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Episode 2: Beauty Warrior: The Motivation To Radiate With Adamme Sosa


It’s hard to get motivated to follow your dreams, and to stay motivated after accomplishing your goals. The beauty industry’s hype man and creator of Beauty Warrior, Adamme Sosa joins Breanna and Karen to talk about what motivates him, what hurdles he has faced along the way and how he’s able to captivate audiences with his radiant energy and blinding light. Adamme is known for being many things, including a makeup artist and aesthetician, a professional educator and the “Ryan Seacrest of the Beauty Industry.” Adamme has felt like an outcast before, but rather than let himself get defeated by it, he instead learn to embrace how unique and special he really is, and now uses his infectious energy and contagious personality to light up the lives of others at events and through his social media platforms. In this conversation, Breanna and Karen explore how Adamme’s spirituality guides his career decisions, what goals he wants to accomplish next and how he was able to gain confidence after not feeling like he fit in amongst his peers. It’s a powerful episode that you don’t want to miss!

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Beauty Warrior: The Motivation To Radiate With Adamme Sosa

Special Guest Adamme Sosa Provides Insight Into How He’s Able To Be A Shining Light And Make A Positive Impact On The Industry

We are bringing you food for thought and inspiration for your soul. In our episode, we have the amazing Adamme Artistry. For anyone who doesn’t know, he is everyone’s favorite beauty emcee like the original, the only one doing it, the Ryan Seacrest of the beauty industry, a global award-winning makeup artist, a brow artist, a cosmetologist. You name it. 

A friend for everybody. 

Our beauty warrior too. 

We’re excited. We’ve known Adamme for many years from being in the event space. I’ve known him for probably about six years. He’s known for his over-the-top feathers, hair and makeup at the shows. Usually he has a line of a hundred people following him through like the Pied Piper of the biggest event centers in our industry. He gets the crowds going. He gets people going. He is so supportive for brands and influencers. We’ve had the pleasure of working with him for a couple of years. We’re excited to bring him on our show. 

He’s such a special, unique soul. There’s no one like Adamme. You get that positive vibe whenever he’s around. As soon as you read this conversation that we had with him, you’ll know more about how he’s able to stay positive in a space that is filled with quite a lot of negativity, and how he’s navigated different challenges in his career. Everything from being bullied, feeling an outcast, feeling different, and not able to fully assimilating, to embracing that and feeling comfortable in his own skin. 

He’s so sweet and we love his mama, and all of his contact with his mom. She makes a surprise guest with us. 

Something a little supernatural happens too. You don’t want to miss this. You guys want to keep reading. Enjoy the episode. 

Adamme, we’re excited to have you. Your energy is infectious. Your smile, your laugh, your personality is contagious. That’s why we love you. You are the original beauty emcee and the Ryan Seacrest of the beauty industry. We want everyone to know how special and amazing you are. We’re excited to have you share your story. How has 2021 been treating you so far?  

January for me has been a month of mental health and self-care because we’re in the social media industry and we give so much of ourselves. I know it’s a bad business move, but it’s such a healthy self-care move for me. Every January for the past few years, I’ve decided to completely go MIA and give myself the first month of the year to take care of me, and not have to focus on what caption I have to put out there, what selfie and what makeup look, or what hosting gig I’m doing. For me, January 2021 has been a little bit of that. I’ve been able to take care of mama.

You guys know my Mama Helen. She’s like a celebrity on my social media. People love her. Mama Helen, I wanted to pour into her, especially she’s getting off of holiday. There was so much I was selling and I can’t wait until we talk about that. We did the bathroom floors and we did the paint on the walls in the kitchen. We did the kitchen floors. I have been doing a couple of peekaboos and jumping online, and doing some live videos, but it is less. People are like, “What’s going on? Where are you?” Usually I do a post that 31 days in January where I’m like, “I’ll be back on February 1st, everybody.” It’s been a nice balance of being engaging on social media and yet completely turning everything off, focusing on personal stuff, mom, the house, and stuff like that.

You can’t negate the severity of what’s going on in the world, but you can be the light that brings goodness to the craziness.

I’m that person in the new year too. I like to clean the house, get rid of a lot of clutter, redo some spaces. I redid my office set up because it changes your mindset too.  

I am that person that’s a bit of an organized mess or chaotic organized mess. For everyone else they’ll be like, “What the heck?” I’m like, “I know where everything is up in here, you all. Don’t you try.”

You have new year’s resolutions. You guys are fixing things around your house. I’m barely just trying to survive. I feel like I’m literally in the deep end and trying to stay afloat.  

I gave you guys so much credit, Breanna and Karen, especially when I see more of your social, Brea. That’s why I say sometimes it’s not the best for business because you’re a businesswoman and the show must go on. You have to keep driving that business. I am very excited because it allows me to be in a creative mode right now. I’m handling self-stuff. When you’re an entrepreneur, you never stopped. We’re always creating something. We’re working on some lashes, which is good.

