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Episode 3: Artistry: Inspiring People As A Make-Up Artist With Jazmina Daniel

AFB 3 | Make Up Artist


At its most powerful, art can connect people in the most meaningful and engaging ways, touching our emotions and beliefs. Jazmina Daniel understands this well, and so she brings individuals together through her work as a professional make-up artist. She joins Breanna and Karen to share how being an online influencer impacting a huge number of people on the internet allowed her to cope with anxiety and depression, especially in the time of the pandemic. Jazmina also explains how her love for make-up contributed to overcoming the major challenges in her life, from the separation of her parents, fighting a brain tumor, and dealing with negative feedback from toxic social media users.

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Artistry: Inspiring People As A Make-Up Artist With Jazmina Daniel

@missjazminad Joins Us Today To Talk About The Incredible Obstacles She’s Overcome And Where Her Passion For Art All Stems From

In this episode, we are so excited to have one of our very own Editour influencers, Ms. Jazmina D. Jazmina Daniel is joining us now in the house.

This is exciting, huge news not just because our show is brand new, but we would be honored and thrilled at any point in our career to even speak and let alone work with Jazmina. You guys know her iconic lips. You can see that piercing from a mile away. Her gorgeous lip art is iconic. We’re so thrilled to have her on our show.

She’s worked with the absolute biggest brands. She’s done national campaigns. She has probably the most famous lips on Instagram and she has a heart of solid gold. She is originally from Australia and moved to the US a few years ago. Now, she’s living on the West Coast. I’m so excited for you guys to get to know her and her story, because I feel like there’s such a huge side of Jazmina that you guys haven’t seen. I love that we’re talking about it on the show.

She’s such a special soul and so calming and soothing to be around. In this episode, she opens up about some incredibly hard struggles that she had to deal with at such a young age. I don’t want to spoil anything because it’s amazing hearing her side of the story from her own words. For anyone going through it now, this episode is inspirational and talking about different setbacks, whether it’s health or people not believing in you. You’ll find a lot of inspiration from her words.

We’re excited for you guys to get to know her a little bit more. There will be tears, so get your tissues.

Get those tissues ready.

We are so thrilled to have Ms. Jazmina in the house. Everyone knows you for your lip art creations and your over-the-top next-level cosplays. You’re such an inspiration to many people in the industry. We’re going to talk about all things artistry, what inspired you, how you got into the beauty industry, and where you see yourself going next.

Thank you so much for having me on. I’m excited. This is my first episode, so let’s do this.

You have a voice for podcasts. I just want to go to sleep and your voice is relaxing.

You know what it’s like when you always hear your own voice that you cringe? You are like, “No, I don’t want to hear it.”

Everyone hates their own voice. Do you feel that way about your own voice?

Yes. If I have to record something with my voice, I am like, “Let me do it again.”

Everyone loves your Australian accent. Honestly, I’m jealous.

It’s not that I’ve lost it a bit. Five years ago, I sounded way more Australian than now. I catch myself saying words that are Americanized instead of Aussie, Karla would be like, “Call someone from Australia. You need to call someone because you’re going to lose your accent.” I was like, “No.”

You’ve been in the US for how many years now?

I’m moved officially at the end of 2016 and I have not been back to Australia yet, which is too long. In 2020, we said, “At the beginning of the year, let’s start putting towards to go to Australia for a nice decent trip,” and then COVID hit. I was like, “No. What are we going to do?” It’s still going on. I said to Karla, “When this settles, we have to go over to Australia.”

I remember when your dad visited and you would post a lot about that. Is he the only one that’s been able to come out here?

My mom has visited probably every year since I’ve been living here, which has been nice because I get homesick. My best friends come a few times from Australia with my mom or my cousin. That was the first time my dad came over and I hadn’t seen him in six years even before that. It was nice. It feels good having someone from home, even though LA has become my home now, but it’s never the same.

Always be authentic with what you share and focus on the things you love and are passionate about.

What made you decide, “I’m going to move to a different country, go to LA and become an influencer?”

I can’t believe it. I was in Australia. I’ve always wanted to come to LA because I had come to LA for a trip in 2012. It’s a few days. I went to this makeup school to do a tour and I was like, “I want to come here to study,” but plans changed and life happened. I started sharing my art on Instagram. I was getting all these job offers. Since I was in Australia and they were based in Los Angeles, I couldn’t do some of the jobs. That caused a bit of frustration because they were big companies and I wanted to work with them. When they found out that I was from Australia, they were like, “We can’t for legal matters,” or “We want to do it here,” or whatever it was.

That started playing on my mind, and then I met Karla. She was from New York. It was like doing long-distance, which is hard. We’re doing that for a year and a half. She had come to Australia. During that time, my Instagram blew up. I was getting more work and then this company was like, “We want to fly you over to New York.” I was like, “Let’s do it.” I went to New York. It became a thing that, “Maybe I need to stay here since Karla is here as well.” It just fell into place.

