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Episode 5: Love: With Special Guests John Cabral And Gabriel Castro

AFB 5 | Valentines Day


On a special Valentine’s Day edition of Ambition for Breakfast, John Cabral (boyfriend to Breanna) and Gabriel Castro (fiancée to Karen) join us! Get to know these Editours who have not only been constant pillars of support to Breanna and Karen, but have pitched in to help the company grow and prosper. We have heartfelt moments and take a walk down memory lane to discover how each of these couples met and what it means for our Editours to have the loving support of their significant others. We also discuss spicy, heated topics like our first fights, first impressions when we met each other, and so much more! Plus, we take a pop culture trivia quiz and answer hot topics to see which couple knows each other best! Stay until the end to see who wins, and we hope you had a happy Valentine’s Day!

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Love: With Special Guests John Cabral And Gabriel Castro

On This Valentine’s Day Episode, Editour Significant Others John & Gabe Play Fun Holiday-Themed Games And Open Up About Supporting Their Hardworking Spouses

We’re so excited now because we have a very special Valentine’s Day episode. We are bringing in Karen’s fiancé, Gabe, and my boyfriend, John, to play some games with us. We played a Couples Quiz, which is like trivia. We played Who Knows Who, which is a little card game. We also played Perfect Match, which is how well you remember your own love story. We would love for you guys to play along with us.

You’ll finally see who wins since it’s couple of versus couple. We’re going to explore different parts of our relationship, how we each met, and where we see the future of Editour Media going. Stay tuned. You guys don’t want to miss this episode, not only to get to know me and Brea a little bit better, but also our significant others who are integral parts of making our business thrive and being so supportive every day.

You don’t want to miss this. Enjoy this episode, you guys.

Thanks for reading.

Welcome to this special Valentine’s Day edition of the show. We have special guests here, Gabe, my fiancé.

We also have John, who is my boyfriend. This is Penny.

We’re going to play some fun couple’s games. Brea, do you want to explain how they work?

We’re going to be playing a Couples Quiz, and it’s a romance-inspired trivia game. We’re going to be going over different trivia in the past, like past things and historical things about love, which is exciting. We’re playing Who Knows Who. It’s a game on how to prove how well you know your other half. We’re also going to play Perfect Match and how well do you remember your own love story. What happens is each couple will be quizzing each other. Each person on the couple will be asking the other person five questions from one of these cards. If the person gets it right, they get to keep up the card and that counts as a point. If they get it wrong, then they don’t get to keep the card and it does not count for a point. The couple that has the most points at the end wins. It’s a lot of fun.

Let’s also talk about how we met our significant others.

How did you guys meet?

We met online, on Plenty of Fish. I had already gone through a few spoiled fish before I met her, but I decided. I came across her and we were talking back and forth until we decided to meet finally. I met her at her Cerritos apartment, where she was living with her roommates. We tried to go out to a bunch of different places but with the reservations, which was busy. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings and went to a couple of other spots and then we couldn’t get in.

It was ridiculous. It’s 1.5 hours of wait time. We went to several places and we were like, “This is a disaster.”

You were standing around like, “Great.”

Yes, we’re waiting that long.

Yes, we ended up at TGI Friday’s. It was good. We ended up picking up some beers over at a gas station, and then we went back to her place.

What stuck out to both of you guys about each other from the very beginning?

The way she looked at me the first time I met her, and it wasn’t in a good way. I still remember that look.

On his profile, he had 85 different pictures. They all look different, so I was like, “What is this guy even going to look like?” You had one where it was a bathroom selfie. You were wearing a Star Wars shirt, but the angle was so high up, I was like, “What does this guy look like?” When I met you, I was surprised that you didn’t look like in your picture. It’s not in a bad way.

Was it better?

Yes, it was better.

She was the clingy girl, I could tell from the beginning. She made me a brownie cake for my birthday the first time we met.

We met the day after his birthday.

It was nice. It was a Domo cake, I remember. I don’t know what happened. We were both into Domo at the time. I don’t know if you know what that figure is, but there are photos on her Facebook of them.

It’s a Brown monster thing. It’s like a Japanese character. I don’t know why we were into it at the time. I made a brownie of it.

It was good, too. It was a funny time, though. I was going to drive my Cherokee, but she ended up driving her Ford Taurus. She drove us around and took the initiative. That was the change. Ever since then, I like her driving. I’m more of a passenger now. That’s the standard now. My car is parked way the heck, 2 miles away.

You are a safe driver. That is true.

I think he’s safer than I am.

She said I drive like a grandpa.

Right after we met, I was having some car troubles, too. Remember that was in my Taurus at the time that eventually crapped out? For a while, when I was working at Engaged, he was giving me rides every morning.

I’m not from Cerritos, but I’m driving you down to Irvine.

He also lived in Anaheim, too. I was in Cerritos, so it’s not the best commute for you to have.

Did I come off as clingy a little bit?

Yes, you got clingy.

That was good. I was willing to do anything to keep this alive.

This was also before FaceTime and everything. Tell us how long you guys have been together.

It will be ten years this November of 2021. We’ve been together for over nine years.

You guys have known each other that long? Not dating, but you guys have known each other?

Yes, we all have. You, me and John have all known each other. Tell everybody how we know each other.

We all worked at a publishing company, but not magazines. The company moved to Yorba Linda and not long after that, that’s when Karen came on. She was the first of the new crop of all these people that came in. They came in 1.5 years to 2 years later.