Before we move forward, I want to say a huge shout-out to all of our first responders. I start praying, sorry guys. I close my eyes. I always say in my live videos, “God, bless everyone.” This is my fast way to get everyone in there. Every single person has been directly or indirectly affected by the pandemic, by COVID-19. If you lost a loved one, if you are battling and you have COVID-19, or if anybody for anything whether it’s been a bad diagnosis or bad news, I just lift you up in prayer and give you nothing but good, positive vibes. Know that we send all of our good energy, our prayers and our positive thoughts to every single one of you. At the same time, we have to keep marching forward. That’s why we try to bring that positivity. It’s not to negate the severity of what’s going on in the world, but it’s to be a bright light and to shine. Let’s try to bring some goodness to all the craziness and some of the darkness that’s going on. That’s why we focused on organizing our bedrooms and doing our floors.

You’re such an inspiration. I want to know who inspires you?  

Thank you for saying that. That’s one of the most beautiful things that you could say to anyone. I feel very honored that I would be in a position where someone would see me in that light. I am inspired by my mama. Sometimes I look at Oprah. I love Oprah. I’ve watched her since I was a kid. She’s a huge professional inspiration. She used her life as a reporter to bring information to the masses and hopefully, mostly positive way, sometimes controversial. That would be my professional like, “Oprah and Ryan Seacrest, yes.”

Mama bear for being the warrior, being the original OG warrior. She’s been married a few times and all of her husbands have passed except for my dad. I laugh because I’m like, “See, mom, you guys probably were supposed to be together.” I’m teasing. Through all the sadness, through all the heartache, the woman just keeps going. She’s my rock and I’m her rock. Those are my inspirations and then my friends. They say you should surround yourself with those who you would like to be. Knowing that you girls are my friends and my representation, you guys inspire me. I see you nonstop works through an era, through a moment in history where the world’s been shut down. It’s you guys, it’s my friends, it’s my colleagues. We inspire each other. I have to say there have been a couple of Negative Nellies that I’ve had to release too.

I always say, “I’m in your life to make it better.” I hope that you’re in my life to make it better. The moment that I feel like I’m dragging you down, or you might be a weight on me, let’s try to learn to release each other with love so that it doesn’t become toxic or reposition. I call it the filing system where you go, “We’ve come this far together. Now I have to file this somewhere. I don’t have to let you go completely, but I have to file you and position you correctly so that we’re not hurting each other.”

We can relate because we’ve had a couple of moments like that, especially in quarantine. I was even joking about how I feel like I found my voice finally. My throat chakra opened up. I was able to be a lot more assertive. You and Karen both know that’s hard for me to be so direct because I am such a people pleaser. I am for everybody else. I want to fix everything and make everybody happy. Sometimes you have to protect your energy. You have to do things for yourself sometimes. I haven’t had that in over a decade or maybe even ever. It’s been refreshing and I love that you can speak and relate to that. Speaking of work, it has been a blessing to be in this digital space. 

What a lot of our readers probably don’t know is that Adamme is more of a unique client and an influencer of ours. He is a major host. He hosts the most major events in the beauty space. The fact that those events went away in 2021 and 2020, it has been very difficult because we haven’t been able to book Adamme out the way that we are used to booking him out. I want to know from your perspective, I know that this is hitting even estheticians, other hairstylists, nail technicians, and everybody in the beauty space, and cosmetologists. How have you dealt with this and what are your thoughts about how things are coming or going to be this 2021?  

AFB 2 | Beauty Warrior

Beauty Warrior: We’ve got to stand our ground and create healthy boundaries so that we can all march forward.


First of all, congratulations on finding your voice. Being a people pleaser is something that lives in us. I identify. I love the word you used. You said you found your assertiveness. Sometimes there’s a fine line between thinking that we’re being a bitch or being rude. It’s assertiveness versus being rude or people are seeing you as being inconsiderate. We’ve got to stand our ground and create healthy safety boundaries so that we can all march forward. We’re all learning to be that more and more.

As far as a pandemic, I call it pandemic, we call it the shutdown, the quarantine. There are many different terms for the darn thing, but during this time, all convention stopped. I’ll tell you a brief story. 2018 was a bit rough for me mentally and spiritually. I was going through some spiritual breakthroughs. It was in 2018 that I disconnected from social media and needed to dig deep inside and lift myself up. The world is heavy before the pandemic. With the pandemic, it was quite a shell shock, but in 2019, I was building myself up. I call it the metamorphosis. We all go through these moments at one time in our life.

2020 was the year of clarity, I was calling it. It was my clear vision. Oprah was on a tour called the 2020 Vision Tour. Everybody was so excited about 2020. We knew it was going to be our year. You had been plugging me in with new shows that I won’t discuss because I’m sure other things are going on, but there were new shows that we were going to work on. I was booked to travel again in New York, LA, San Diego and Midwest. How fun, we were going to rock and roll for 2020.

We had heard about the Coronavirus. It was time for me to host at the Javits Center in Manhattan, which is one of the largest shows to kick off the year. It’s called the International Beauty Show, which changed to The Beauty Experience in 2020. They had a new makeup stage, I was hosting it and I had BoxyCharm sponsors. It was going to be so grand. We were going to have this huge stage on a hair show. Our makeup shows are separate. We’re going to have a huge makeup stage. It is going to be this big moment. I flew into New York and the morning I arrived, I get a phone call and they’re like, “Adamme, please don’t take your flight.” I’m like, “I’m already here. What do you mean don’t take your flight?” The governor shut down the City of New York.

