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Social Media Management

We have an average of 157% growth rate for our client’s social media accounts in the first year of working with us. We will develop a thorough customized social media strategy to help your brand reach your target demographics for optimal success online! With a consultation, we can get you on the right track with one of our media packages.

Video Editing

Every business needs a sound digital marketing plan in order to survive. Over 84% of smart phone users are spending most of their time viewing video—video development and strategies are key. Starting from an understanding of your target market, we will develop a plan with easy to follow steps and produce it in our in-house studio.

Top view of female vlogger editing video on laptop. Young woman working on computer with coffee and cameras on table.

Public Relations

Our launches reach millions! To celebrate or create buzz around a new launch or outreach, Editour will develop a successful launch approach for your brand. From concept, theme to packing the influencer mailers at your HQ, our team handles everything, including managing UGC and analytics from launch! Our PR team also distributes newsletters as well as creates local and national press campaigns for both trade and consumer publications.

Influencer Marketing

Editour works with an elite group of influencers ranging from 10k to 18 million total followers. Based on what your company is looking for, we will develop a detailed influencer marketing strategy to integrate into our social media packages. Visit our Influencer page to see our talent! 

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Branding & Consulting

Editour Media works with your brand to bring it to life through logo design, redesign, website and app development, content creation and more. We offer a la carte or monthly consultation sessions to ensure success, insight and growth for your brand. 




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