What year was that?


I started in late 2011.

I also want to clarify that she was an intern in 2009 because that’s when I interned, too. I never got to see her in person, but I knew she was the person who worked on the same magazine.

She was on the payroll.

I interned in that old Anaheim office. We were on a certain floor. They would have the intern sit right at that front desk. We always have to sign for packages and stuff. I don’t ever recall talking to John at that point.

No, I do remember my friend Dave said, “I said hi to the new girl. She didn’t even acknowledge my existence.” I think I saw you once there or so. It was so bummed. That one ruined his day.

Who’s this guy named Dave?

He was there on the chopping block.

Who is Dave?

We were probably so shy and like, “He’s not talking to us.”

Who the heck is Dave? He’s only the CEO.

Sitting at that desk, too, you would have to send out packages. I’m sorry, but I still have a hard time sending up packages. I was trying to figure out the machine, not asking questions and trying to Google and figure it out myself on my little tiny slide phone.

I would literally be using FedEx. I remember Celia at one time, she was like, “There’s like a cheaper way to do this.” It literally made me peel off the FedEx stickers, saved them and then repackaged them.

We’ve known each other for a long time, but we didn’t talk to John. We knew that he worked with us and stuff, but we’re fine.

I want to know.

No, I don’t remember myself as an intern.

Ads and editorial were very separated from each other.

They were literally on the other sides of the building. John designed one of my business cards back in the day. I threw him my business card out and thought it was hilarious. That’s my only recollection of him and also that he always wears the same striped white and blue shirt almost every single day.

Yes, every day or once a week.

What was your first memory of me there?

You were always talking to Jen and getting in trouble. I remember Dave, who happened to walk out and said, “Okay, yes.”

I was thrilled I have a friend. For a while, I was shy. It was my first job. I would go and sit and eat lunch in my car or go to the Olive Garden. My only friend was the bartender at Olive Garden, and then they would give me free lunches. I would sit there on my phone with my mom. I would go in and talk to this girl, Jen, who became my first friend there. It was right next to John’s desk. I always remember that John would be drumming. He was listening to music and we would make fun of him. I was like, “What is he doing?” She was like, “It’s all day.” At one time, we went over to his desktop. His desktop has this bikini bimbo, and we were like, “What the heck? This guy is sexual.” I always love your story about how one time he went over there and he was editing.

I cannot believe you told John this. John would design everyone’s business cards and so I needed him to design mine. For some reason, Celia was with me. We both walked back there and John was editing this risqué photo of this girl who was in a wet T-shirt on the beach.

I run that stuff naturally. You got to fix things.

At one time, I was like, “Is that for a magazine or what is this for?”

He had her on his desktop. He was editing out her nipples.

I was putting wrinkles on her shirt or what.

You got to do what you got to do.

I know who I’m with. John likes nice ladies. He likes nice pictures. He’s a very photogenic kind of guy. It wasn’t after in 2016, I went to an old coworker’s football party, Mark Pax. I saw John come in. He had sat down. He was looking buff and was also in athletic wear. I was like, “He’s cute.” We went to the Blink-182 concert.

We were talking and somehow 1 of you 2 came up because our friends were going, “Chris.”

They were saying like, “You should go come.”

She got one in. She called and we talked afterwards later that night. She was like, “Let’s go. Let’s order tickets.” I was like, “Okay.” I ordered tickets. We played there.

Also, between these events, John had lost a lot of weight.


There was a talk in the office of like, “Look at John now.” I remember Celia always pointing that out.

I didn’t know that.

How much weight did you lose?

I don’t know.

Let’s talk about your weight loss story.

At that time, that’s when the company did that weight loss challenge at the beginning of the year. It was 2013, 2014. I was like, “I’m going to do it, but I’m not doing it to compete with anybody.” I don’t care about the rest of the office and what they’re doing. I need something to jump-start me. It started working and then I kept going with it. We went and did the weigh-in type of things, but I know McEwen lost a lot of weight. I don’t know what he did.

He skipped a meal.

He ate out every meal. He never eats at home. That’s what it was, and I kept that. I started going back to the gym every day as opposed to twice a year.

If the gyms weren’t close, he goes to the gym every single day. He eats the same food every single night. He eats healthy. That’s why my weight loss journey has been easy because I don’t have a lot of temptation with him. Also, we don’t like the same snacks, so it was like, “This is great. I don’t have to eat your snacks.”

She likes sweets. I’m not a big sweets guy.

Companies must go beyond the usual goal-hitting attitude and let every individual member of the team shine.

That’s our story. We have been together ever since. It’s almost 4.5 years. It’s a long relationship.

There was a point where Gabe was living with us because he was there every weekend. When you guys first started dating, John was there every weekend.

Yes, I know. We all lived together at one point.

What is your love language? Can you talk about this?

I made him do the love language test this third week we were talking. What’s your love language? Do you remember?


There are five. There’s touch, gifts and words of affirmation.

Were mine words?

Yes, yours were words of affirmation.

Acts of service is one and then quality time.

Mine is with words of affirmation and gift-giving. John’s is words of affirmation. What about you guys?

I would say acts of service.

Mine is words of affirmation as well.

He’ll always ask like, “Does this look okay before we go out?”

She was like, “I don’t know.” I’m like, “Can’t you say, ‘It looks good?’”

He was like, “Do you notice this fade right here?”

When we’re leaving out the door, she’ll say like, “Why do you look better than me?” It’s always the grocery store or something.