Brea and Karen, you know how much money goes into producing these trade shows, these beauty conventions. It’s millions and millions of dollars of people traveling from all over the world to set up their booths, get their staff in town, their product and their freight. It was like, “I’m already in New York. What do I do?” Pinky Rose Cosmetics, those are my Latina sister girls. They were in Times Square celebrating one of their pallet launches and they were being featured on the Marquee. I went down there and did my hype man thing that you guys know I do. I thought, “This is going to be great.”

I had a choice to get right back on an airplane and come home. I ended up staying in New York, but when I got home, I did not realize that that was it. There would be no more beauty conventions. That was going to be the last moment that I would get to experience. I thought, “What am I going to do?” To make a long story short, after getting home from that fiasco in New York, we realized that there were no concerts. There were no churches gathering. There were no congregations of any groups gathering. That’s my gig. I met all the conventions and it pays me a significant amount. It’s what I built my life around.

I missed it desperately and found myself extremely in a position where I was living off of my savings. I was like, “We’re going to do this.” 1st month, 2nd month, 3rd month goes by and you’re like, “How long do I have to do this?” Because we’re self-employed, we don’t get access immediately to unemployment benefits. It was a new thing. I thought I had been responsible enough to have a good 3 to 4 months’ supply of financials to the side. This is now going over and beyond. I’m out of work. The salons are closed. I’m not doing eyebrows.

I came home sick with a flu. They said it was just flu. I hope it wasn’t that. It did feel like hell and I got my car broken into. My car was vandalized because then we had the Black Lives Matter movement and people were acting up. I have a Toyota Prius. I do environmental protection. I’m trying to be green. They stole my catalytic converter, which is a $3,000 fix. I’m trying to be positive. I’m trying to be the beauty warrior. I’m a self-proclaimed beauty warrior. I’m doing my Zumba in the garage. I’m trying to keep my mind and my friends, and all my supporters uplifted and my car gets vandalized. I am now at my wit’s end because $3,000 is a punch to the gut when you are not in a position financially to be dropping $3,000 for no reason.

My friends were like, “Just do a GoFundMe.” I was like, “I don’t feel like asking for a GoFundMe. I feel like I need to give something back.” What I did was, we get lots of products. I hold these products and cherish them like gold. We’re product hoarders. I thought to myself, “I’m going to release these, and I will do an auction.” What I did was an auction to raise money by giving my Joico products or IT Cosmetics, and whatever things that I had from my vault if you will. People were so generous. They were bidding. To me, that was my way of trying to give something back and receiving their blessings.

It wasn’t just product. It was beauty lessons. You offered several things like customized shout-outs and tips. It was practical information too.  

I want to say thank you to Brea. I don’t mean to be but we can be prideful and we want to be stand-up independent individuals. I didn’t want to seem like I was asking for free handouts from people. Breanna, you were one of the very few, and I don’t want to gloat or toot my own horn, but I’m pretty well known. I’ve been in the industry for a long time. There were few people who decided to reach out, and you gave a significant donation towards assisting me. $200 is a lot of money. I want to say, thank you again, from the bottom of my heart. It meant a lot. You said, “It’s not much, but I want to be able to help you, brother.” I was like, “I love her. Thank you.” I get emotional because as I said, I am known by many brands. I have represented many brands that are making millions.

One of the best things you can do is show up for people.

I want to say thank you because during a time where I was financially in a bad position, you came to give of yourself and show up. That’s one of the things that I try to do for people. When it’s done for me, it touches my heart and gets me emotional. It was told once in my life. One of the best things you can do is show up for people. If it’s the graduation, if it’s a little kindergarten promotion, whatever. Whether it’s grand or small, when you show up for people, it’s like, “Man.” I try to show up for people. When you showed up for me, it meant a lot. My point is that not a lot of industry people did. It touches my heart and it made me feel very supported and valued. I love you and I respect you for that. Thank you publicly.

We always want you to feel like you’re a part of the team because it’s so hard during this pandemic. I adore you on a friendship level. You’ve been there for me in times where I’ve been like, “Who can I trust?” It means a lot to me and you’re going to make me emotional. It’s something small from your team. We always want you to feel that you have a family or Ohana like we always say.  

Because of that, I was able to raise enough money to fix the car and the Beauty Warrior Tribe were like, “Are you going to be back next weekend? We want to do this again. Let’s buy stuff from you.” People are at home. They can’t shop. They’re not at the malls. They’re not going out to eat. They’re like, “What can I do to plug in?” I can’t believe that God, I’m shouting out to God, through this unfortunate circumstance created opportunity and a small business. I was like, “What?” They were like, “We want you to come back next weekend. It feels like we got to party, play and spend some money.” I ended up knocking on the door of a couple of brands that I know the CEOs. They were able to let me buy-in on smaller quantities.