I love that she was part of that decision.

I followed that story because I was a fan before I was a friend. I remember following that story and being so intrigued and loving that you posted. I was like, “She posted her personal life. This is exciting.” I was locked in. I’m sure all your followers are locked in to your journey of what was going to happen. It’s been amazing to see you two grow. Now, you’re over here on the West Coast together.

Karla said that she always wanted to move to California. I was like, “Let’s do it. I’m getting job offers here. You’ve always wanted to live here. At least, we get to be together and I get to do what I love.” I’m very grateful that it worked out how it did.

Are you spontaneous like that, “Let’s just move. Let’s do it?” Do you like to have all your ducks in a row?

I’ll randomly want to do something and it might be crazy and I’ll just do it. At the same time, I’m very close with my family, even with my grandparents and cousins, so leaving was difficult as well. It took probably nearly a whole year for me to be like, “I’m living here. I’m far from everyone.” It took a while, but it made the decision hard.

Has your family always been supportive of whatever you wanted to do?

Yes, very supportive. My mom is Italian, so I’ve got one side Italian. My dad is Iraqi, so I’ve got an Arab side. Usually, you tell them you want to do makeup and they were like, “That’s not going to get you money. That’s not a career.” It was always a big thing that it wasn’t a career, but I kept pushing it. My mom and dad were always supportive. I think it’s paid off.

I can totally relate to that transitional period when you are away from your family for that first year. That was probably one of my darkest times with my parents. My family moved to the Big Island of Hawaii. It was hard. I didn’t even understand it honestly, until I was in it.

You feel disconnected from something you’ve always known, people you’ve always been around and that support. When you got off, you can call them and stuff, but it’s not home.

I thought getting the house would make me feel like I have more of a home. It absolutely helped because before then, I was from apartment to apartment. I had my friends who became my family. I lived with Karen for many years and that was amazing. It didn’t ever feel home because you’re away. Your family is your home.

That’s what’s missing is that warm feeling. As corny as it sounds, it’s that warmth of love and always knowing that you can go to them and stuff. It’s not the same.

We always talk about this too. I know we connect on this. I’m excited for the world to open back up again so that we can see our families. You have a longer flight than I do.

Maybe I need to do a stop-over in Hawaii or something. I can’t wait for it to open up, go visit and see you guys.

You’ve been in hibernation. We’re very much like homebodies too, Karen and I. How has it been for you that now you’re in hibernation?

It’s funny because I like going out. I like being around people and stuff like that. I want to say 2019 was darker for me with my depression, anxiety and stuff. I didn’t want to leave the house at all. Towards the end of 2019, I started being more active. I started going out. I was getting past some dark moments. I was enjoying being out of the house. All of a sudden COVID hit and it was like, “Now I’m stuck inside the house again.” It was hard because I feel I was stuck in the house mentally before, and then it hit again and it was like, “I’m in these four walls again.” It was a struggle but I love being at home and saying that I am a homebody as well, but I’m dying to go to the beach and things like that because I don’t drive. Karla and I need to get our license this 2021. We need to because I don’t want be at home again if this was to happen one day again. At the beginning of 2021, we were practicing all the questions to do the written online testing. We were like, “We’ve got this. We can do this.” It hit and I was like, “I like this car.”

What are some things that have helped you cope at home with anxiety and depression? The pandemic has heightened that for everybody. We all took for granted how going outside can be such a relief.

One thing is going outside to see nature. Taking a walk was the biggest thing that I felt made the difference. There’s a park near our house. We walk up there and walk around with our mask on, of course. To be outside in the sun, you don’t feel so closed off. Makeup has helped. I’m dedicating that time so it feels like I’m not stuck in the house doing nothing or I’m just watching Netflix, which helps. When you’re watching it every day, we’ve gone through twenty shows all the season. Even now, I’m like, “What do you want to watch?” It was like, “I don’t want to watch that movie we watched a few weeks ago.”

AFB 3 | Make Up Artist

Make Up Artist: The pandemic has heightened the fact that everyone took for granted just how going outside can be such a relief.


That’s what got me into the show too. Instead of Netflix, I was like, “I’ve seen everything. I want to transition to YouTube. That’s where I watch a lot of my podcast too.”

Yes, because it’s something different. They’re talking about things that’s relatable. I’m making sure I maintain my self-care as well. I dedicate in that time. I’ve been meditating. Even if it’s ten minutes, I’ll have that time to breathe properly, making sure I get too much sleep sometimes and baths. I take baths or a shower to wind down. It has been helpful. Otherwise, your thoughts take you somewhere else.

I always feel like that too, “I need a bath. I’m not going to be able to do it tonight.”

It’s like neither wash everything off and breathe and have that alone time. It’s to unwind.

It is like, “I’m on my day five hair. I need to get it together.”