We’ll go grocery shopping. I’ll look like complete shit like I rolled out of bed. Gabe will be wearing his newest sneakers, joggers, that brand new outfit. I was like, “We’re going to Smart & Final.”

When I do go out, I make it worth it.

In 2020 there were times where we didn’t go out, so it was like, “We’re going in some place.”

If he looks good, I’m like, “Comparatively, I look way shit.”

Even when I go to the studio, I’m like, “This is who I am.” It’s fun to get glammed up a little bit here and there for Zooms and for our show. Your guys are up. We’re going to do the Who Knows Who game. I have your guy’s here. We’ll do alternate questions, so you’ll ask Gabe and then Gabe will ask Karen. We’ll start with you guys, and then we’ll go over here with us.

Here is the first question. What’s my favorite romcom?

It’s P.S. I Love You or it’s going to be The Notebook.

No, it’s The Five-Year Engagement.

That’s depressing.

Yes, it’s a sad one. What’s The Notebook, though?

It’s a widely-known movie, not like The Five-Year Engagement.

I also love My Best Friend’s Wedding. I think that’s a classic.

There’s no point for you, guys.

What was my favorite toy as a child?

It must have been something like an action figure. I don’t know if you were into Marvel yet at that age. I want to say a G.I. Joe figure.

No, it was Power Rangers. I had Power Ranger toys where you can flip their helmets. It was their actual face, and then it was the one with the helmet on. I remember I cried because my mom stepped on one and it broke. I even had the Pink Ranger one too back in the day. I had the pink, green, red, and then I think I even had white. Tommy was green and white.

There’s no point. Next question to Karen?

How do I prefer to exercise?

I think you’re more of an elliptical person. You like going on those Ascent Trainers. Your favorite one is the Cybex because we’re over there in Blink Fitness. You would always want to be on there for 30 minutes to an hour, no matter how bad we felt. It’s like, “We got to be on there for half an hour to an hour.” That’s right?

Yes, that’s fairly elliptical.

You guys got a point.

What restaurant do I like best?

You love Mexican food. You love sushi, too.

All I can think of is restaurant names right now.

I’m going to say sushi.

From what place? It says restaurant.

You’re right, it does say restaurant.

No, that’s wrong.

What was the answer?

I know it’s not Kura. It’s different depending on wherever you go. That is a hard one though, because I have a lot of favorite restaurants. I used to like Portillo’s over at Buena Park. I love that spot.

That’s your favorite? I wouldn’t even consider that a restaurant. That’s like fast food.

You can order a ton of stuff there. You forgot this one. If it was sushi, it would be Sushi Dake. That’s my favorite spot. It’s a place over in Anaheim near a beach in Lincoln. It’s amazing.

I miss having you guys in this area. We would go and eat with you guys and also, it’s a pandemic. If it wasn’t a pandemic, we would go and eat with you.


Yes, this is a hole in the wall sushi place. I don’t even know if it’s open anymore. Hopefully, fingers crossed, we have to go back. Odori is also good.

What would be my dream date?

I don’t think it would be anywhere on the water. I don’t know why I thought that. It would be somewhere in Hawaii doing some Hawaiian things. Maybe a picnic on the beach, but not in the water.

I was thinking more locally. We went to Six Flags in 2020 and it was so fun. I’m thinking of an amusement park day at Six Flags. I would love to go to Hawaii, but that day at Six Flags was perfect.

I have to agree that Six Flags day was amazing for your birthday. That was awesome.

That was before the pandemic like early March 2020. It wasn’t crowded at all. We got to go on so many rollercoasters. It was perfect.

We only got one point out of five.

We suck at this.

We have five more questions.

What emoji do I use the most? Is it to her or in general?

It’s in general. It’s probably one that she knows that you do.

The one that you sent to me the most was probably the middle finger.

I said, “I love you,” and then two hours later, she was like, “I love you, too.” I gave her the middle finger emoji.

That’s why you don’t get words of affirmation.

You get a point for that.

We got 2 out of 5 so far. What’s my least favorite chore?

Cleaning the bathroom. She won’t touch the bathroom. I clean the bathroom.

Literally, if I had to snake the drain, I’ll probably puke.

I showed her how, too. It’s all her hair.

It’s definitely cleaning the bathroom. You also do it so much better, too. He’s stronger. He can bend in there and scrub better than I could.

I’m stronger. I ripped off the carpet when I’m vacuuming because I’m so strong. I now wash dishes because I break them. I’m too strong.

You’re immune to that one.

What video game do I like the most? She’s going to get this one.

This is my favorite, but I think it also became your favorite because it was so damn good. I was going to say Red Dead Redemption 2, but if you talk about games that he plays the most then it’s Rocket League.

Yes, hands down. You’re going the wrong direction, I was like, “Wait, what?” I was like. “Rocket League, yes.”

Story-wise though, Red Dead Redemption is such a good game. Literally, it pulls you in like a movie that’s why it’s my favorite game. He plays Rocket League, which is so dumb. It’s like soccer but with cars.

I have a football one right now, too, which is cool. I typically play games that have no ending. It’s one of those online games where you keep going. I’m at level 400, so I play a lot.

It’s like Fortnite. You like those games.

I don’t play Fortnite.

You did for a minute.

I played with Brandon and that was it.

You like those games where there’s no story. You can play over and over again.

We got a gamer couple.