As you guys know, you have to buy a large bulk purchase. There are large bulk purchase policies before you buy-in. Some of these brands were like, “For you, Adamme, were going to do it.” I was able to invest in some products and I was selling throughout the year. It started to grow, and I go live on Facebook every Friday and Saturday. It eventually turned into a small business. Now, I have this live stream show where I sell live on camera, which is hosting. That’s my gig. I love hosting. I’m hosting from my home and it’s crazy that it turned into a small business. Now, we launched a new website. I have a website now and I would never have had this stream of income. There’s a spending stream of income. It’s a lot of work. I give you ladies credit because the camera turns off and that’s the beginning of the work, all-nighters, buying, inventory, planning, and meetings. It’s crazy, but it’s so worth it. It gives me purpose and it helps me feel valued. We have a shout-out.

Can you also talk about where the Beauty Warrior name originated? What it means to you, and then more about your tribe who’s like your family and this amazing network that you’ve created? 

I have come up with a couple of different names of my brand or my companies in the past. I started with Adamme Artistry, but I wanted something larger than myself. When I thought of creating a company or a brand, I didn’t want it to be like, “You have to make it your name because your name is what people recognize. That’s the only way that it’s going to get recognition. No one’s going to understand anything else.” I’m also going to sound a little cynical, but when I die, I don’t want it just to be my name. I want it to be something inclusive and create some form of identity for large groups of people.

I started to think about who I was as a person. We all are in the beauty industry. Beauty was a given in beauty, but beauty internal and external. It’s a mindset for me. We come in different shapes and sizes. That’s another reason I love my Editour team. You girls have created such a diverse group of individuals who bring something unique to the table in every shape, every size, in every gender, in every age. I thought, “That’s so dope. I love aligning with you.” Warrior is the second word of my branding because I feel like a damn warrior. Sometimes it’s exhausting in this world. You’ve got to be a warrior out here, folks.

It’s no joke. There are many obstacles in this life that we’re going to come up against. Whether it comes in the form of people, things, jobs, industries, or whatever it might be. We have to be warriors to be able to get up and over those moments. Beauty Warrior is something that we strive to be. My tribe, it’s like, “Let’s go with the theme.” I’m a Mexican. I have some Apache and Yaqui lineage.” You guys know I rock my feathers. The tribe is what we refer to when you’re in the heritage of the Native American-Indian culture. Building my tribe was very important because I didn’t fit in.

Is your mom how you wanted to get into the beauty industry?

One thousand percent. My mom is my inspiration. She did hair. She cut all of our haircuts. She’s glamorous. I always looked up to her. My mom and my father divorced when we were kids. We were about four years old. I thank God I have a forgiving heart. Now, my father and I have a great father and son relationship. At the time he was a pretty scary character. He was an alcoholic. When my mom had the guts to divorce him, she’s my powerful saving grace. I’ve always looked up to her because it takes guts in any day and age when the woman is the stay-at-home mom and the man is providing all of the finances.

AFB 2 | Beauty Warrior

Beauty Warrior: Treat everybody with the same kind of respect and kindness that you would want to be treated with.


Sometimes a woman doesn’t feel like she can get out. The fact that she did back in 1970 whatever, it was a big deal that she did that. We had to go on welfare and we had to do the food stamps and it wasn’t something we were very proud of because my mom came from a working middle-class family. She felt like she didn’t do well, but I always tell mom, “Mom, you did perfect.” That’s the thing that makes me feel so happy to uplift women. It’s because I saw my mom as such a strong warrior, a beauty warrior of a woman that being an artist made me feel so happy to empower. This is all about women for me. I’m a man, I wear the makeup, it’s part of the gig, but for me, it’s about empowering my beautiful women. That’s the thing that I’ve always loved about makeup artistry.

Does it empower us, men, as well? Yes, we have seen many breakthroughs even with the empowerment of men wearing makeup, like James Charles being the very first boy to be accepted as a cover model for a CoverGirl, and the list goes on and on. That’s my gig. This is how it all happened. I felt like we look like Power Rangers. One of the things I always like to say too, “We are the Power Rangers of the industry.” We wear these hats, these feathers, these lashes, and these rhinestones. People look at us like Brea, you look stunning. You’re like a full-on glam girl right now, both of you girls. To the everyday girl who doesn’t probably wear very much, we are the masters and the gurus. I always say, “Be polite. Address people with sensitivity. Show that we can do this, but we’re going to show you how to do it also.” That’s so important.

You’re a magnet because of it. You’re such a light in our industry because of that attitude. It gets radiated. Speaking of radiation, after I see you, I think I can take on the world after anybody sees it. Karen and I was talking about we adore, appreciate and love everything that you do for everybody else. How do you protect your inner light? When you come off of an event, what do you go home and do? I’ve seen you after events and we can keep it real talk. You have your full costume on, your full makeup on, and your whole thing. We just real talk and normal voicing it. What do you do to unwind?  

Thank you for saying that I’m taking it all off. One of the things that have been a struggle for me is people seeing me as always on. That’s part of who I am, but the hat comes off, the feathers come off, the lashes come off. I almost say that’s where I’m like, “I retreat back.” People might think I’m crazy and partying, but a lot of us who are in this industry probably enjoy going back and having a sandwich and some chips, and kicking our feet up. I have to completely Zen out because I am giving so much. My spirit is from such a high frequency that I’ve learned to go ahead and dial back. Once the show is over I get to take it down and relax. The struggle has been people sometimes question my authenticity because they’re like, “Which one is he? Is he always the crazy hype man guy? Is he chill?”