I feel like your content has completely doubled this year. I’m not sure if you’ve been feeling like that, but we have contracts. We have deals. We have ongoing monthlies and like, “I love to see it.” There are things I haven’t even talked to you about that are in the works that I’m like, “This is great.” It is a busy season for Jazmina. How has that been for you? How was your workload?

As I said, in 2019, I went through a dark time with depression and anxiety. It still sometimes affects you. I feel like it never fully goes away, but I knew that I didn’t want to be stuck there. I didn’t want to be stuck in that head space. During that time, I turned away because I wasn’t inspired. There was no motivation there. Everything felt hard and difficult. That’s how I would explain it. When I would usually turn to makeup, it was very healing. It helps me. As I started coming down of the depression and stuff, I was like, “I’ve got all this creativity that I need to let out now.”

I feel like every day, no matter what I did, even if it didn’t work out, I’d get up and do something. If it didn’t work, I’d try again tomorrow. Whereas in the past, I was like, “This is horrible. Why am I doing this?” It’s in a negative head space. Whereas now I try and look at it as, “I tried my best. It wasn’t my best work, but I’ll try again tomorrow.” Not being hard on myself helped doubling up on my work and having fun while I do it as well instead of dreading it. I found myself sometimes I do lip art and it would take hours. I’d wipe it off and start again the same day. Sometimes I was hard on myself. Sometimes I do it five times. It would be the whole day doing the same lip art until I got it to a place where I was like, “That will do.” Now, I was like, “I tried it once or twice. If it doesn’t work, I wipe it off and try again another day.”

Do you chalk that up to being a perfectionist and you don’t think it’s ever good enough?

Definitely. Every day, I do some creative makeup. I have hundreds of photos and videos that I have not posted because it’s not up to par to what I’d like it to be.

You could take a mental health break, post those 100 posts and go on vacation for a year.

That’s another thing. I started to share things that I did not like. I would be mortified to post it. Even if I had a bit of lipstick out of place, that would drive me crazy. Now, I’m like, “It doesn’t matter.”

You do art on Amazon Live too?


There is an element that you cannot control.

Especially doing live, it’s like you don’t have time to start over because people are watching. It’s not like a video where you can restart or anything. You have to go with it. I find that once you’re comfortable and relaxed, it usually turns out okay, instead of being stressed and manic about it.

You’re so intentional about everything that you post. You love when your followers love your work. You have your followers in mind at all time. You even take time out of your busy nights and out of your busy schedule to do your polls. You have been like the OG of the polls. It has been incredible to watch, but you go on there. It is like a form of therapy for your followers. It’s your soothing videos that you post and your aesthetics. I know how much time that takes because we’ve been doing polls, too. I was like, “Girl, this is insane.” I wasn’t even using layouts because Karen and I were like, “We can use layouts.”

It’s now a trend. Everyone’s doing it now.

It was funny because I did it to save some colors that I wanted to like use for a lip art. People were like, “Can you do more of these?” I was like, “They’re asking for it, sure.” It was therapeutic for me as well. It was the weirdest thing. I found myself looking for images that made me feel happy, confused or things like that to get people thinking so their mind is distracted from other things going on in their lives. The more I did it, people were like, “This is helping with my anxiety.” I’d get hundreds of messages saying like, “Please keep doing them. I’ve had a rough week. I find your polls relaxing.” That made me feel happy. It sounds corny, but I feel like my purpose in life is to help people. I feel like I’m still trying to figure out how to do that. If something as simple as polls, even though they can be time-consuming and hard as you know, I felt like, “Why not do it?”

We can all get through hard things, even though they feel impossible.

You certainly do help a lot of people. As far as social media goes, you’re the most genuine person that I’ve worked with 100%. I want to be with you all the time. I get a sense of calming throughout the day, you know that we get hit up all the time. For you, it’s several times every single day, especially during the workweek. It’s nice to be able to go to you, you’re my safe place. I was like, “How to do this? What do you think about this?” It’s easy. It’s an amazing friendship and working relationship. I’m honored to be a tiny fragment and percentage or a part of your life.

I resonate with you about helping people. I feel like I’m here to help people too. Sometimes I get a little bit panicked, it was like, “Am I helping people? What am I doing?” I’m telling you. I’m reiterating. You are helping people. You always have. You’re always the first one to comment on other people’s posts. You always comment back to all your followers. To me, if I see that, I’m like, “This girl is the most genuine girl. She is so down to earth.” You make everybody feel so important and welcome. You treat everybody the same.

You absolutely do. You help many people, and I adore you. I know your family is not here. I love your mom. We have a great relationship too. Some of the things that she tells me, I was like, “I feel the same exact way.” You have family here, and I see all the things you’re doing. I honestly said, I started out as a follower, as a fan. It’s amazing and special to me that we’ve become such good friends.