I don’t have the patience to have a Twitch. I’d be like one of those raging gamers. It’s your turn now.

What’s my preferred snack?

I feel like this is easy, but I could totally be wrong on this. This is hard. Her favorite snack is going to be the sour belt candies, but her favorite dessert is ice cream.

I was going to say anything sour gummy that I love.

This is the last question. This is so easy.

What’s my star sign?



Gabe, what’s her star sign?


You guys got 6 out of 10 correct. Now, we’ll go ahead and do ours. I’ll make it easy for you. It’s a regular drink than what I drink. What is my favorite drink?

Either Crystal Light or iced tea?

I’m having Crystal Light right now.

What’s my favorite cartoon character?

Nestor, the Christmas Donkey.

That’s not a cartoon.

Dexter’s Laboratory, I don’t know. Dexter will mess me up. I love Dexter. We got that wrong. What is your favorite cartoon?

My favorite cartoon of all time was an old pre-anime cartoon called Star Blazers, but in Japan is called Space Battleship Yamato. Out here is a different name. Look it up, it’s all over YouTube.

What decade would I most like to live in? It’s like I would know yours right away. This is upsetting.

No, of course.

The future? He wants to go to Mars, that’s why. He signed up for the first round of Mars. You’ve told me that.

I told her that a long time ago. I’m sure I followed it up with, “I’m kidding.”

No, not until ten years later.

I would want to be on Mars, but I wouldn’t want to travel. I didn’t even do well flying.

You have to travel to get there.

It would be the flight that would scare me.

I don’t want to be in hibernation. I can transport there. That’s all I’ll do.

What decade would I most like to live in, John?

The Victorian Era.

Yes, that’s true. I’m a Victorian.

Which decade, I don’t know.

Honestly, either that or the Renaissance Era. It’s an artsy situation here.

What board game would I always choose to play? This is your board game.

What board game?

I would say Monopoly.

Yes, that’s very basic.

Do you like Monopoly?

I do. We play Monopoly, we’ll throw it down. Sometimes when I’m like, “Are we going to watch TV another night in a row?” I’ll be like, “Let’s play Monopoly.” We’ll play half of it and then I’ll be too tired to finish it.

What’s the longest game you’ve had?

A few days.

It’s too long for me.

We’ll leave the Monopoly game on the table and go back to it when we can. This one’s interesting. What luxury brand would I buy from if I had the chance? I would say and I would help, like Tiffany’s or Harry Winston.

Why are you giving the answers if you’re reading it as mine to answer?

Karen has to answer it. If Karen reads it, I have to answer it.

I’m reading it to you. Don’t worry. That wasn’t for me anyways. I was being funny. What luxury brand would I buy from if I had the chance?


Yes, there’s three.

What website do I visit the most?

Some Autotrader, like an automotive blog? Apple Blog, Apple World, Apple News?

It’s AppleInsider and Autoblog. Those are the two.

I think that counts.

We get one point. What type of dessert am I most likely to order these days?

Frozen yogurt.

Yes, I have frozen yogurt. What’s my favorite place to order from for the frozen yogurt?

I don’t know the name of the place.

Yes, you do. The place that I get the things from.

There’s never a name on it. Is there?

It’s Pinkberry.

I thought you’re going to say Golden Spoon.

I love Golden Spoon, too.

We went to Yogurtland and I love that.

I get Pinkberry and Golden Spoon usually.

Golden Spoon by in Buena Park where we used to live is out of business now.

John took a ride over to the breakfast burrito place a few weeks ago because we were craving it so much.

Which place was that?

The world’s greatest breakfast burrito or something.

What’s currently my favorite song?

Something from Stryper?


AFB 5 | Valentines Day

Valentines Day: If someone doesn’t take accountability, it’s freaking annoying.


What is your favorite?

I have lots of favorite songs. I don’t have one right now. No, I love everything.

This guy listens to music all day long. I don’t know how he does it, but he’s listening to music.

Anything new?

Someone new from Foo Fighters.

What is my biggest pet peeve?

People are not paying attention to you.

No, it’s not. People are not paying attention to me, please don’t pay attention to me. Karen, do you know what my biggest pet peeve is?

I know you value loyalty, so I think anything about anyone disloyal to you is a huge pet peeve.

That’s freaking true. That might have been replaced what I was thinking of.

What were you thinking of initially?

Give me a hint.

I can’t say it without saying the word. What do you think my biggest pet peeve is? We talked about this. My biggest pet peeve is when people make excuses.

I can think of it because I was looking at the leaves.

We didn’t get that right. That’s my biggest pet peeve. I understand that excuses happen, but sometimes when I mess up, I know I messed up. I’m like, “Okay.”

If someone doesn’t take accountability, that’s freaking annoying.

What’s my signature dish?

Salmon, broccoli, and rice.

He makes it every day.

Every day?

Yes, pre-pandemic.

What kind of salmon? Is it like seared salmon or something?

It’s baked with lemon juice on it and some Cajun seasoning.

Also, the tail end of the filet always, because my dad taught me that’s where the nutrients are in the salmon. We always get the tail pieces of the filet. It’s now seven on our team to six on your team. We’re going to move on to Perfect Match, which is the exact same thing that we did, but now it’s more geared towards your guys’ relationship. The cards are green for everybody reading.

When was the first time we spent a full weekend together?

A full weekend? I don’t know the exact day. I remember many of our first dates.

I hadn’t left the house in a year. We’ve been together this whole weekend and last weekend.