One thing I always am though, and this is something that I hold deep in my heart, is be kind to all. Whether I’m on and someone’s like, “Can I take a picture?” I’m like, “I’m so honored that you would want to take a picture with me.” I’m not like my friends, like Kandee Johnson and all these. They’ve got millions of followers. I’m exhausted by hosting, screaming and hyping up the grounds. I will still be kind to that individual and say either, “Let’s take the picture,” or I’ll say, “Babe, I’m so sorry. I’m on my way to break. Can we try and get it back.” Treat everybody with the type of respect and kindness that you would want to be treated with. That’s something consistent, whether I’m high energy or if I’m completely looking like a hot trashy mess. You all know what we look like before the glam day. That is something that I pride myself on. If we’re giving a leadership platform, then please treat everybody with the kindness and the respect that they deserve. I treat it with honor.

I’m shocked that anyone would question your authenticity. Clearly, they haven’t been in a position where they have to be on because it is exhausting. We were like, just coming down from an award show and hosting a red carpet must be like days of needing to shut up, and try to decompress, and get your energy back. Anyone who has seen you in your element, it’s the next level.

You get crowds going, you get hundreds of people going, we’re all doing the freaking wave by the end of the day, “What’s happening. I’m such a fangirl. I’m your puppet.”   

I thank you for seeing that in me and for recognizing that it is something that is a gift and a talent. You can’t just put anybody up there and think that they can get that crowd going. That’s such a blessing. My dream was to do Broadway. Because Broadway didn’t happen and the makeup world did happen, I have this theatrical background of singing, dancing, and acting, and then I’ve got the artistry background and my cosmetology license. When you put those two together and the fact that I love Oprah, the way she interviews, and Ryan Seacrest on the red carpets. I put all of those influences and those experiences together. That’s how you get my crazy butt.

Not so crazy because you’re also so professional. You come to these pink carpets and you come to these events with knowledge of who you’re going to interview. You know exactly what you’re going to say. You do background research. You do the most of it. When everybody else was going to sleep after the AIA Awards, you posted 120 stories afterward. You are on fire. You go over and beyond. Your craziness and you’re over the top, but you know exactly what you’re doing. It takes a top professional to do what you do.

I’m glad you mentioned that because it took years to finally get the respect that you girls give me. I love my ladies. Because I wear the bells and the whistles and that’s part of my image, that’s my Power Ranger, my Beauty Warrior image, it was extremely important for me to be articulate, educated and smart in my vocabulary and my questions that I’m asking on the red carpet. I had a team and I want to thank you again for letting me have them. It was a curveball, but you girls let me have my two boys. I brought them in because they’re younger. I knew that they would know some of the younger talents that I didn’t know.

I was glad. Do you know that scene in The Devil Wears Prada, where she brings her assistant to the gala? She’s like, “You have to know who everybody is.” She would whisper in her ear, “That’s so-and-so and this is their track record.” The boys were helping me out that way. This beautiful, gorgeous girl coming up in a gown and I’m like, “I don’t recognize her.” I’d walk up to the boys and they’d be like, “That’s Lisa so-and-so. She has a million followers. She did a collab with…” I’d walk over to her. Thank you for recognizing that there’s intellectual strategy behind all of the craziness.

The way to make it through the obstacles is to just keep moving.

It’s operational for you to even take the step of like, “I need two assistants.” Making sure, especially the months leading up to the show, to get a hold of somebody. It’s hard for anybody. I admit it but you’re on it. You’re like, “Brea, we need these guys.” I’m like, “Yes.” It all came together and it’s because you knew this is going to benefit the entire show. 

You fought to put me on the carpet. Here’s a little backstory. There was a little glitch and accidentally they did not realize I was supposed to be in the carpet. There was a little glitch in production. You and Karen both were like, “Let’s go out.” There’s fire that is going off all over the place and you guys are trying to turn out all the fires. I’m getting goosebumps, chills because you took care of me and you made sure. It was important for me. I traveled all that way and were on the Pink Carpet. It was super important for me to make sure that I wasn’t on the outside of the barricades with everyone else. I was part of our production and you made it happen. That’s what I think you girls do. That should be your slogan like, “We make it happen.”

We know what you bring to the table and we want the entire world to know what you bring to the table too. Where can our followers follow you?  

You can follow me on my Instagram, which is @AdammeArtistry and everything’s @AdammeArtistry on YouTube and Facebook. You can find me on all those platforms. Mom is my best friend. She’s my rock. I’m trying to do a YouTube series of us cooking. We’ve been doing these fun cooking things. I might have some fun YouTube stuff. I’m actually on a TV show now. I want to plug that it’s on the NBC sister cable network called Localish. It’s regional, but you’ve got to look it up. I don’t know. It’s on different TV channels, but it originally started as producers were looking for talent to discuss what they were doing during the shutdown in America to keep themselves going. They found me on TikTok doing some Zumba dance things because I do a little dance stuff. The boy does a little bit of everything. I was in the garage doing some of those TikTok dances and stuff. They reached out to me and it turned into a beauty segment.

It seems like the quarantine has benefited you in a lot of ways. It brought out some of these talents, like on your live Zoom parties and your Facebook Lives that I’m glad people are recognizing.  