Likewise, I’m so grateful for you and the whole team. You’ve made my life so much easier. In the last few years, I’ve felt less pressure. Before trying to do it by myself, mom was helping, and then she got busy doing stuff. I was trying to take over. I’m not very assertive. I was like, “That’s okay if you don’t want to pay me anything. I’m always there to make sure that I’m helping other people at the same time. Having you being able to take over and do stuff has been such a relief. I’m grateful for you. Thank you.

We see you helping other people, so it’s amazing that we’re able to help you. You have a huge network. We can go all the way into that too. The fact we’re able to help you a little bit is amazing.

Even apart from all the business stuff, I know that I can come to you any time as well, whenever I’m stressed or I needed to talk to you about something. Thank you so much.

I loved that we’re talking about this too, because it is important. I don’t think people understand. They will see your reach and your backend analytics but you have a huge reach. A large part of our big jump this 2021 in engagement has been these polls. Do you want to talk about how your engagement has changed from these polls?

I was doing stories. Before that, I do stuff. I’d find that sometimes I’d spike up. I remember the most was 50, and then all of a sudden, for months, nothing. I’d try and do little makeup stuff on there. It would come back up and then again would drop. I was like, “What the hell? What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to share?” I kept sharing what I like to share. With the polls, the engagement shot up. People want to see stuff that takes their mind off things. They want to be distracted from all the madness going on and all the chaos. Now, it was like, “I’ll do polls. I know that they also want to see me and what I’m liking.”

For me, it’s not difficult sharing. I can be an open book and I can share things, but I like to not share things as well. Not that I don’t like to be too open, but it’s important to keep some things to yourself too instead of oversharing, if that makes sense. It’s the engagement like knowing what your followers need as well. Don’t get me wrong. You should be authentic and share what you want to share, what you love, and what you’re passionate about, but engaging with your followers is a huge help in a boost.

I think they want to be a part of your process too. When you say, “Which look do you want to see next?” they want to have a hand in that.

It’s true. I think they have fun doing it as well. At the end of the day, there are influencers that I know, don’t want to give any time to their followers. I feel like they view them as fans instead of just people like you. We’re all the same person so to speak. I feel like it’s being able to talk to them. If they DM me, I reply back and communicate with them.

How did you get interested in art in the first place before you even decided to share it on Instagram?

I’ve always loved art. I was always that kid drawing or painting ever since at a young age. I always had that passion for art. In high school, art was one of my selective. I chose to keep continuing with learning art. It was never something that I thought I do career-wise, though. I was like, “I want to be a doctor.” I don’t know how those two connects, but I wanted to be a doctor. I wanted to do something helpful. I’ve always felt like I’ve needed to help people. It was always that. I know crazy things that I was thinking that I wanted to do, but still doing and loving art.

In grade ten, I got sick. I was going to school. I was passing out randomly, so I started going to doctors. I went to about eight different doctors, and they were all like, “She’s a bit bigger. Maybe she’s not eating. She’s a teenager. She’s not eating properly. She’s passing out.” I did many tests, which was frustrating because it was always put down to my weight. Back then, I wasn’t big. I was a healthy average weight so it was frustrating. I then went to one doctor, and he was like, “Let’s get a CT scan.” I remember going for my scan. I was 13, 14 and I had this feeling like, “They’re going to find something. Prepare yourself.” It wasn’t a negative feeling. I felt like there was something there. It’s weird because ever since at a young age, I remember saying to my mom, “There’s something there.”

You had a gut instinct about it.

I felt it. I knew and it passed, but then I got unwell. I’m having my scan and then they pulled me out when it’s done. They were like, “We need to do something else.” I knew from that moment, I was like, “They’ve seen something.” I went to my doctor and he was like, “There’s nothing we can do for you.” That was the first thing, “You have brain cancer and it doesn’t look treatable where it’s located.” I had to leave school. I went to a specialist, then we found out it was a brain tumor. I still had to leave school and have it monitored. During that time, I was having seizures and bloody nose. My nose would bleed. That experience left me like, “Am I going to die? What’s happening? What do I do with my life?”

As a teenager, you’re already going through many psychological changes. You being pulled out of school, how did you get through that?

It was hard because both my parents worked as well. It was like I was alone a lot. Even at that young age, I fell into a depression pretty bad because I had no direction. I didn’t know what I was doing. Even when I left school, some of my teachers didn’t want to give me work, which I thought was crazy because I need work so I can at least finish grade ten if anything. I lost friends and a family. Some family were very jealous. It was bizarre. It was like, “You’re jealous I have a brain tumor. I didn’t want this.” I didn’t care for giving me attention or whatever they thought, but it was a lot of things going on.