When was the first time or the last time?

The first time of a full weekend.

I was like, “I haven’t left the house in a year.”

Maybe it was that first date because you slept over that night.

That’s true. Nothing happened.

Yes, we hung out the next day, too. I would say the first date. That’s not so bad.

I told you she’s clingy.

You guys got that point. Now, Karen, you’re asking this.

How many times have I called you in the last week?

In the last week, none, zero. You called me when you were coming back from the studio. Was it Tuesday or Thursday? It was Wednesday this week. Yes, you did call me. That’s the only time she calls me when she’s coming back from the studio.

We live together, so I’m not calling him every day because you’re literally in the other room.

It’s the same thing with John, too. When I leave the studio, I let him know that I’m coming home.

He’ll be getting dinner ready or something, so I’ll give him an ETA of when I’ll be home.

So the food’s not cold.

You guys are killing it. You guys got that right again.

Under what circumstances did I first meet your family? I was late in the game. You have to answer it.

It was when we first went to Japan.

That’s when I first met your family?

At the airport, no?


No, that’s not true.

You got it wrong. I met them at the restaurant down the street. That would be a few years ago.

It’s longer than that.

I know I was late in the game because we’ve been together for almost ten years.

I think we had been dating for almost four years at that point.

Until I met her family, yes.

You’re right. It wasn’t that Italian restaurant.

I remember that because I’m thinking like, “He hasn’t met your family yet?”

Did they live out of town?

No, they live in Torrance.

They live pretty close.

When did you meet Gabe’s family? Gabe lived right next to us.

It was New Year’s. We met in November and it was New Year’s, so it’s the month after. I met her family late.

What is the biggest romantic gesture that I’ve made for you?

I remember on Valentine’s Day, you got me a pink box of donuts, and you wrote a Kermit and Miss Piggy on it. You wrote like, “Happy Valentine’s Day.” That’s when I was working at Starbucks and at Shoes at the same time. I barely got to see you. I remember you left that pink box of donuts on the table for me. That blew my mind. I still saved that picture. That was one of the pictures I asked you for.

I drew on the box. It was a long note on the donut box. He loves donuts.

That’s a big thing too with The Five-Year Engagement, which is one of her favorite romcoms then is the fact that it goes into that whole donut question. It was like, “Would you rather have the donut now or a fresh box of donuts later?” That was always the conundrum there.

Have you guys ever seen that movie?

I need to watch it.

Emily Blunt is a psychology student getting her Master’s. Kevin Hart’s in it, Mindy Kaling, all these funny comedians are in it. She does this experiment where they leave stale donuts out. They ask people, “Do you want one now or we’re going to put out fresh ones later on in the day. Do you want to wait for a fresh one?” That’s an analogy that’s running through the movie like, “Do you pick someone as a partner and stay with them,” because there’s always going to be other fish in the sea, potentially a fresher donut out there. It makes sense if you watch the movie, but it’s an analogy.

That’s powerful. It looks like you guys got that one correct.

I don’t even know if we get the point for that.

No, we didn’t get the point because she guessed wrong.

Yes, I don’t even know what would be the most romantic thing in my opinion that I’ve done for you. Which one of my friends did I introduce you to first?

Was it Rena? I think it was Rena.

Technically, though, I would say it’s probably Lexi who was living with me at that time.

That’s right, the roommate.

We went to a New Year’s Eve party, though. He met a lot of people I went to at high school.

I would say your friend was Lexi at the time. Yes, I got that one wrong.

You guys are still in the game. Don’t worry.

What was our first argument about? I’m afraid of what’s going to come up.

I can’t even say. I have no idea.

You’re like, “We haven’t had a fight yet.” You haven’t had an argument.

I don’t know. That’s too hard of a question.

I’m a psycho, so I definitely remember our first fight.

I’m going to have to pass on this one.

You guys don’t get that point.

How many points do we have right now?

You guys have two from this round because, technically, you said airport and it was the restaurant, so you didn’t get that one. You haven’t gotten the other ones right.

What was the first photo that you posted of us on social media?

It doesn’t post very often, but it was probably going to the forum for Almost Acoustic Christmas. I could look on my Instagram right now and verify that.

Do you remember what your first picture of you guys that you posted Karen was?

We went to Young the Giant concert about a month after we had met. Yes, he was right.

You guys got the point.

Almost Acoustic Christmas 2014. Modest Mouse was playing at the time.

What date is our anniversary? We have several, though, of when we met or our first state or when it was official.

I can name both or all three. It would be November 10th is when we first met. It was after my birthday, and December 19th is when I asked her to be my girlfriend. I was going to wait until December 20th, but her roommates were pressuring her and were like, “He must not like you if he hasn’t asked you to be his girlfriend yet.” I was like, “Shit. All right.” That might have been our first argument was December 19th because she was like, “We need to talk. I don’t know what’s going on here.” I ended up asking her to be my girlfriend then when I was originally going to ask her on the 20th. It was easier for me to remember the 20th.

Our first date was November 10th. By mid-December, my roommates were like, “You guys have been going out for over a month now. He doesn’t like you if he hasn’t asked you out yet.” At the time, I was like, “Really? Is that what that means?” I told him that then I guess that motivated him to make it official.

It’s crazy how we’re so different when we were younger with our expectations.

What was the first gift I bought for you?

We met in November. That first Christmas, you got me a Polaroid camera.

That’s true.

What did I wear on our first date?