That’s the warrior part of the beauty warrior in us. We all have to find the saying, “When life gives you lemons make lemonade.” How do we warrior through these obstacles? For me, it was like, “Try to keep moving, just keep moving.” My friend, David Hernandez is a huge educator in the industry and has worked as a Make Up For Ever professional in Paris for years. Now, he’s the official educator for Frends Beauty. He goes, “You know what I love about you, Adamme.” I was like, “I love you. Are you going to give me some kudos?” He was like, “You keep going. It doesn’t matter if you’re in your house.” This wasn’t something that I was super proud of.

To be honest, I was like, “What am I doing? People are going to make fun of or think this is a joke.” I did. I got a lot of naysayers but I’ve gotten more positive out of continuing to keep on going than the naysayers. Karen, thank you for recognizing that in me. I recognize that in each of you. I’m so proud to see Editour as a company continuing to thrive. I’ve watched as the team has grown. You’ve added some team members. I saw you elevate to a large working space. I saw that there was a warehouse that came into play over the past year. We see each other.

I love too how you make mental health an important topic of discussion in your social. Even earlier, you briefly touched upon like, “I don’t fit in,” or you didn’t feel like you fit in. I want to know, when you feel like that, how do you get through those times, and still be such a positive light on your social media channels?  

Mental health let’s talk about it because it’s so okay to talk about the fact that we’re feeling down, depressed, emotional, or we’ve gained weight. Some of us have lost weight. We try to be our best self and live our best lives. It plays a number. It does a game in our mental health and it’s okay whatever it is that you need to do. For me, it’s thank God, mama came in and it’s our Christian faith. We’re able to pray. I do some grounding work as well. If you guys have never tried grounding, I’ve got to shout it out. Prayer first and then grounding. Grounding is where you take your bare feet and touch grass, earth or dirt. You can touch a tree. They used to make fun of people hugging trees like the hippies, but there’s scientific proof that it can calm you down. It takes your Zen down.

When you asked me, what do I do in these moments where I don’t fit in? What do I do in these moments where I feel like the world is crumbling around me and I’m not okay, mentally or spiritually? I pray. I ground. I read scripture. I watch people who are motivational speakers. I try to only infuse those kinds of messages into my brain. As I said and I love that you said this, Brea, learning to have your voice, learning to create your safety, healthy boundaries. It can sometimes come from your inner circle. You don’t even realize that you’re like, “How is this coming?” As I always say, “I mean you like to make it better. If we’re starting to weigh each other down, let’s release each other with love.”

AFB 2 | Beauty Warrior

Beauty Warrior: There is intellectual strategy behind all the craziness in the beauty industry.


Those are some of my techniques and positive affirmations are so important. Making sure I say, “I am whole, I am healthy, I know who I am as a person.” Even when the naysayers say, “You’re so-and-so,” or they think this or whatever. Negate those things. If the monies and the finances aren’t happening, “Those things will come.” Being in a constant state of gratitude and saying, “I’m grateful, the little I have and all the other things that are coming, I’ll be grateful for when they arrive.” That’s what I do.

Do you manifest too?

I’m learning too. I’ve been on this journey of like, “Yes, stop it, Adamme.”

I know it’s so hard to cut out “no” and words like “I’m sorry” from your vocabulary. I’ll randomly apologize throughout the day for no reason and it’s like, “Just stop. I have no reason to be apologizing right now.” 

We’re good people. That’s the thing that’s like, “Do you manifest?” Yes, I’m learning to do it and accept. Sometimes I’m like, “Oh, shit.” Here’s what I did manifest, which is not a good situation. I have a chip in my tooth. There’s a chip in my front tooth. I had just visualized chipping my tooth because I did chip it on a microphone once. I went to my microphone and I was like, “I hope that doesn’t happen.” Manifesting continued success. The ability to keep moving forward in life is through prayer and meditation. Can I ask you, do you manifest?

I was going to you that as well, Karen. 

I started writing down some daily goals. When you put it like pen to paper, it makes it a truth. It puts it out into the world like, “This is going to happen.” I’m trying to do that more. I’m being more conscious about saying out loud exactly what I want. Also, it’s important to reassess your goals. You were talking about how you wanted to be on Broadway. For us, we came from a publishing background. We wanted to be magazine publishers but the world changes. It’s fine if your goals change all the time too. They should. You’re constantly evolving. Why would I want the same thing that I wanted years ago? It’s okay to change my opinion and my mind on things too.  

I’m so content with where God has placed me. I have a friend who’s on the verge of becoming this big recording artist and I’m so proud of her. I love being a cheerleader, even in my shortcomings but now, I’m right where I’m supposed to be. I can still cheer you on in your winnings. That’s who I am. I pride myself on that. Some people can feel like, “I’m being left behind, your dreams are coming true.” Do I want to rise? Of course, we all want to rise, but I’m okay. Everyone is on their own journey. Everyone is on their own path. I love that you said, “We’re constantly evolving and we’re constantly changing.” That is so awesome. It’s a celebration of love.

I love that you put pen to paper on your manifestations. I need to do something similar to that. 

I need to do that.

It totally makes it concrete. This is going to happen for sure because it’s written down. 

Life is a masterclass.