Around that time, my parents separated. That was a whole new thing. While at the back of my head, it’s like I’m still having these seizures. I’ve got a brain tumor that we need to keep monitored. I felt like for a while, my life was on pause. I didn’t know what I want to do with my life. Probably at around sixteen, I started playing with makeup. I was like, “I love this.” I’d do weird things with makeup as well. It wasn’t like, “I want to look pretty.” It was like to paint something crazy on your face. I started playing with a lip art but not drawing so much. It’s just ombres, sequins, and stuff like that.

AFB 3 | Make Up Artist

Make Up Artist: Even if you don’t feel like you’re intuitive, you will know what makes you feel good or what doesn’t.


My mom was like, “Why don’t you do a makeup course?” I was like, “I don’t know.” She was like, “I think you’d love it. You love art, and you’d have fun. Maybe you can start being a makeup artist on the weekends.” I did a makeup course. It was with Napoleon. I don’t know if you know that makeup. It’s big in Australia. For a while it came here, but then it dropped and didn’t do well. I did a course with them. A few years later, I went to another makeup college and did a year course in makeup and special effects. I felt like I found a passion. It was makeup, but art as well.

From then, I experimented, then I started doing lip art. I remember when I first posted lip art on Instagram. It was 2012 or ‘13, around that time. I was getting many awful comments. It’s like, “You have a disease on your lips,” or “Is that herpes?” I remember saying to my mom, “I’m never posting lip art that look like this,” but then I kept doing that. I feel like there were a few other people that were getting into that as well. They were doing that as well like ombres. It stuck. I became obsessed with it. I felt like it was my thing that I was going to keep doing. That’s where it all started.

Now, you’re completely healthy.

I’m completely healthy. I didn’t even touch on that.

What year was it?

I think it was in 2008 that I went for a scan. I was going every six months then every two years because it wasn’t changing. I went to one scan and I remember I was so anxious that day. For some reason, I was feeling it in my gut. I was like, “I don’t know. It’s going to be okay this time.” I went to the doctor, I got my scan, and he was like, “It’s grown a lot. If it grows anymore, it could affect your speech and the left side of your body.” I think it was 1.5 millimeters. We were like, “What do you think? What would you do if it was your daughter? Do you think we should leave it?” He was like, “It’s up to you, but if it was my daughter I’d operate on it.” To be honest, I wanted it out. I didn’t want it around anymore. I didn’t want to think about it. I was like, “Yes, let’s do it.” I had my surgery four days before my birthday.

How old were you?

I was turning sixteen. I was very young. I remember I went to the hospital. They’re shaving parts of my hair and everything and then they were like, “We don’t have a bed for you, so you’re going to have to come back.” I was like, “I’ve prepared myself for this.” You prepare yourself because he was like, “It’s so close that there could be a chance that anything could happen.” They tell you with any surgery that there’s a chance for whatever. I was waiting there, preparing myself, “I could die or I could wake up and not be the same.” It was like the thought of going then leaving and then coming back. I was like, “No, I want this done now. I’m prepared.” I ended up doing the surgery that day. I was in the ICU. It was successful. They got the tumor out. It was like the size of my whole thumb. It was the second tumor of that kind that they’ve ever found.

Was that in the world?

Yes, in the world. The first one they found was twenty years before mine. They were like, “We’re going to do research on the tumor and do a book about it.” He was asking me if I was fine with that and I was like, “Yes, do it. Research it.”

What was the official diagnosis?

It wasn’t cancerous. The doctor said that it was probably there from when I was born. I was born with a tumor. The seizures weren’t anything to do with the tumor. The fact that I was having these seizures is what led to me having a scan that found it. Other than that, I wouldn’t have known that it was there. I always look back at it and think anytime I’ve gotten into a weird funk or headspace, I was like, “I’m meant to be here. Just relax.” I could’ve died. I try and take that with me all the time like, “I came here for a reason. Keep doing what you’re doing.”

We’re thankful you’re here inspiring people and doing what you love.

Other than that, my health is fine. My seizures are from stress. They called it pseudoseizures, but I haven’t had a seizure in over a year now. I’m very happy, which is why I also haven’t driven. I’m in the clear, I’m happy.

That whole experience changed you as a person and made you stronger because of it.

Sometimes when people are scared about their health or they don’t want to die. Not to get to the dark on this, but it gave me that, “I’ve only got one life. I can get through anything.” We can all get through the hard things, even though they feel impossible. It always plays in the back of my mind, it was like, “I had brain tumor. Why am I anxious about this? I can deal with this. I’m strong. I can get through anything.” It shaped me as a person from a young age. I feel like I had to grow up quick and mature because I thought I was going to die. I don’t take anything for granted.

We’ve talked about this before, you are very much an empath and you have amazing, incredible traits about you and special gifts that you have. Going through what you’ve gone through and being in touch with the things that you are in touch with, what do you think is after this?

I don’t want to sound too out there, but I feel like we live on. I don’t feel like we just die and that’s it. I feel like I’ve been here before. It’s déjà vu. When you’re sitting there and you’re like, “I’ve done this before.” I don’t think anyone fully goes. I think our soul lives on. It can’t just end. Look at all the stuff that happens in the world. I don’t believe that we just die and that’s it. I don’t think it makes sense.