You wore your leather jacket, that brown leather jacket that you had. I think it was brown. I don’t remember the whole outfit, but I remember the jacket.

That’s funny because I don’t remember mine, but I remember you were wearing that gray leather jacket.

You guys get the point for that. Now, it’s our turn. In that round, you guys got a ton. You got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Correct ones?

Yes, twelve. Do you want to ask?

Where did we go on our first trip together?

Palm Springs in February 2017. What is my pet name for you?

Prince Boy.


What was the first birthday present you bought for me?

I did a scavenger hunt in Palm Springs again.

Was that the first one?

Yes, that was your first one that we celebrated together. I got you all of your childhood toys. I had to order them special because they were the vintage ones. I got you Monchhichi. I got you a model B-17 plane because we had also looked at the planes that day, too. I had this all planned. I got you similar stuff and he went around the house.

It was a scavenger hunt and it was awesome. It was at the Airbnb. She had put everything all over the house. It was great.

I had clues where he would have to go to for his next present.

It was very much like this last Christmas. 

What was the first movie we went to see together? I thought it was with you guys because we did see the movies with you guys right in the very beginning, too. I thought it was The Girl on a Train or something that we saw with you guys, which would have been like Stay Quiet or Shoot, one of the scary movies. I don’t know.

The first one we saw with, John.

We watched a lot there at your apartment.

I know the first movie I saw with Gabe, though.

What was that?

The Muppets.

Was it or was it, Harold & Kumar? It’s Christmas at the ArcLight.

I feel like The Muppets came up before that. I was like, “This is going to be so lame.”

Harold & Kumar came out on Christmas and we met in November.

Yes, but I knew The Muppets came out on November.

I’ll have to look that up.

I was like, “This is going to be so freaking boring.” I was like cracking up louder than anyone. There were kids in the theater, and they were roaring laughing.

Now, The Muppets is a part of your guys’ whole.

Yes, I think that’s what started it.

Ours was a darker movie than that. If it was truly Girl on a Train, which we don’t know, so I do not get the point.

Girl on a Train, what was that one?

It was Emily Blunt’s.

What was the first TV show we binge-watched together?

Am I answering that? I answered Girl on a Train then. I didn’t even let him answer it. You answer that.

Binge-watched together?

Which one was it, John?

I can’t say The Office because I’ve watched that all the time. It’s always been scattered with us. I don’t know. There have been so many, especially this year. There were so many shows that we’ve binge-watched.

We don’t get that one right.

Was it Game of Thrones? Were you watching Game of Thrones with us?

Yes, I was watching Game of Thrones with you guys. I know that he was watching it, too. I know that we have watched Game of Thrones together before.

We have, but start to finish, I’m not sure.

Karen knows more about us than we know about us. It could have been Game of Thrones.

There was a point where we were into it, and then you caught up really quick. I thought we were all watching it together.

Was it because I was laid off? I don’t remember.

Real growth can only be achieved if we put our phones down and raise our kids to be more present.

I think you finished season one in one day or something like that.

When you first got laid off, you binge-watched all six seasons of Sex and the City in a week. I came home and I was like, “She’s on season four already.”

That’s right, I did. I was like, “I have to finish this. I have to be.” We can say that they’ve seen it all. What was the first big decision we made together as a couple?

I don’t know. Is it going to Hawaii together?

A traditional big decision. Is that your answer? Is Hawaii the answer?


I was going to say the house. I was going to say moving in together. That’s not important. I don’t think that we got that one. We are not doing good on this game. That’s okay.

Travel is a big move though.

I did meet her family before that trip. Where did we have our first date?

I would say the Blink-182 concert. He held my hand.

I held her hand because we were walking from the forum to this off-street parking thing. There were tons of people around. I didn’t want her to get lost, so I held her hand.

Had it not been crowded, you wouldn’t have held her hand?

No, I would have kept walking ahead.

What would you say if John had a different answer than the concert?

Did you have a different answer than the concert?

No, I didn’t have an answer.

What do I like most about you, Prince Boy?

She likes how responsible I am.

Yes, okay. Do I? I’m kidding.

That’s what she says.

You are very responsible. I was going with a physical aspect, but that’s okay.

Maybe say a physical trait, then. What’s a physical trait that got you?

I always say I like his arms and his chest. He works hard on them. I don’t know, do I get that or no?

Sure, we’ll give you arms.

Who was the first to say I love you? Was it me?

What is your answer? You have to have a solid answer.

I know. I’m thinking out loud. It took me a long time to say it. I know you wanted me to say it, but it was me.

A year and three months it took this guy to say it. He said it on Valentine’s Day after an Anthrax concert. That’s how we spent one of our Valentine’s Days.

She takes me out of my comfort zone, I take her out of hers. That’s the one thing with us. That’s what we do.

The last one is, what was the first restaurant we ever went to?

Was it Watermark in Lagoon?

It was not. Where did we go eat after the concert? You did not get that right. We’ve got six as well. Now, it’s 6 plus 7.

I think you had one more than us.

Are we still 12 and 13?

Yes, 12 and 13. This is the Couples Quiz. I’m going to show you guys what an example looks like very quickly. I might have to ask the questions since if I held it up, somebody would see the answer, but this is what the card look like. We’re going to still alternate asking each other. I’m going to do that.

This is for both of us, like either of us can answer?

You’re going to ask each other because it’s still couples. This is the trivia portion. You might want to get your notepads out and write some of this down because this is cool stuff. This is history.