With me, it’s before I go to sleep at night or in the morning where I’m having quiet time in my head to God. I hope He hears this because I’m not saying like, “Dear God.” I’m just talking to Him. I need something tangible too. I want to start writing more and get back to that when it comes to manifesting. That’s important.  

Adamme, you mentioned that you’re a very spiritual person. How does that play into what you do, your work, your social? Do you weave it into pretty much everything that you do?  

I do. Being born and raised into a Christian family, I left because I am an alternative person in any case, whether it’s gay or a man in makeup or straight, whatever. I’m different. It took me a long time to try to find my spiritual connection because there are many rules in religion sometimes that you feel like, “I don’t align with it.” I’ve tried Buddhism, Hinduism, astrology, power of manifestation through connecting to source energy. I’ve tried new age, I’ve tried witchcraft. I tried them all and I found my way back to Jesus Christ, that is my center for me. I don’t judge anyone else who has another spiritual belief system.

I just know that at the base of it all, we come to a place where we say, “I want the best for you. I want love for you.” I don’t come from hate and I don’t come from envy. Sometimes I do admire, but I’m very careful in the thought process and the word choices that I try to use. I’m a human, I make mistakes all the time. I take ownership for the wrongdoings or the pains that I’ve caused people. I try to make amends and apologize. I weave my spirituality through love into all that I do. I think it’s because I’m old. I’ve been through so much that I know that I just want to love.

That’s it. Can we just try to find a common denominator? Even people who you don’t vibe with and you’re like, “I’m going to break you. I’m going to find something that I love about you.” I bet you you’ve been hurt by many people that it’s hard for you to open up, and you’re holding this something. I’m like, “I’m going to break you with love.” That’s my goal, which is cheesy. That’s why some people are like, “Here he goes.” I hate watching myself. It’s very difficult to watch myself. I speak from my heart. To answer your question, spirituality is a big part of my existence. It’s important for me to weave it through everything as you said. Oprah Winfrey says that she interviews all of her employees. If they don’t have a faith or spiritual system that they believe in, whatever it may be, if they say, “No, I don’t believe in anything.” That’s it. She doesn’t hire them. It’s a moral compass if you will.

She’s the queen of manifestation and the queen in general. We have to wrap up pretty soon here, but you had mentioned that you don’t like watching yourself. I want to talk about that because that’s been something I’ve been dealing with as well. I still don’t like watching myself either. We would do cool projects and videos where I’m like, “I don’t even want to see myself.” One of my girlfriend’s weddings, I’m the maid of honor. I don’t want to see the video of me doing the speech that I worked tirelessly on. I wanted to talk to you a little bit about that. What is that for you?  

I need to work on that, and I need to give the love to myself that I’m exuding for everyone else even more. I’m working on that. I’m a work in progress. I’m working on loving my side. That’s so crazy because I spoke about loving the whole world and trying to be good. We’ve got to learn to accept ourselves. It’s not just the way I look. It’s my voice, the tone of it. I don’t know if you guys have ever seen the movie Beaches. It’s one of my favorite movies. My friends give me a hard time. They’re like, “He’s going to do it. He’s being CC Bloom.” That was Bette Midler in the movie. She’s always desperately seeking the center of attention and being in the center. There’s a little bit of I’m trying to just be me. I don’t want to be the performer that everyone always sees, but sometimes there’s that little voice that says, “Are you performing?” I’m not. It’s part of me.

Learning to take all those negative little voices out of your head that you’re not good enough or you’re performing or like, “CC Bloom, here you go again,” all these things. You’re like, “Bro, it’s okay. You’re loved. It’s okay that the lights are on you. There’s nothing wrong with that.” Believe it or not, as much as I want to be in the center of the light, there’s a part of me that feels probably unworthy. That’s so crazy. At the same time, I’m constantly speaking life into people who feel that way. We also have to remember to speak life into ourselves. That’s us 2021. Let’s keep it moving. Let’s keep going.

There’s an element that everyone deals with on a superficial level. You’re like, “I hate my voice,” or “I don’t look cute.” There’s also a deeper level if you’re like, “I can’t watch myself on video and I hate how I look. I’m disgusted with myself.” That’s so unhealthy for you. When you say that in your mind, you’re saying it to yourself and your consciousness. It’s affecting who you are and how you portray yourself into the world. It’s good that you recognize that’s bad and that’s something that you want to work on because everyone’s dealing with that to some extent. It’s true. You have to treat yourself as nicely as you treat other people. We are our worst enemies and our biggest critics.

AFB 2 | Beauty Warrior

Beauty Warrior: There is intellectual strategy behind all the craziness in the beauty industry.


It’s insane because I’ve done that for many years.

It’s hard to unlearn that behavior if you’re beating yourself up for decades. 

We’re in the social media industry where we’ve got to look good. We’re getting the right angle and making sure our jawline is good in photos. I’m very proud to be alive. You are my baby sisters, even though you’re like my big sisters. There’s young energy that I still have and that I bring. At the same time, there’s a lot of pressure to look young, beautiful, skinny, perfect, this and that. Even though I feel I want to represent, I feel a space and want to represent this. This is my vessel.

