likewise. It’s refreshing to have someone come in and be able to teach something new. Even if it’s a tip about TikTok or Instagram, we want to hear that and we want them to talk amongst each other and share these things with the group. We appreciate that as well.

Always learning and always growing in this marketing social space.

It’s such an art to be a hiring manager. I don’t think until you’re on the other side of it, that you know how difficult it is to find amazing talent. It is such an art.

There’s a lot of pressure on us too to find the right person that’s going to bring great ideas but also collaborate well with the team and different personalities. Everyone is different so it’s always a gamble. For the most part, it’s been rewarding.

What does your morning routine look like?

At Ren, our team is in the UK. That was an adjustment for earlier mornings. Now I’m up at 7:00. This is an ideal day. I’ve been trying to do a ten-minute yoga stretch class. I have my five-minute gratitude journal. I’m starting my day positively. I try so hard to stay off social media or at least stay off my work emails for the first, at least, hour and 30 minutes of my day. I try to be at my work desk before 8:00 AM. 7:30 is ideal for me. Hitting the ground running with meetings right away because the team is eight hours ahead. It’s been an adjustment with the time but it’s nice because by about 11:00 AM, everyone’s off work and that’s my time to get things done, organized, and ready for the next day.

Do you find yourself to be a morning person or more of a night owl?

I’m like a mid-day pigeon. That’s more me. I’m trying to be better about my mornings. I’m not a night owl at all. I like to be asleep by 10:00 PM. I’ve been trying to be better about my mornings and start productively because I noticed I can be more on if I take that extra ten minutes to do a stretch or a yoga class myself and be in a good mindset for the day. I took that gratitude journal from Jen Atkin. It’s been all over social. I’m to incorporate that as well and start with a positive mindset.

That’s such an amazing foot to start each day on. It’s stressful if you go straight to the phone and you’re answering DMs and answering emails right away while you’re still in bed, which I’m guilty of.

I do it, too but I’m trying so hard not to. The emails will always be there. I want to take that little bit of time for myself. If I can get on the Peloton even before work starts or during lunch, that’s wonderful. Taking that time for myself so that I’m taking care of myself before I can take care of this business as well.

It’s hard to realize that your time is valuable. As much as you want to get back to everyone’s email in ten minutes, only you know how to prioritize that schedule. Sometimes, if people know, “She’s busy right now. She’s not super accessible,” it makes you more desirable in a way.

If something is super urgent, they have my cell phone number. They can call and they can text. I can get back to them in an hour. I can get back to them by the end of the day. We only put these parameters on ourselves to be always on. It’s hard in the social space and this quick-moving space but we have to put those boundaries up. It’s tough.

Thank you so much for sharing such amazing advice. We loved having you and you’re welcome back anytime. I know people will take so many words of wisdom away from all of the amazing things that you’ve shared with us.

Thank you, ladies. I appreciate it.

Thank you so much for being a friend of the brand from the beginning. I appreciate, adore, and love you. I’m excited for you, your engagement, and your new position. You’re living your best and looking your best. I’m proud of you.

Thank you, guys, so much. Hopefully, we’ll see each other in person soon. I can’t wait.

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