Who was the original singer of I Will Always Love You?

Dolly Parton.

It’s Dolly Parton. You guys get a point.

Which country was the Godiva Chocolatier founded?

Was that Austria?


Which one is it?

Godiva? I’ll say Austria.

It’s Belgium. You guys went there.

I thought it was in Austria. Yes, you’re right. I thought we went to Austria to the Godiva headquarters, though.

No, that was Lindt.

Which movie was released first? Sleepless in Seattle or You’ve Got Mail?

I’m going to say Sleepless in Seattle.

Sleepless in Seattle. You guys got it.

In the TV show, Friends, what was the name of Ross’ first ex-wife?

I don’t think I know this. I’m not big of a Friends fan.

I thought you guys loved Friends.

I remember how she talks.

Ross, not Chandler.


I said that, too. How funny?

Maybe it’s Carol or Caroline or something?

It’s Carol. You did get that point. I’m sorry, but Karen got it.

What musical instrument is also the name of a champagne glass?


You got that right. It was a flute.

Who sang about being in love with an Uptown Girl in 1983? Can you sing the song in your head?

No, I can’t. It sounds familiar. I can’t think of it. I’m thinking of Crazy or Crazy Town.

You know what it is, Karen? I do not know. It’s Billy Joel.

I wouldn’t know.

Which real-life couple starred in the 1987 movie Overboard? You got the easy ones.

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell.

That’s right.

What is the name of Aladdin’s love interest?


Yes, okay.

This guy loves Aladdin, too.

You are Aladdin.

I think so. I’ll take it. Actor Johnny Depp was in a heavily publicized 1990s relationship with which supermodel?

The only one who could remember that was this guy right here.

I know he married and had a kid with that girl who was a model, but he dated on a writer for a minute. Did he ever date Cindy Crawford?

No, it’s not her. It’s Kate Moss.

Who sang Goodbye My Lover in 2004?

I heard the song. I don’t know.

Don’t you know his name?

I don’t know.

James Blunt.

Yes, it’s James Blunt. You guys killed it, though. That was hard. You guys got5 out of 10 right, so you guys are at seventeen points.

Which comedy movie have the tagline, “Love is here to stay, so is her family?”

My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

That’s true.

What was Juliet’s last name in Romeo and Juliet?



Wind Beneath My Wings by Bette Midler was the theme song for what 1982 movie?



Which song opens with the lyric, “Turn around every now and then I get a little bit lonely?” You got to sing the song to get it.

I get the words of the song, but it’s not that right. Total Eclipse of the Heart.


It’s the singer though that you asked, right?

“Which song opens with the lyric?”

You got the song. Do you know who it’s by?

Is it Bonnie Tyler?

Yes. Who would know that?

There was a time when MTV played videos. Who didn’t want you to break his Achy Breaky Heart in 1992?

Miley Cyrus’s dad. Billy Ray Cyrus?


What 1989 movie features the line, “I’ll have what she’s having?”

When Harry Met Sally.

When Harry Met Sally is John’s favorite romcom.

No, it’s not.

You do love it. You’ve made me watch it so many times. Which one’s your favorite one? I don’t even know you.


That’s right, Serendipity.

Serendipity? I need to watch that one again.

Kate Beckinsale is his celebrity crush.

Which celebrity couple boarded matching fully denim outfits at the 2002?

He would have never gotten it. Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears.

It’s true.

Up Where We Belong by Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes was most famously featured in which movie?

I have no clue.

It’s called An Officer and a Gentleman.

Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On was heard in which James Cameron movie?


Which poisonous plant takes its name from the Italian meaning beautiful woman?

Venus flytrap.

No, it’s called the belladonna. We got eight, which makes it 21 to 17. Good game, guys. Our trivia was quite a bit easier, though.

AFB 5 | Valentines Day

Valentines Day: Never throw random ideas to the wall and see what sticks. Instead, focus them based on the attributes and talents of your team.


He didn’t get any of his, though.

I’m not good at trivia. I listen to House music.

No, I don’t believe it.

It’s true, all day.

All day from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM dinner time.

It has to be a female singer.

Give me some examples.

Anybody random. I don’t know who they are, but it has to be right, and it has to be female vocals. I’m into it.

We know what goes on in your head because I hear silence. Thanks so much for playing with us. To Gabe and John, we have a couple of more questions for you, guys. Thank you for being so supportive for us and our company. I know that we work like crazy hours. This company has grown so much. We appreciate you guys for putting up with us, letting us be on our phones, and supporting our company. You both have helped with our company too in different ways. Gabe getting us organized, putting protocols into place when we didn’t even know how to put protocols into place. This is your expertise. You have structured our company for us and has helped us so much.

John was in graphic design and helping us out with graphic design pieces. We’re so thankful for all of you guys. I think I’m emotional, but I feel like we’re such a family. I love hanging out with you, guys. You put on some hip hop music and then give us some pickle juice and it’s on a pop-in. You guys are one of our favorite couples to hang out with. It’s been a bummer that we’re not able to hang out. It’s been fun to even hang out with you, guys. We want to say that we’re thankful for you guys in supporting our dreams.

We haven’t gotten to hang out in a long time. We couldn’t even do Zoom calls.

We can play more games. Jackbox.TV is pretty fun, too.

I’ve never played that before. That sounds fun.

We should have another chance at this. It was fun.

Yes, let’s do it.

I want to come back and show what I got.