I want to feel the space and use it in a way that is representing not only myself, my culture, my people. It’s like, “He’s doing it.” I’ve had a couple of fuller figured guys who are in makeup who said, “Because you’re out there, it makes me feel like I can do it.” Even like Lizzo with the body positivity image. She’s a fuller figured girl and she’s out there representing, but I watched her documentary and she says, “There’s a part of me that feels still insecure about my body or my size or what space I’m feeling up while I’m there.” As Karen says, “We’re all dealing with it to some degree.” Trying to find that self-worthiness and self-value. I’m going to watch this interview.

We have a lot of different places where this will be available. It’s great that you’re sharing this. You can relate because we are in this beauty industry. We’re at these events and we’re surrounded by perfection. Even if people are filling this in another industry, it might not be as dramatic as being in the beauty industry because this is what you’re seeing on a day-to-day basis. This is what I was seeing on a day-to-day basis. I’m being raised in my 20s to now I’m 31 around these perfect-looking individuals.  

I feel it’s more magnified and intense that way. What has been insane is that I’ve been able to compartmentalize my personal feelings about that and work. It does not translate in work that I have these issues. At work, I’m the number one cheerleader. I’m Karen’s number one cheerleader and I’m your number one cheerleader. That’s genuinely how I am, and I can be so confident in myself because of that. I have gotten to know that I need to start getting to know myself a little bit more because work is not my only identity. That’s not my only gig. That’s what I became. It’s important to continue to talk about this. 

I love that and I 100% agree with everything you said. I love that we’re embracing our age.

Not only work is your only identity. It’s not your main identity either. What you do is not who you are. If you’re so passionate about your work, it is hard to separate those two.  

That’s my life, it’s a masterclass. We’re constantly learning. We’re constantly evolving. I thank you for feeding and speaking into my life. I’ve been here for ten-plus years longer than you on planet Earth. I’m still learning from you. Hopefully, you learn from me a little something that I can give and give back to you. At the end of the day, we’re all trying to rise together. One of my sayings is, “Rise above it, soar like an eagle.” Whatever that is in your life, remember to rise above it and soar like an eagle because the eagle soars above the storm. Whatever that is in your life, whatever is going on, try your best to rise above it. It’s easier said than done, but it’s worked. That’s what we’re all trying to do. Karen, you’re so poised. I have to ask you quickly. Were you ever in journalism or communications or anything like that?

We both majored in Journalism. We have magazine publishing backgrounds, hence our name Editour. That was my major in college. I did briefly think about doing broadcast journalism, but it was that thing of, “I don’t see myself being on air. I’m not the on-air talent type.” I like to get my video out. That’s how I am able to express myself the best more so than speaking.

I see that from both of you. You guys are partners. It’s so interesting to see the different energies that you bring.

Whatever you’re going through in life, try to rise above it like the eagle soars above the storm.

It’s like a yin and yang. Brea is more extroverted, life of the party type of person. I’m just more introverted. It takes a little bit of time to crack that shell. Once you do, I’m an open book.

You play some hip hop and we’re on the same level in five seconds. That’s it.  

We’re going to do our Powwow Beauty Warrior workout one day. Speaking of which, we’re talking about it next time, but that’s a separate situation.

What’s coming up for you?

I remember we were discussing briefly a potential moment in November.

You can talk about that.

Everyone’s always trying to reset and get their life together and lose weight. When you have a goal, and you have something that you’re going to host or you’re going to be part of, whether it’s a wedding, don’t give a, “I have a wedding this summer or this spring. I’ve got to try to get into the mode.” Summertime, who doesn’t want to be in a bikini or take their shirt off or whatever it might be. We try to get into shape for that. I got until November. That’s a lot. November, Breanna, you’ve mentioned that there’s some retreat. I don’t know all the details but I’m like, “Sign me up. Let’s do it.” I’m going to hopefully do some stage hype men work for you and some shake a tail feather with you on stage, which will be fun.

We’re excited. Our company is teaming up to create another retreat experience. It’s going to be in the weight loss community in November 11th through the 14th at Paradise Point Resort & Spa in San Diego. We’re excited to have you as a hype man host and doing a Zumba class, and immersing you in that community. There’s so much more than just beauty. I love that our company is branching out into other different realms.  

Beauty comes from many different angles, and health and fitness are part of that, mental, spiritual and physical health in beauty. That’s beautiful. That is so part of me. My 15 Seconds of Fame in America was originally on a dance weight loss TV show where I lost 115 pounds in 3.5 months. All diet and exercise. It was a team from the Oxygen cable network, which you know off. That’s a large part of my following. I wanted to plug that that’s a passion of mine. That’s also part of our beauty connection, and our movement. I’m excited about that. I’m going to close by saying, I love you. Thank you for seeing me. I see you. Thank you for holding me up in moments where I’m down and I hope that I hold you up. You say that you can trust me when I’m on a carpet or I’m interviewing. You feel very trusting that I’m going to represent you with professionalism and with the utmost respect. Thank you for seeing me that way.

We love you and thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your journey. I’m so excited for what’s to come and for working more with you. You spread your light to more people because it’s coming. 

I feel like I know you even that much more now, which is amazing. We appreciate how candid, open and honest you always are.  

I love you, Editour team. Until next time, energy and love.

Thank you so much.

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