Do you see a psychic? Do you feel like you have a spiritual connection where you can sense things before they happen?

I can sense a thing before they happen like weird, crazy things and dreams. As I’ve healed from things from the past, like when I was going through my depression, I felt like it’s opened me up so much more spiritually. I’m feeling things, being more grounded and in tune with myself. Even with the tumor thing when I was little, my mom’s grandmother passed away so my great-grandmother. That’s when I started telling her I had something in my head because I kept having these dreams before that I have something in my head.

Even when we die, our soul and legacy live on.

As a young girl, my mom was like, “You’re fine.” She thought someone passed away, and maybe I was a bit upset. I feel like I’ve always had it, and I’ve chosen to ignore it a bit. Now, I’m letting myself be in going with that and feeling things out. I used it to make decisions as well in my life where before I jumped into something without feeling how I felt about it. I feel like even if you don’t feel you’re intuitive, we all have that. We all know what makes us feel good or what doesn’t.

I love how it influences your decisions too.

Before I make a decision, I get myself in a quiet place and put my hands on my heart, and I’m like, “Should I do this?” I wait to see how my body responds. Usually, if I feel weirdness in the stomach, I’m like, “No, it doesn’t make me feel good.”

There have been things that you’ve told me in my life that when I get stressed out, I’m like, “No, I’ll be okay because we figured this out that I would be okay.”

We have to do it again.

It is so comforting, and I believe that as well. Although I’m not as sensitive, intuitive, and plugged in as you are, I have situations like that in my life where it even made me more excited about life because it was like, “This is not it.”

There have been times especially during COVID in 2020. I’m sure we’ve all had days where we’re mentally not there, and I found myself like, “What is my purpose?” We touched on it before, feeling like, “Am I supposed to be doing what I’m doing?” I’m stressed about money, and then I was like, “No, that’s fine. Everything is fine. I’m going to be okay. We’re going to be fine. This is where I’m supposed to be, and this is the path I’ve taken. I believe that it’s going to take me where I need to be taken.” I feel like that things are always going to come up in life like hard things to test and build us up as people. We can have off days and stuff like that. That’s natural. It’s human. I feel like the ability to get up again and keep going, that’s what success is as well. Keep going, trying and working towards something. That’s what is helpful.

You have such a calming energy about you.

How do you feel about the beauty space in general in terms of social media because it can be negative? How are you able to keep it positive? As you said, it all comes back to helping people.

In social media, someone’s always going to find a reason to get upset or say something nasty to you. In the past, I’d get upset. Even now, sometimes I’ll be like, “I don’t want to upset anyone,” or “I’ve made this one person who commented upset. What should I do?” Now, I’m like, “They have their reason.” I try not to take it personal where before I was like, “This person thinks I’m ugly and fat.” Even the other day, I had this nasty comment, and I was like, “Thanks for your opinion.” Straight away, that person was like, “I didn’t mean it in that way. I meant it in this way.” Some people will block people straight away, which I think 100% you need to do that for your mental health if they’re being nasty all the time. I just replied back nice and I feel better.

They’ll be surprised you’re even acknowledging that.

I try to reply to everyone if I can, especially in the first hour. I’m like, “Thank you.” I’m being appreciative. When they say a negative comment, I’m like, “Thank you for that.” The beauty community can be very negative. That’s why I don’t overshare as well because of how negative it can be. I share what I’m comfortable with sharing and feel good about sharing. I try not to get involved in all the drama. I want to go on and make a lot people’s art and that’s it.

Even with events too, I feel like you protect your energy. I know I try to push you into certain things.

I’ve gone to more advance things. It may not seem a lot, but it’s more than I would have in the past.

You met Rihanna, Lady Gaga and the people who buy the brands. That’s incredible.

When I think about it, I’m like, “Oh my God.” Even now, I get anxious because I know I’m going to be around big personalities and energies. I like to be calm and friendly, but if I didn’t go, I wouldn’t have had those opportunities as well. I guess I’m selective. It’s funny because sometimes I want to go. I’m like, “I want to go,” and then I’m like, “Do I want to go? Am I going to feel overwhelmed and exhausted or be around energies that I don’t want to be around?” I like going to the events too. It makes it fun when you get to meet the brands as well. That’s the best part of it.

Push yourself outside of your comfort zone sometimes.

I’ve said yes to two jobs that I would have never said yes to. I’m like, “I don’t know if I want to do a video for that.” In my head, I’m like, “No, the universe has given you this. Accept it and be happy. You can do it.” It touches on that self-doubt. I know a lot of perfectionists have it as well like doubting what you can do and your limit. I try to push it as much as I can now to try it.

Where do you see yourself going for the rest of this year and the years to come? What is still left that you want to do that you haven’t done yet?