I have questions for both of you, guys. Maybe, Gabe can answer this. How has it been to watch Editour evolve? Watching Karen, her position and everything that she takes on, how has that been for you?

It’s been good. I know there were times where she was always working off the clock based on working until maybe 7:00 PM or 8:00 PM, and she’s on her phone. I know she always has that drive. I know we want to talk about kids in the future and stuff. I want you to focus on your career. I want you to build on that, too. We need to find a way for it to work. I know that Editour has a lot of potential and a lot of great things coming its way. I don’t want her to give up on whatever comes her way.

We have flexible hours. That’s the nice thing, too. Again, it doesn’t always feel like work if I’m on my phone for a few extra hours at night. I think we’re more likely to have that work-life balance. If I wanted to get up earlier in the morning and start my day, it tends to start at 8:00-ish when you wake up. We could always make it work.

It’s a fine day from when she worked at over there at Creative Age compared to when she’s working now, not having to drive two hours out and two hours back. It took a toll on her and I could tell she’s a lot happier doing what she does now.

I would come home in such a sour mood being there all day. If you took a lunch break, you’d have to stay an hour later and I have to come home and traffic. I felt like my days are totally all gone.

I thought it was silly that you’re working at a salary position and you are still clocking in and out. That was insane.

It was the same thing at Engaged Media. We had to clock in and out as well. Also at Creative Age, we were forced to clock out for lunch. Even if we were like, “Shoot, we’re commuters. We want to get home,” we still had to stay at least 30 minutes to an hour.

John, how do you feel seeing Brea work pretty much all day every day?

There are times when I think that she’s working too much, then I realized it’s hers. This is what she’s working to create. This is what she’s worked for the whole time we’ve been together. It started off with ideas and dreams, and I’ve seen it go from that level to this. The other thing is you always want to stay positive, so I think of that. I also think of personalities from her past that I knew that she had to work with. I always think, “If they can only see what she’s made of this now.” Both of you worked together. You’re both creating. The sky’s the limit because it’s great to watch.

Where do you think this will be in a few years?

Maybe an office building with your own studios. I don’t remember when you guys would be on the phone when you guys lived together. I’d be talking to you. You’d both be on the phone at the same time talking and I would say, “You guys need to be on your podcast.” Now, here it is.

I haven’t thought of that he remembers.

He reminded me when he was doing our art. He was like, “Remember when you would have me on speaker phone? I would tell you guys, ‘You guys should have your podcast.'” I was like, “Oh my gosh.”

Half of the time, you ignored that I was even there. I was like, “It’s the Brea and Karen Show.”

Now, we have her show.

What about you, Gabe? What do you think?

She’s been talking about it. You guys are bringing a lot of people onto the team. I see a lot more coming on, building that infrastructure and creating more opportunities for people. I see it’s getting bigger. As John said too, the studio thing, for sure. I see that happening.

It’s exciting and it’s awesome to have you guys a part of it. I know that there are annoyances. When someone texts at 11:00, 12:00, John will say something every so often. I know that there are annoyances, too, because we’re on our phones all the time. I want to work on being more present and maybe putting our phones off. I feel like because we’re doing a great job for our first time ever with growing this team, we will be able to get to a point where we’re able to put our phones down and we’re able to raise our kids when we have them and to be more present. I feel like it’s amazing because you already see the leadership trickling down into our team, which is hopeful.

I told them that we brought in one more intern and that makes us ten people now. It’s crazy because we always talked about the limit being around twenty, so we’re already halfway there.

I like how you let the other team members have their own like, “You’re in control of this.” You’re delegating this and they’re handling that. That’s another good step that takes away from you guys having to be on top of that situation to do their thing.

We let everyone’s individual’s strengths shine. We’ll cater the position to areas that someone excels in, which companies don’t do. They are like, “We need X, Y, Z tasks done. We need someone to do only those things.” It’s like in a box, but for us, we’ll throw twenty different things at you and see what sticks and then work backwards from there to cater the position based on someone’s best attributes. That’s super unique.

In our work environment it’s unique. There will be more perks, especially after the pandemic. It’s been fun. Karen and I always say like, “It feels like a lifestyle.” It truly does.

The boys should be in our Christmas party.

Yes, we’ll do that.

We’re planning originally, I was like, “We should have spouses.” Next year. My heart was broken because you left the leftovers that you were going to bring home to him.

I have not stopped getting shit for that. He was like, “You forgot that Mediterranean food.”

She opened the container and it was salad.

I thought he had packed one, so then I put one back. We had gotten that place before for lunch, so he had tried some of my leftovers. He was in love with that chicken and rice. His heart was broken. It was in the bag at one point, Gabe.

I understand how that ended up outside of the bag. The last time I saw this, it was in a bag.

Did you guys end up finishing it? There were five.

Did we?

The next time you’re down here, we’ll get some and you’ll be long.

I’m excited and looking forward to it.

I know it’s a running joke now.

I know, our bad.

No, I think it was my bad, but he was not so happy about it.

The last time that you were at the studio, she brought Krispy Kreme.

The last time Lauren was in, she brought some donuts. I didn’t eat any, but I was like, “I’ll take one for Gabe.”

I expect something every time she comes back.

You love playing with the gifts.

I guess so and a little combination of everything.

Thank you guys for being a part of one of our first episode. We are trying to launch right around Valentine’s Day, so this is special to have this content.

Thank you for having us.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody.

We’ll see you on the next one.

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