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Quarantine Cooking: Homemade Roast

  Hi, Editour fam! On this edition of Quarantine Cooking, we’re sharing a hearty, comforting recipe that’s simple to make and that will have your friends forget about the fact that can’t go to a restaurant right now. This succulent, juicy pot roast can feed the whole family, and leave you withe leftovers so that…

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Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer!

  We’re on week 7 of the quarantine, and although the situation appears to be improving, it’s still better to be safe than sorry when making your next trek to Costco. So, put on those masks and tote some homemade hand sanitizer because let’s face it, they’re still largely sold out at stores and with…

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Quarantine Craft: DIY Macrame Hanging Planter

  Stay home in style by adding some DIY touches to your decor! For this simple project, you just need a handful of items that you probably already have lying around the house! You don’t even need to buy cloth for this project; it just requires an old T-shirt. To bring some joy to these…

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How to Juice at Home!

  Keeping your immune system strong is more important now than ever! And although you might want to turn to comfort foods during this stressful time, keeping your body fueled with vitamins and antioxidants will keep your liver, kidneys, blood pressure and heart health functioning optimally. One easy way to make sure you’re getting your…

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Quarantine Craft: DIY No-Sew Lampshade Cover

  When life gives you lemons, make lemonade; when life gives you quarantine, it’s time to get crafty and do some updates to your home! Since we’re all spending so much time at home now, little projects around the house to help spruce up the place will brighten your day, improve your aesthetic and will…

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Quarantine Cooking: Fluffy Iced Coffee

  Hi, Editours! As you’re getting acclimated to working from home, we’ve got just the recipe for you to give you that caffeine jolt—without even having to leave the house! You can kiss that Starbucks goodbye for good because this recipe is quick and easy to make, and delivers more decadence than a store-bought, double…

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DIY Beauty: Dip Nail Remover

  Hi beauties! Just because we’re stuck at home, that doesn’t mean your beauty regimen needs to completely fall apart! Though we’re all unable to visit our stylist and head to the nail salon, we’ve got a quick solution for removing your dip powder nails at home! Don’t let your regrowth become painful; we’ve got…

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Quarantine Craft: DIY Dip Dye

  2020, why you gotta be so rude?! Months ago, back in simpler times, if you told me I’d be spending all my time at home for weeks it would have sounded like my dream vacation. Fast forward to today, and after one week of this self-quarantine I still can’t find a roll of toilet…

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5 DIY Treatments to Try at Home

There’s nothing like going to a salon or a spa. You get to relax and practice some much deserved self-care. Unfortunately, weekly trips to the salon or spa can get expensive and take up a lot of your time. So, why not do some of your routine beauty treatments from home? It’s cost effective, saves…

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