I’ve worked with brands that I’ve wanted to work for. I’ve done things like that. I would love to do a brand collab. That’s a thing that’s always at the back of my mind. I’m like, “I know it’s coming. Just be patient.” For me, I’m always asking myself, “How can I elevate what I’m doing now? What’s something that I can add?” There are things that I could be doing that I know I could be doing, but I haven’t done it yet. For me, it’s working on pushing myself. I feel like I was doing lip art for a very long time. I’ve had some issues with my hands and stuff like that, so I had to work out, “What else are you passionate about? How can you rebrand yourself a little bit to keep it fresh?” That’s when I started doing the cosplays, which is my favorite thing. I got all this stuff that I’ve been waiting on to do more cosplays so I’m excited. That’s something I want to continue doing and tying them in together with tutorials on them. That’s my big thing that I’ve not connected yet. That’s something I want to work on this year. Do that and make some content that’s entertaining to watch. I think it’ll be fun.

AFB 3 | Make Up Artist

Make Up Artist: There’s always someone’s in social media who’s going to find a reason to get upset or say nasty to you.


We’re living for your cosplays.

It’s funny because when you sent me those flowers for Christmas, Karla got the door and she came in first, “That guy said that he loved your cosplays.” I was like, “How would he know?” Apparently, he looked you up because the card said Cosplay Queen. He was like, “I love her cosplay. I looked it up now. I started following her.”

It’s good to know they read the cards.

I thought that’s never happened. I want to keep the consistency where I’m still having fun and not overdoing it where I burn myself out. Collaborating with a brand is the next thing that I would love.

I also want to touch on Karla too. I feel like I know Karla so well. I’m such a fan of hers and you two being together. How has she helped you level up? You talked on some of her talents and interests and how those merge that brings to your relationship.

When I first met Karla, we were doing long-distance for 1.5 years, nearly two years. She came to Australia and she lived there for a little bit. During that time, I was so inspired. I don’t know if it was love or if it was her but she pushed me. Not that she was pushing like, “You need to do this,” but she was like, “You’re good at drawing. Why don’t you draw more on your lips?” I was like, “I don’t know if I could do it and be that good on my lips.” She was like, “You can do it. I believe in you.” I was like, “I don’t know.” Sure enough, I’d posted my first drawing on my lips. It was the little mermaid or something. It went viral.

All of a sudden, I had done a few more. I think I was at 600,000 or 400,000. It was a large audience with as much as I have now. I woke up and I was at one million followers. I was like, “What the hell?” BuzzFeed had done an article and that blew up. I pushed myself because I had Karla saying, “You can do it. Why don’t you believe in yourself? Do it.” I always think back at that moment that helped me come to LA as well and do what I love. Not only that, she was interested in photography. Before, I was trying to take photos on my phone. I had a camera and didn’t know how to use it. All my photos were not blurry, but not the quality it is now. When she came over, she then started taking my photos and helping me with that. I feel like it helped elevate my content. It looked cleaner and a better quality.

Now, as it is in the past, she still takes my photos. She helps me and always learning things to me. She’s always helping me come up with ideas, little things like that. Now, she does nails. She was like, “What lip art are you doing?” I was like, “I was thinking of doing Wizard of Oz or whatever.” She was like, “Are you doing it too? Give me an hour or two, and I’ll have two fingers for you.” Sometimes now she’ll do nails and I’m like, “Can I use this?” I feel inspired by it and I’ll do something. It’s been a nice little balance of she’s doing creative stuff, I’m doing creative stuff. Somehow we meet in the middle.

Are we getting a couple’s Valentine’s Day posts this 2021?

It’s so funny because everyone was like, “Can you do a cosplay with Karla?” I was like, “Karla, we need to do this. We need to make this happen if you’re comfortable.” She was like, “Just tell me when and I’ll sit there.” I think there’s something for Valentine’s Day, for sure.

We love seeing her on your page. How do you also balance that like keeping the personal, personal, but also giving your audience what we want to?

For a while, I would probably share a photo of us at least every month and that’s fine. People would love it and would be nice, but then there were also a lot of negative comments because we’re a same-sex couple. People don’t believe in that, so I held back a little bit from posting. Not because the comments bothered me, but I felt like I had to be a bit more protective of our relationship. I post her on my Stories. I’ll share photos of her or videos when we’re together. As far as having her in content, I’ve pulled back a little bit. I didn’t want to make her feel like, “You have to take photos with me or anything.” She’s always been willing like, “Yes, I’ll do it,” but I didn’t want it to become work for her. I don’t want to drag her like, “This is coming up. Let’s do something.” I was like, “If we feel like it, we feel like it. If we don’t, we don’t.” That’s how it goes now.

I know art too is such an expressive outlet and people do it to relieve stress. How does it function for you? Is it part of your job like, “I need to create. I need to make these posts?” Is it still always enjoyable for you?

I feel like I lost that excitement for a little bit. Even looking back at my work, I can see the moment when I dipped and where I had no passion for it at all. I was all stressed. Doing makeup is what helped me in the past to manage stress, anxiety and things like that. It would make me feel that much lower when it wasn’t serving me in that way. I would step back from it and do other things. I started posting some painting sometimes because I needed something else to balance the makeup from just being work. I wanted another creative outlet. Now, I paint. I’ll paint whatever I’m feeling. Even when I’m not feeling inspired with makeup, I’ll paint. I find that helps de-stress. When I go and do makeup, whether it’s a job or just for myself, I find that I’m enjoying it more now. I don’t have that pressure on me because I’ve used another outlet.

You have your art that’s just for you, and art that’s for everyone.

Success is all about keeping on track, trying your best, and continuously working towards something.

I find that helps. Even now, I’ve been loving doing videos more. I’ve been loving doing even lip swatches, something as basic as that. I’m like, “This is fun. I’m getting into a little groove with it.” I feel like this year will be another creative year so I’m excited.

We’re excited for you. I feel like people have been inspired by you. A lot of people ventured into the same avenues with the lip art creations. Some people were doing it on their eyelids. How does it feel to see, “My work has been recognized to be then replicated?”

It’s exciting. I’m very humble, but I go on Pinterest and I’ll see my lip art everywhere. They’re old lip arts as well. I was like, “I made an impact on this huge community.” Even meeting people, they’ll be like, “Do you do the lip art?” Even bigger influencers on me, they’ll be like, “I followed you from when you’re doing the lip art. You were the one doing it all. You were the one who started off the drawings.” They’ll say things like that, and I was like, “Thanks,” but inside I get so excited because it’s such a huge community. Even more than ever, you want to make an impact by doing something. There are many different ways to do that now, but knowing that I was at the start of that and I know there were other people who have done it and stuff like that. When I looked back and I was like, “That’s cool that it’s still going now. It’s even bigger. Lip art is bigger now.”

You’re the OG of lip art, and you created that category. I always say that too. The biggest brands in our industry have used swatches in their products for their websites? It’s incredible.

I would never have thought even posting swatches back then. I remember Kat Von D had started getting on social media with her makeup brand. She reached out to me. I was the first influencer to get PR. It wasn’t called PR back then. It was like, “Let me send you some goodies.” She sent me the lipsticks and I started swatching them. I remember feeling so overwhelmed like, “She’s sent me makeup.” I never thought doing swatches and starting out or doing something so simple would turn into like, “I’m a lip model for this brand and that brand.” It’s crazy when I think about it.

It’s such a unique category that you’re in and it’s not even a category. You’re like a planet. You have your own solar system and ecosystem. It’s amazing in being able to talk to brands and brands know who you are automatically. They always compliment me all the time of how kind your heart is and how much they love your artistry. I’m loving this year for you and we’re going to kill it. Even with this time, we’re going to continue to.

I’m more creative than ever this 2021. I’m excited to see what comes and I’m manifesting.

Are there 1 or 2 moments from your career that you were like, “These were pivotal moments for me?” That we’re like, “Yes, I made it.”

I feel silly, but I’m not silly. When that BuzzFeed article came out, I had people sending me videos of being on the news and things like that. I was like, “What the hell? I’m doing lip art. Why is this on the news?” I couldn’t get past the fact of like, “Why are they fascinated?” The little mermaid one, the first one that I did, I thought to myself, “I’m doing a silhouette. This is so simple.” I could push myself more, and Karla was like, “No, that’s insane.” To think that lip art that I thought was so simple and boring blew me up so to speak.

I’ve worked with brands like Mac and CoverGirl. CoverGirl was a highlight for sure that they wanted to work with me. I’ve done lip arts for Disney. I’ve done lip arts for Beauty and the Beast when it came out and for Star Wars. I feel like I was proud of that because it’s Disney. They contacted me to do lip art. It’s insane. Meeting Lady Gaga and Rihanna. I’m fans of them, for sure. You don’t want to be a fan girl. I tried to be like, “Hi. It’s nice to meet you.” They are highlights. Meeting all the different types of people, connecting with people, and people sharing their stories, I feel like it’s a highlight to me as well. I’m very proud of myself.

We’re proud of you. I always say this, but I feel like this is just the beginning. It’s refreshing to be at that place with you because there’s already been so much accomplishment and experience to this point. I feel like this is just the beginning, and there’s so much more to come. It’s exciting that we’re on this journey with you. Thank you so much for coming on our show. You are a breadwinner.

It was such a pleasure.

It was fun. Hopefully, I can be on again.

Yes, with Karla next time.

We should be. That would be so fun. Thank you for having me. I’m excited for this year for all of us.


We’re feeling it.

We love you. Thank you so much.

Thank you. I’ll speak to you soon.

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